Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis and Body Shape Style Guidance

Giving you the key style tools to shop with more success

As a Personal Stylist, colour is one of the primary tools I use to help clients to understand what suits them. The difference that wearing the right colours can make both in how you look and feel is nothing short of remarkable and often life changing. I never tire of watching clients see this for themselves for the very first time during a colour analysis session.

How you wear colour will be different for everyone. Some people love to be bright and bold, others only want a subtle hint, but no matter your preference I can guide and advise you on how to achieve your colourful wardrobe goals. Often the introduction of colour through clothing is bit of a journey. As you gain confidence you wear more, but knowing what colours suit your skin tone and why is a lifelong tool to help you shop with focus and success, ultimately saving you time and money.

“WOW! Thank you so much Fleur – yesterday was amazing. I haven’t stopped talking about you and the session and what I learned to anyone who will listen. I feel great now – I’m not confused about what I can and can’t wear, and it’s so good to be wearing things that make you feel special every single time. I realise now that your sessions aren’t just about the clothes, it’s about taking someone and allowing them feel great about themselves regardless of age and shape. I’m really looking forward to shopping with you.”


Fine Styling

How it works 

A colour analysis takes approximately 45 mins and consists of using a selection of coloured drapes placed under the chin to see directly the impact these colours have on skin tone. Being able to compare and contrast in this way allows you to really see the difference. 

Once completed I will tell you which colour season you are (1 of 4) and this will give you a selection of colours which suit you best meaning you can choose colourful clothes with much more confidence.

Individual colour analysis appointments take place at my home near Sevenoaks or in Central London. 

Group colour analysis can take place at your home if you live within 30 mins of Sevenoaks. 

What is included? 

  • Colour Analysis using drapes
  • Explanation of how the colour analysis works running through each of the 4 colour seasons
  • Tips on how to use the colours you are most suited to once we have decided
  • Tips on how to add more colour to your wardrobe
  • A follow up email with further information on your season and where you can buy a colour fan from


Individual Colour Analysis

approx 45 mins – £60

Colour analysis is done in person either at my house near Sevenoaks or in Central London

Colour Analysis and Body Shape Style Guidance

Approx 75 mins – £120

Within this package you will learn about the two key style tools of colour and body shape and how these relate to you individually.  Afterwards you will have the knowledge to shop with focus and success going forward. Handy body shape guide will be emailed afterwards.

Group Colour Analysis

£55 per person (up to 4 people)

Bolt on: Body shape guidance:  £45 per person includes handy guide emailed afterwards to use a reference

    The Colour Queen Subscription Service


    The Colour Queen is my monthly subscription service for clients and customers who have had a colour analysis and know which season they are.

    Each month you will receive The Colour Queen direct to your inbox which includes an edit of 12 carefully selected clothing items by me for each colour season from a mixture of brands covering a broad ranges of budgets.

    This means that you get to see my style picks in your seasonal colours making it SO much easier to shop in style and know that you are buying the right colours for you. A little bit of Fine Styling inspiration just for you each month.

    There is no fixed subscription term.  You can cancel at any time.  On subscribing you will get the current month’s and then new Colour Queen emails are sent on the 1st of every month. First payment is taken on the day you sign up then every 30 days thereafter. 

    How to book 

    If you are interested in any of my styling services please drop me a line so we can chat more. 

    Also very happy to answer any questions you have might have.

    “Oh Fleur this is fabulous, Thank you that will be such a help. I have learned so much and ultimately just loved hanging out and having fun. You were brilliant to spend time with and I loved it so much !! Thank you again, you are just wonderful !!!! “