About FINE Personal Styling

My mission is to positively change lives through style.

To give clients the confidence and tools to dress in a way that empowers, frees and feels authentic. Life is too short not to be anything other than your true self.

Fleur Mandeville Personal Stylist

Meet Fleur

Life is a journey on which I believe we are constantly evolving and learning.

Change is an inevitable part of this and can happen suddenly or subconsciously over years, but dealing with it is not always easy, especially when we feel a loss of identity as part of that change.

My own evolution, especially in the last few years where pretty much every aspect of my life has changed means I have a deeper understanding of the journeys and curveballs we face and why people come to me for help. I use this personal growth in my work to connect and build trust with my clients creating a safe space for them to get the absolute most out of our time together.

I believe that loving yourself first and foremost is fundamental, but yet so many of us struggle to do this. We pour everything into others, and are conditioned to think this makes us worthy. That putting yourself first is selfish.

But here’s the thing…you only get one shot at this life and living it authentically with the most amount of love for yourself unlocks a life which is free and fulfilled. Expressing who you really are through your clothes is part of that freedom, hence why what I do brings me the greatest of joys.

Clothes have the power to change your life; your career, your relationships and your physical and mental health. Because expressing who you are on the inside, through what you wear on the outside helps the world to see and connect to the real you. And when this happens, it’s game changing.

Fine Personal Styling

I was born loving style and spent hours in my mum’s wardrobe as a child. As soon as I starting earning my own money, I would spend it on clothes. I love shopping and putting an outfit together is a breeze. When you book in with me, you will experience being ‘Fleured’ which is a phrase coined by my clients to describe my unique eye. Everyone is styled differently, but the result being the same. A more confident, happy and excited client.

I founded Fine Personal Styling in 2016, the year I turned 40. I was at a crossroads in my life and with my children all in school I needed direction and a flexible career I could feel passionate about. I signed up for the Personal Styling Diploma at The London College of Style and have not looked back.

Since then my business has grown in ways I could never have imagined.

From styling an ever growing list of clients, including many high profile, to presenting Paul Costelloe on QVC. Working with designer brands and being asked to represent them, to regularly lecturing at The London College of Style. It still blows my mind that I get to do all this through my love of style and belief in myself.

My style philosophy

I believe in quality over quantity and less is more when it comes to style, (and most things in life actually).

I hone in on comfort zones and take you just beyond what I believe yours to be. That’s where the magic happens. I am honest and open but hugely empathic, and I know exactly how to add that edge to avoid feeling bland or frumpy and I allow you to become unexpected, different, individual and most importantly…you.

My goal is to help unlock each client’s true style potential and in doing so move them a little bit along on the journey of self discovery.

Sustainability is hugely important to me and as such I weave this into everything that I do. See my sustainability manifesto for more information on this.

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