All I want for Christmas…

So November has arrived and we are almost half way through it already!  I have been busy everyday attempting to cruise my way through what I knew was going to be jam-packed month, by taking one day at a time. In the last couple of weeks I have attended the exclusive H&M Erdem launch…


…been a guest on BBC Radio Kent and BBC Local Radio (which is broadcast throughout the whole of England),



…filmed a promo video for Fine Styling…


… had a Bluewater shopping photo shoot with my lovely photographer Clair from Flashbang Photos

…seen clients for both wardrobe edits and shopping AND travelled all the way up to Berkshire last Friday to meet with Cleverly Wrapped for a lovely day learning about the brand. More on Cleverly wrapped to come in a separate blog post though.

What never seems to stop amazing me, is how varied and exciting being a Personal Stylist is which makes it so much fun.  From week to week I kind of know what is going to happen but then new opportunities pop up or people get in touch and it suddenly makes things look very different.  I love that organic growth though.  It’s one of the best things about working for yourself :).

I can also tell you that behind the scenes at Fine Styling HQ, there is a lot of hard work being done at the moment to do a little re-launch in time for my 1st birthday which is coming up in December.  A fresh new website which will be easier to navigate and even more stylish, newly branded promotional material, and a special little event to celebrate what has turned out to be an incredible year.  So watch this space for all those developments coming soon.

But for now I thought it might be fun for you to see what is on this Stylist’s Christmas wishlist.  And it might surprise you know that it’s not all clothes!!

Diptyque Discovery Set 

I have a bit of a love affair with Diptyque and I challenge anyone who has smelt their candles not to feel the same.  My favourite candle is either Feu de Bois or Baies…these are smells that I can never get tired of.  But they also do beautiful perfume as well and this year they have brought out the perfect little gift set that gives you a little bit of all the popular scents.  And as I pretty much love them all this would be ideal.  I could be a walking Diptyque diffuser wafting different smells around everyday of the week.  In fact I like this idea so much I may even buy it for myself.

Aurelia Candle 

Talking of candles I have spotted that my favourite skincare brand (which always smells so delicious) has launched a range of candles.  Aurelia Probiotic Skincare are my skincare brand of choice and I use their products everyday.  Everything I have ever used has been made with the most devine combination of essential oils, so I have no doubt that these candles will be gorgeous.


Posh PJ’s 

I’m going to admit that I am a bit of a nightwear snob.  So this little brand Desmond and Demsey appeals to me hugely.  I already have a pair of summer pj’s form them but am totally lusting after a winter pair too. The patterns are super cool too.  In fact I know I would have trouble picking one pair.   You can even get your initials monogrammed on them ❤️

S’WELL Bottle 

When I went on the radio last week we were talking about whether you ‘need’ a handbag and I argued that actually I think my preference would always be to have one….mostly because one of my essentials to always carry around with me is a bottle of water.  I also try and stay clear of drinking from a plastic bottle so have a couple of the stainless steel bottles, but love the design of this S’WELL travel bottle with the wide neck which makes it easier to drink hot drinks and equally easy for you to add ice cube in the summer.  They look mega cool too.


Investment Item:  Gucci Belt 

Getting into more expensive territory.  I would LOVE a designer belt to use round my waist to give dresses  a bit of shape and my belt of choice would have to be the double GG Gucci belt. It’s a lot of money for a belt but it’s one of those items that can turn a £39.99 dress from Zara or H&M into something really special.  It would be a major addition to my capsule wardrobe and last me years.  And the thing that I have come to realise is that whilst some people would not dream of spending this amount of money on a  belt…I would and it would make me very happy. And surely that’s all that counts?  People spend their money on different things and quite frankly I could be spending my money on a lot worse.  The reason I am telling you all of this by the way is because of the high probability that it wont be under the tree and I’ll be justifying the purchase myself.  So I’m basically just getting ready for that lol.


Rococo Wristlet 

Finally, I spotted this today in Jigsaw and fell in love with it straight away.  I never would have thought that a chocolate and clothing brand could have a collaboration but…it has happened and we are not talking any old chocolate…or no we are talking only my favourite chocolate brand ever!! Rococo! So there are a number of products that caught my eye but I think this was my favourite.  A little wristlet bag…that looks like a Rococo chocolate bar, which are all beautifully designed, AND it comes with a bar of chocolate inside.  Anyone who know me and my love for quality chocolate will understand how excited I am about this.


So basically what I need now is to somehow engineer all of my family to read this blog and decide who is going to buy what…hmmm very very unlikely but a girl can dream and I thought by sharing mine it might inspire you with your own wishlist or buying for others.

This coming week brings more fun with a 2 shopping trips (one already done today) a trip into London to see The London College of Style to talk about an exciting work project. And on Friday night it’s the second Fashion Re-boot organised by the amazing Mums the Word ladies.  I believe that there are a few tickets left if you want to come along and grab yourself a pre-loved bargain. I put my clothing rail together for this at the weekend and if I do say so myself I have got a few really lovely items to sell…so if you are already coming come over and say hi.


Have a great week,

Fleur xxx