Beauty Favs and Skin Care Hacks


I’ll start with a little update as it has been 2 weeks now since my op.  I’ve been mostly sitting on the sofa if the truth be known but that’s basically what I needed to do.  There have been some highs and lows in that time. The whole process is quite an emotional  rollercoaster but I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short space of time.  Each day feeling stronger.  I was back on the school run yesterday but no clients until the end of the month so I still plan to take it easy although I’m going to be walking the dog and trying a gentle swim next week to get my body moving again as that is so important to me and has been one of the hardest things about the op. Hoping that the next couple of weeks see me make even more progress.

Moving onto the subject of this weeks blog, and it’s been one I have wanted to write for a while.  Not strictly fashion but I’m a self confessed product junkie on an eternal mission to maximise glowing skin and there are a few products and treatments that I would like to share.

GeneO+ 4 in 1 Super Facial

So first of all, a new facial that I tried a few weeks ago at Prime Aesthetics in Sevenoaks.  This one was complementary but I’ve booked in my next one which I will pay for.  They know that I love to try anything that helps skin to look it’s best so invited me in to try their GeneO+ 4 in 1 Super Facial.  This facial comprises of 2 parts.  The first is a really good exfoliation, which is the basis of all their facials as this gets rid of all the dead skin and also allows any following treatment to work better.  Then they infuse the skin with nutrient rich formulas to ensure maximum oxygen absorption, and finally you get an amazing skin tigening effect from radio frequencies which stimulate the production of collagen.

And it really does work. My skin felt amazing afterwards.  I went out that night and about 3 people asked me what I had done as my skin looked so good.  Gone are the days when a facial is just a good cleanse and some rubbing in of cream.  These facials actually achieve results. See picture below which I took just after.


ZO Daily Defence face cream and Pads

These two products have played an important part in getting my skin under control. Brought at Prime Aesthetics. The pads I think have helped (along what the facials) to sort out the hormonal spots I was getting. They were so bad that I was starting to get scaring and as I knew they were hormonal I did not think there could be anything done about them but…these pads basically keep oil production under control and unblock pores therefore making it harder for spots to develop.  I don’t use them everyday, but rather every other day so that they last longer. The Daily Defence cream I also love.  It’s my first dabble into retinol and I think it has really made a difference, along with all the other things I have implemented into my routine. It also has enzymes and antioxidents which help repair damaged cells and stimulates collagen production.

Cool Girl by Sam McKnight

For those of you that like a beachy wave this is by far the BEST texture spray I have ever used.  So lightweight, but really holds.  I first came across it at my hairdressers and I was completely hooked and left with a bottle.  It smells amazing too. Unlike other texture sprays that an make you hair a bit stiff, this still allows your hair to feel soft and have movement.  It’s worth every penny.

Dr Lipp Tinted Balm

I loved the neutral version of this balm and was delighted when they launched 3 tinted versions.  I have the red radish tint and it is lovely.  This balm really moisturises your lips and stays on for a long time. With most balms they don’t last 5 mins but this is thick enough to stay put, but it does not feel heavy.  The tint gives a hint of colour which is perfect for the daytime.

Dyson Airwrap

I’m going to finish with this as I have made the investment and brought one. The reviews have mostly been very positive for this gadget, but there are some well known beauty bloggers who have their reservations. So think if you are thinking of getting one that makes it harder to decide, but I wanted to give you my thoughts on it in case that is helpful.

So ultimately I wanted this because I though it might allow me to style my hair better.  I’ve never been that great with tongs and I love a salon blow dry so anything that was going to make it easier for me to do my hair at home in a similar way is a big tick for me. I’ve been growing my hair for the last couple of years and I like it down with a wave.  But this rarely happens because not only am I not that great with tongs, but I don’t have time in the mornings to wash, dry and style. The airwrap styles and drys at the same time and therefore takes out at least 15 mins of time spent on hair which basically is the difference between me styling my hair…or not. It’s also a lot easier to use and I can say that with confidence even after only owning it for a few days.  The way it wraps your hair around the barrel using the ‘coanda effect’ is a total genius.  Like next generation stuff.  It also means that you can style your hair one handed.

Then there is the benefit of styling your hair with much lower temperatures than a tong and therefore this is much better for your hair. Plus I don’t know about you, but I would inevitably burn my fingers using the tong.

The two pictures below show a bouncy curl style which was the first time I used it.  I was so impressed as I had never been able to create that kind of look at home before.  The second was more of a beachy wave where I wrapped the hair round the barrel myself and held the end out so it was straight.  I think I need a bit more practice with this as it was ok but not great.  And the wave dropped out fairly quickly which was not the case for the bouncer style which stayed in all day and all night.

My advice would be to definitely have a play with one before you buy…or put it on your Christmas list as the ultimate gift :).

Hope that’s been helpful?  It’s not a huge list of things but I just like to recommend things that I really think are good.

Have a great week.