Cosmic Girl – A/W17 Style

When I was thinking of the title for this post, it took me back about 20 years to when Jamiroquai was a thing.  Anyone else remember him, or am I totally showing my age? Actually, I would not be surprised if his ‘cosmic girl’ song came back into popularity this autumn because I am about to introduce you to one of the first new trends for this coming A/W season….SPACE!

OMG! I just need to stop right here and say that I literally love new season.  I am TOTALLY over any sales now and am on my favourite websites almost daily re-clicking on ‘new in’ to see what drops are arriving both in view of my up coming September shopping clients, but also for myself :).  It gives me a bit of a flutter in the pit of my stomach as my mind goes into overdrive working out wishlists, outfit combos and seasonal must haves.  This is me folks…and that’s why I love what I do!









I digress, getting back to the SPACE theme,  by this I mean anything with planets, the moon, stars, and a bit of sparkle.  Seen on the catwalks of Dolce & Gabbana and Christopher Kane this trend is coming through thick and fast into the highstreet.

I’ve got to say, I’m pretty pleased about this trend because I have a real thing for anything a little bit celestial.  Stars in particular are my fav.  You have probably seen my Rixo star dress and my orange star jumper (to name just a couple) pop up on my social media more than once.  My one and only tattoo is 3 stars (to represent my children).  So reading between the lines here…I’m basically going to want everything in this trend that I see.

Having said that I’ve actually been pretty good.  I’ve tried a few things on but have only brought 1 thing…so far LOL. I’ll list my favourites below for you to see.

Firstly I’ll show you the item I have actually brought and it is this beautiful starry midi skirt from Lily and Lionel.  They also have a number of different styles using this print including some gorgeous maxi dresses. I love the fact that it was really floaty and feminine as well as something I felt I could dress up or down.  Within the print it also have tiny little red and blue stars which I loved.  I’m a sucker for detail like that and took advantage of it by finishing the look with my new favourite S&D earrings…the Riva Tassel in red.








No surprise that Zara have also got in on this trend already but this dress is actually very nice indeed.  I tried it on and almost brought it, but I had the Lily and Lionel skirt on order so wanted to wait until that had arrived.  I would totally recommend this dress though.  It’s a nice fit with a waist on it that adds really nice shape.  The fabric is nice a floaty too, but I suspect that as soon as it starts to get a bit cooler you would have to think about ways to keep warm in it…well I would anyway.  I’m thinking tights, ankle boots and maybe a black oversized cardigan might work.








M&S also had a dress that was super pretty but the shape of it was all wrong for me when I tried it on.  That’s not to say that this dress won’t work for you.  The waist was too high up for me but if you are a more of an apple shape this would be perfect at disguising the middle section as it is also patterned all over.








M&S also have these trainers which I realise means I lied when I said I have only brought one ‘space’ themed item as I also have these as well.  As soon as I saw them I snapped them up as they are perfect for autumn and I fell for the stars on them which I have to say are super super sparkly. Great price as well…M&S carries on keeping their price affordable which is great.








H&M have this star patterned blouse which is a bit of a bargain for £17.99.  I have not tried this one on though and I find with H&M that something might look good online but the reality is a bit of a disappointment. Having said that, I have seen lots of H&M around on Instagram at the moment and those wearing it look amazing so it’s definitely worth popping in to see if you are passing a store.








Browsing through new season at Mango I also came across this sequin top which totally caught my eye.  Think it is the neckline and the puffy sleeves that I like.  It just looks quite futuristic to me and any excuse to get a new sparkly top will get my vote.








Wyse London also have some new jumpers in for A/W which carry on with the star theme.  I’ve yet to get myself a jumper from Wyse but I am super tempted and this is pretty high up on my wishlist. You’ve just got to love all the rainbow colours on this.  Such and easy way to make a statement and add colour to your wardrobe.








Finally, and I might have saved the best until last…is this the year that I invest in another leather Jacket?  Well I can tell you now, I am more than a little bit in love with this from Alice Temperley at John Lewis.  A leather and suede biker jacket with a studded star on the back!!!  I might have died and gone to heaven. I’ve tried this on as well and stood looking at myself for quite a while in the mirror in the middle of the shop.  Such a fashion victim! It’s beautiful…and that’s probably all you need to know.








My week in Outfits

So it’s actually been quite a lot longer than a week wince I last posted.  I might have under estimated just how much time and energy having 3 extra people to entertain ALL day was going to take.  I kind of though that I’d have way more time with no school run, but the reality is that if I sit down to do any work on the computer the kids either get straight onto screens which is not ideal and I start to feel super guilty after about half an hour which is no time to get anything done, or they start to make slime or worse in their bedroom making such a blooming mess it drives me a little bit crazy.  We also went away for a couple of weeks to Italy which was a much needed break.  So I thought I would post up a few of my holiday outfits so you can get a glimpse of what I took away with me and enjoyed wearing.









I’ve also had a great week work wise considering I’ve had only about 5 mins to spend on it.  A new exciting opportunity has come up for my Style and Nutrition workshop with Jennie Gough, I also booked in a new client for a wardrobe edit in Oct and I confirmed a number of new events in  Sep.  Check out my events page to take a look at what I’m up to.  I’m also chatting about a potential retreat with a couple of lovely ladies that I know.  It’s funny because when I did the training for this job at the London College of Style one of the things we had to do was list what was important to us when thinking about and shaping our new business.  I put down the usual like flexibility and job satisfaction, but when I was asked to think about it a bit deeper, I realised that I what really lights my soul on fire is new and exciting opportunities.  I love a challenge and visiting new places.  Meeting new people and seeing an idea turn from a dream to reality. Roll on autumn 17…I’m totally ready for you.

Have a great week.

Love Fleur xx