About Me

About Me

My goal as Personal Stylist is to leave each client feeling confident, empowered and with the tools to shop more successfully going forward.

I am a graduate of the London College of Style having successfully completed their diploma in Personal Styling in 2016. Prior to this, I worked in the fashion industry for 4 years as a Stylist for global accessories and lifestyle brand Stella and Dot, and still continue to do this as well.

Now with 3 young children of my own, I know what it is like to juggle the demands of busy family life or a full-time job and how carving out a bit of ‘me time’ can fall to the bottom of the list. I also understand that we go through various stages in our life where our style changes and it is not always easy to navigate this time smoothly and we can end up feeling a little bit lost.

My goal as a Personal Stylist is to leave each client feeling confident, empowered and with the tools to shop more successfully going forward. With each new client, there is a new journey, and I never take it for granted how privileged I am to help them find their style and identity again.

My services are structured but bespoke. As an example, some might need more time to explore who they are now and how that relates to their style and others may have started a new chapter in their lives and want to get out of a style rut. I believe wholeheartedly that the power of clothes can change lives. Feeling good about what you wear and walking out the door each morning with your head held high can positively impact many aspects of your life.

Your face changes not just because you are wearing the right colours but because you are happier, and this in itself brings new opportunity your way. You become more open and approachable. The effect can also ripple through into relationships and careers, but most importantly it changes the way you feel about yourself. It encourages self-love and that is the most rewarding aspect of all.

I treat every client like they are my only one, and make the whole experience as special as I can. Together we work to identify what will suit them best in a collaborative, empathic and understanding way.


Happy Clients

I’m addicted to Fleur! Last week we had our 2nd shopping trip and it was so much fun. I knew exactly what to expect the second time around and prepared for the shopping trip by sending Fleur a “wish list” in advance. She knew exactly where to go and planned the trip perfectly. I honestly think that a styling session with her is so efficient as it saves so much time and you end up with stuff that fits well and looks good. She has also taught me a great deal about my body shape, things that now seem so obvious but which I never thought about before. What I also like about Fleur is that she is very calm and not pushy at all. She gives honest opinions and isn’t shy when it comes to saying “no that doesn’t look good”, something I really need as opposed to the sales assistant who try and get you to buy everything under the sun. I’ll look forward to my winter styling session towards the end of the year.

Maleeha Faruqui, London

The opportunity to spend the afternoon with Fleur came about because of one of my best friends thought it would be an ideal gift for me – and he was right. It was really lovely, enjoyable and stress-free way of shopping for clothes. Fleur’s idea about what might look right on me was creative and confident. I’m incredibly happy with the pieces we chose.

Victoria Derbyshire, TV Broadcaster

Victoria Derbyshire, TV Broadcaster

WOW! Thank you so much Fleur – yesterday was amazing. I haven’t stopped talking about you and the session and what I learned to anyone who will listen. I feel great now – I’m not confused about what I can and can’t wear, and it’s so good to be wearing things that make you feel special every single time. I realise now that your sessions aren’t just about the clothes, it’s about taking someone and allowing them feel great about themselves regardless of age and shape. I’m really looking forward to shopping with you.

Kerri, Kent

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