5 Ways To Instantly Update Your Wardrobe

Do you know, I’m sitting here actually pinching myself as I still can’t believe that I’ve trained and launched as a personal stylist, and I’m about to be writing a blog about updating wardrobes.  I just feel so lucky to be doing a job in an area that I absolutely love and the fact that I now get paid to go shopping is a bit of a dream come true to be honest.  OK, I’m not shopping for myself…but do you know what, whilst I love shopping for myself I find it hugely rewarding shopping for somebody else, and the reason for this is because I am aware how much finding your style can mean to a women.  It can have such a huge effect on all areas of your life and ripple through to be quite far reaching.  Just the boost to confidence and self esteem can do wonders and it’s truly an honour to be able to help clients achieve that. One of the best bits so far has been the feedback from clients which has been really positive.  I was so nervous to begin with.  Desperate to make the right impression, stick to time and to actually be helpful. But I forget actually how much I do know…and how useful my knowledge is when shared.  See even my confidence is having to grow…and to think I was going to put off my Personal Styling course until this month on the basis that I was not sure if I was ready.  Well it turns out I was more than ready and I hope I can continue to build up this business for a long time to come.

Anyway, back onto style and 5 easy ways to update your wardrobe.  I thought this would be a helpful blog post to do as often people have a desire to update their style or be a bit more ‘trendy’, but it’s very easy to get totally overwhelmed.  So I wanted to keep things really simple and point you in the right direction for some easy style winners.

Get yourself a pair of white trainers

I know this concept is still a bit alien to a few, but the white trainer trend has been around for about 2 years now and does not look like it is going anywhere fast.  This is excellent news for those of us that want to have comfy footwear because you can pretty much put the white trainer with any outfit.  Dresses, skirts, jeans, wide leg trousers, jumpsuits…anything.  I’ve given you a few examples below both from Me & Em, (which is one of my favourite shops btw) and I hope proves the point.  Addias superstar’s are the most popular but lots of other shops do them now including Whistles and Mint Velvet.











Finish the look with trendy accessories

Don’t want to spend out on new clothes? Then buying yourself a necklace or some earrings which are seasonally on trend is a really easy way to update most of your wardrobe.  For example, chunky layering is a big trend this season and places like Stella and Dot have got lots of options for you to choose from.  I particularly love the Antonia tassel necklace in blush because it looks fantastic with neutrals and soft pinks which are around a lot at the moment.  And I also think the Trove necklace is a great one for updating your current wardrobe.  It’s navy so goes with so much and with both of these necklaces you can layer with a shorter delicate necklace…a look I personally love. Below are a couple of flatlay examples of how I wear both of these necklaces.











Add a pop of colour

Colour is good…it really is. I know it’s hard this time of year to get out of your greys and blacks but a little pop of colour can totally change your outfit and the way you feel.  Great ways to do this include a little bag that is nice a bright.  I have a red one and think it is so much fun.  One of my favourite ways to wear it is over a stripy breton top. Love red, white and blue as a colour combo.  Other ways to add colour include scarfs which being so close to your face can really make a difference to your skin tone.  As an example I use my leopard print scarf a lot to add interest, colour and to finish my outfit off.  I also have a bright yellow cardigan, (picture below) which is seriously one of the best items in my wardrobe.  Admitably it was quite a brave buy, but there is a yellow for everyone, and this colour to me screams sunshine so it’s very good to wear on a grey day.  It also goes amazingly with navy and blues, so I normally team it with a plain off white t-shirt and jeans.  Knowing your colours can really open up your options because it means you can be more confident and therefore braver in your choices.  And it’s probably worth me mentioning here that the first thing I do with all my clients is a colour analysis….it really is that important.


Invest in a biker jacket

I won’t lie, it is an investment if you are going for real leather, but boy will this be something you get tonnes of wear out of for years to come. A classic biker jacket never really goes out of style, and in terms of knowing what to wear in-between seasons the biker will totally be your friend. A bit like the white trainer I mentioned above, a biker jacket can go with pretty much any outfit.  But I guess the thing I really like about a biker jacket is they just give a bit of an edge to your outfit, and that appeals to me a lot.  I got mine about 4 years ago and it regularly gets worn.  I went for one that was a slightly different colour to the usual black and got a dark teal colour and I don’t regret that at all.  Picture below with that yellow cardigan again :).  I also love this navy Whistles one and how it’s been styled here with the wide legged trousers.  So don’t think it has to be black, as there are lots of different colours and styles to choose from.  Mine was from Mumbba, but places like Allsaints, Reiss and Whistles also do fab biker jackets and if you can catch it when they have a discount code…then thats probably the best time nab one.










Pop on that red lipstick

Yep, you know the one that sits in your drawer waiting for the special night out? Well I challenge you to get it out and wear it today.  And it does not matter if all you are doing is the school run and housework…I can guarantee that by putting it on will feel a little bit more glam…and glam is good for our souls.  You might even get a few compliments, which are so nice to get.  We all need a compliment once in a while because we are human and humans like that sort of thing.  And on that point, if you see someone with red lip on today, (or they are wearing anything that you like) tell them they totally rock it and look great because it will make their day. If you don’t have a red lipstick, get to the shop pronto because no matter what your colouring is, there is a shade of red in a lipstick that will suit you and will look amazing. And here I am…in my red lipstick to prove that I take my own advice too 🙂










This last week has been super busy with a shopping trip to Bluewater, a catch up with the newest member on my Stella & Dot team and lots of exciting business development.  But the best bit might have been that on Wednesday February arrived and my ‘no buy’  clothing ban was lifted.  Yep…I totally did not buy any clothes in January, however, I guess you could say I’ve made up for that now and have enjoyed treating myself to a few items.  So, I thought you might like to see some of the things I got :).  One of them was this beautiful lace blouse in Monsoon.  First time I have brought anything in there for ages, but when I saw this in nude pink, (because I don’t have a nude pink blouse and therefore could totally justify it) I was straight in like a shot, and it’s been on repeat ever since. I also happened to see this red dress in Zara.  My colour, my style and as luck would have it the sizing and cut fitted me perfectly as you just can’t ever be sure with Zara sizing.  Zara is totally like that for me…months of nothing and then all of a sudden I’ll hit ‘outfit gold’ and get a dress that does not look too far off something Victoria Beckham might design and for under £40. Not that I was looking for a new red dress, but hey I have a Valentine weekend away in a few days so what could be more perfect? 🙂