The Art of Styling an Outfit

Blog readers…I must firstly apologise for not posting in the last couple of weeks.  To say things have been a bit hectic would be an understatement.  Work has been brilliant and so has my time off in between.  I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed a different ‘escape the ordinary’ adventure for the last 3 weekends.  Although it has become apparent that weekends away for me come like buses.  None for ages and then all at once.  My children are even passing comment but they forget that I am not away for the other 48 weeks of the year.  Anyway, I think it’s good for them to see that Mummy has another life other than driving them around and wiping up Weetabix.


More about my weekends away a bit later. I wanted to write a blog post about how to style an outfit, and the following photos hopefully demonstrate the ideas that I am about to explain.


This outfit on it’s own is relatively straight forward. Yes I have chosen shorts in one of this seasons on trend fabrics (gingham) and an asymmetric top, but really it could be any short and top combo.

Shorts: Mango

Top: Mango (sold out)

Shoes: Zara

Bag: J Crew (sold out)

Earrings: Stella and Dot

But what I wanted to highlight is how you can make a simple outfit stand out and become something special.  Something that shows off your style and tells people a little bit about you.

I have picked my favourite J Crew cross body leopard print bag to add a bit of luxe.  I see leopard as a neutral, so don’t be afraid to try something leopard with most outfits. Even if you are clashing prints, a bit like I am doing because personally I think this is even cooler.

I’ve then added a boldly coloured shoe…because this for me is one of the easiest ways you can inject a bit of colour into an outfit. These shoes were  one of my best buys from Zara this season.  Super comfy and under £30 I think.  I have worn them loads so it might be worth adding ‘statement shoe’ to your wishlist because I think it’s something you might find very useful indeed.  I should point out that a flat statement shoe is probably better as you are more likely to wear it day to day and certainly for me it’s what I find more comfortable.  Plus if you add a heel to some outfits it changes to feel of it and no longer looks daytime chic.

I’ve also added a red lip.  LOVE a red lip…and actually now during the summer time I’ve changed to more of an orange/coral lip, which I am equally found of.  Just gives a touch of glamour and helps to inject colour again if you have not got it within your actual outfit. There’s something great about treating yourself a new lipstick too.  It does not cost lots but can really give you  spring in your step.

Finally, as a Stella and Dot Stylist I always finish the look with some jewellery. Here I’m wearing their hammered hoops which go with EVERYTHING and a couple of bracelets on the arm to create a little stack.

You can apply any of these styling tricks to outfits in your wardrobe.  It might be that you just use one, or like me you use them all. But I hope it helps to give you few ideas.  And your styling does not have to be the same as mine, choose a bag in a print that you love if leopard is not your thing.  This is your style personality and you should totally rock it.

These amazing photos are taken again by my friend and colleague Clair Goble at Flashbang Photography.  I think she is super talented and it took only 20 mins to get these shots.  I can’t tell you how lovely she is to work with as well.

And getting back to the last few weeks. I wanted to tell you about The George in Rye as a little place to stay for a night or two.  I went with my husband and it even though it is just an hour away it felt like much further.  Yes we were super lucky with the weather but the beaches, and town are all super lovely and the hotel itself was a little touch of boutique luxury which was right up my street.

The following weekend I was in Barcelona with my girlfriends.  Just 2 nights but we stayed in the W Hotel which I would again recommend and made the most of our time in the sun and drank lots of cocktails.  Sad it is over for another year.  On the nights out I went for a playsuit with big earrings and a plain white bardot with…check out the red shoe and lippy combo!!







And this weekend just gone I was in London styling not one but two lovely ladies at the same time.  Bit of an experiment but one which I think was very successful.  As you can see the ladies (both friends of mine) ended up getting a fair bit and bagging lots of summer sales bargains. Their smiles say it all and as a result I am going to offer a shopping with friends package as I think this could be something people would be interested in. I’ll let you know when the package details are on my website.










Have a great week.

Fleur xxx