Autumn Styling Ideas

This morning was the first time I got up and felt a real chill in the air.  I wore my coat on the walk to school and did not overheat.  So funny how the seasons actually change very quickly.  3 weeks ago I remember going into London in a little summer dress and no jacket and being absolutely fine.  This Saturday just gone I also went into London and was in a real grump at the start because I’d had a blow dry which basically went flat the minute I stepped out of the salon because of the rain. The rain also played havoc with my outfit choice.  I knew that I needed to wear boots instead of any of my summer shoes so I basically had to work my outfit out from the bottom up! So I totally get how difficult it is sometimes to transition from season to season.  For me as someone who always feels the cold, and this seems to just get worse every year, I have to always be thinking about layers and specifically coats. But for this blogpost I wanted to give you a few ideas of how to style your outfits in this seasonal transition period.  I’ve tried to keep it colourful as well because I know there is a tendency to move into wearing darker less vibrant clothes as the nights draw in.


So first up is an alternative to jeans which is really having a moment this season.  Corduroy is to me a bit of a 70’s thing but I have found myself getting involved with a more feminine version of this trend by buying a pink pair of wide leg corduroy trousers.  Buying anything that resembled a flair was just going to be a step too far for me personally but I really like this fresh updated look.  I’ve kept the top half simple and added a bit of personality with my glittery Air and Grace trainers and new rainbow bag which I have a lot of love for.  I think you could also style this with a tonal warming aubergine coloured blouse or jumper if you did not want to go neutral on the top half.


I’ve also found myself buying into a fair bit of Hush this season.  Sometimes I love their collections and sometimes I don’t but that’s ok as I’m not sure how I would cope if I loved it all of the time. This dress though was something I was drawn to straight away. The style of it, (shirt style with sleeved and a defined waist) I know is good for my bodyshape and the colours really work for me as well.  The bright colblt blue is really zingy and definitely adds colour into your autumn wardrobe.

And the boots…were a bit of a love affair right from the start.  I so very nearly brought a pair of red boots last year but there were not any that really caught my eye.  But these really did.  The metallic red, the shape, the heel drew me in and once that happens it’s pretty much a cert that I’ll buy.

I also knew that I could style the red boots in loads of different ways.  So I thought it would be helpful to show you completely different outfit whereby I am still wearing the boots.  This blazer, t-shirt, leather legging look is smart, stylish and edgy and I really like it as an option for either work or going out.  You could easily make it even smarter by changing the t-shirt and replacing with a black silk top for example.  But the boots in my opinion just give this outfit a pop for fun and colour.

My advice in general if you went for a coloured shoe or boot would be to spend some time having a play with your clothes and trying on various combinations to see which ones you like.  That then makes it so much easier in the mornings as you will have a good idea of the combinations that make you feel good. In fact I think playing dress up with your clothes and shoes should be done on a fairly regular basis for you to get a real feel for what clothes you have and how you like to wear them.  It’s never time wasted.  I do it myself quite often and it tends not to be something I plan I just find myself with 45 mins spare and I start to try on and with the sonos on it can actually be quite fun :).

I hope that’s given you some inspiration for this autumn and a couple of new ideas about what to wear that is not going straight back into the jumper nad jean combo. Photography by Clair Goble from Flashbang Photos.

My Week

Last week once I had finished working with Paul Costelloe at LFW I went on the do three personal shops. Two with clients I had already had and then one brand new client as well.  I got to Friday and enjoyed a spontaneous but much needed glass of champagne with a friend and it felt really good.  I also went out to the Sky Garden on Sat night to celebrate our very close friend’s 15th wedding anniversary.  I love that venue.  If you have never been I highly recommend.

This week I have one client and then I am taking a little cheeky break from Wed – Sun. There will be a few insta posts whilst I’m away so keep up with all things Fine Styling @stylistfleur