Brand Focus – Air and Grace

One thing I really love about writing this blog is the opportunity to write about a few of my favourite brands.  As a Stylist I have my head in magazines and am browsing the web always looking for what’s new, identifying trends and exploring brands.  It’s my job to recommend and find items that tick boxes for my clients and I first came accross Air and Grace last year when I was looking for stylish but comfortable trainers which I could recommend with confidence.  Air and Grace stood out to me as they were created through founder Claire Burrow’s own frustrations about not being able to find that essential combination of style and comfort.  Yes there are plenty of trainers on the market…but I think you might be surprised about how uncomfortable a lot of them are.  And as a good smart trainer is in my opinion an essential part of anyone’s capsule wardrobe I have been delighted to have found Air and Grace.  Not only is the price point really quite reasonable but the memory foam soul on all the shoes is what makes them really stand out. I also know that Claire is a fellow entrepreneur just like me so as soon as we got talking we hit it off.


And the reason I got in touch with Claire initially was because when I was working on the Meghan Markle Documentary and creating the looks that Meghan might wear, Air and Grace were one of the first brand I sent a message too.  I really think that Meghan would wear these shoes, and I really hope that one day she does.

But Air and Grace don’t just do trainers, they also make a whole line of summer shoes.  I brought their red espadrilles last summer and wore them LOADS.  This year the collection is even stronger and I now have the yellow espadrilles and a pair of flat leopoard print Eulalia sandals (sent to me as a gift) and I have worn them both so much already.  The Eulalias I have worn on a 40 minute school run and they were absolutely fine.  No rubbing at all and I think that is really something to shout about.

I honestly recommend Air and Grace to almost every client I work with because they really do tick all the boxes. So I could not be happier to be talking about them with my honest love for this brand so that you (my lovely readers) can explore their offerings too.

The pictures I have dotted throughout this blog post show you a couple of examples of how I might style these shoes, but in all honesty I could pretty much put them with most outfits in my wardrobe. I also talk a lot about colour and ways to add it into your wardrobe…and footwear is often a really lovely way to get that colour in.  Not as scary as a dress or top, but still a fun statement.

Just so you know where the other items are that I am wearing, here is a little list:

White shorts and silk vest. – Sezane

White blazer. – Topshop (really old but such a good capsule item)

Yellow dress  – Sezane

Sunglasses. – Finlay and Co and the bigger ones are Chole

Red halter neck top – Me & Em

Demin shorts – Maje

Earrings – Stella and Dot

Photos taken by the Uber talented Clair from Flashbang Photos at the beautiful St Julian’s Club in Sevenoaks.

My week:

Has been filled with 1 wardrobe edit and 2 London shops.  It’s lovely that it is almost the weekend again.  Funnily enough I really feel like I need it, even though the week has been shorter.  My husband is away this weekend so I’m solo parenting but now that my oldest can hold the fort for a couple of hours it means I can still get to do my usual weekend activities (gym) and then we can have some fun afterwards.

Next week I have another photo shoot happening…but this time it involves a few other people which makes it super exciting. I can’t wait to tell you a little bit more about that on Tuesday.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.