Darker Days – Brighter Clothes

So I’m not going to lie, the extra hour in bed today was lush.  But…it’s now super dark and even by 3.30pm I could start the notice that the sun was setting.  Winter is my least favourite of the seasons.  I feel the cold, I like sunshine and I struggle with less daylight…especially on those grey depressing days.  But this year things are going to be a bit different because I’m planning to partake in my own little experiment…and by reading my blog you will naturally be part of this experiment too.

I am going to try my very best to keep my outfits throughout the winter colourful and bright.  Both to show you how you might do the same, and to see how this impacts my attitude to the season I like the least.  Actually to be fair, I’m ok in the run up to Christmas, it’s Jan/Feb that seem the hardest. But I want to start this now as it’s all to easy to get into a rut of dark jumper and jeans but having brought so much colour into my outfits this summer in particular, I’m looking at the darker items in my wardrobe now and pushing past them for something a bit more exciting.  I have recently brought a few new warmer colourful items that I plan to wear into the season and none of them have been anywhere near black. So I’ve made a good start. And to help inspire you to do the same, here are a few of my top tips.

Try something different

So by this I mean to step out of your comfort zone and try a different outfit altogether.  It’s way to easy to fall into a black rut as soon as the seasons change.  Somehow it feels more accepted to wear colour in the summer, but I really want to shake that idea up and challenge you to think differently.  I know when you have a bit of a tan and the sun is shining that does lend itself to more colourful clothes, but in the shops right now there is actually so much colour and it is a delight to see.  So maybe you might think about buying yourself a long sleeved dress and layering it up so that it keeps you warm and wearing it with tights?  It is totally acceptable to wear a dress daytime now.  How you style it can dress it down, so trainers or ankle boots and a casual jacket will allow you to get a lot more use out of it. This is a dress I got last week in H&M.  It was £34.99 and I fell in love with the warm colourful print. And it’s excatly the sort of thing I am talking about.  The great news is that lots of shops have dresses like this now, that don’t cost the earth.  You just need the capsule wardrobe bits to finishing the look. FYI, I added a belt to this dress which made ALL the difference in terms of making it suitable for my body shape.




As a Stella and Dot Stylist I have long been a fan of accessorising, and this is such a fabulous way of adding colour to your outfit.  Again last week I brought a mustard yellow scarf from Next which I was not very expensive at all, but I know I’ll get lots of use out of it as the colour is fabulous and adds total sunshine to any outfit, see below.  And jewellery can add style and colour too.  Check out my Stella and Dot website to get LOTS of inspiration.



Be Brave

In the same outfit above I am also wearing a bright colbolt blue leather skirt.  It was an investment purchase, but I felt confident enough in my own colours to buy a staple capsule wardrobe item in a different colour to black.  Black is classic, I agree with that, and arguably easier to wardrobe, but how much more exciting and different is a coloured leather?  I have no regrets with this skirt and love it so much already.  On a side note, it’s a-line midi shape is just super flattering.  For slender, pear and hourglass body shapes this cut totally highlights all your best bits 🙂



Don’t Forget Your Coat

Coats are so easy to forget about, but I see them as a secret style weapon. The last style crisis you want to find yourself in is all dressed up and ready to go out looking super glam and realising that you have no coat to wear other than your waterproof school run coat…which let’s face it, kind of spoils the look a bit.  I have invested in a number of coats this season.  I want to have options and every coat I have brought has been colourful.  I also have my eye on a mustard yellow coat to go with my blue leather skirt as I can’t get enough of that colour combo at the moment.  But go bold.  Pictures of me below in my faux fur and leopard print coats.











Fancy Footwear

Shoes are another way to add a pop of colour into your wardrobe.  Such a great way to show your style and a lot easier than wearing colourful clothing if the thought of that still does not appeal.  Red would be my first suggestion.  It’s THE colour of the season and although I have not quite brought into the red boot gang myself, I have been very tempted.  Marks and Spencer do a great red boot in my opinion.  Not too high, and super comfy.  I have had clients buy this boot who have been very pleased.


So I hope that gives you some inspiration.  I would love you to keep me posted on anything colourful you may have brought recently.  Either through commenting here or through social media.  And it goes without saying that if you think you want to know more about your colours then please get in touch as I offer colour consultations that are cheaper than a full wardrobe edit but have the potential to make a huge difference to your wardrobe.

This coming week we are back to the school run grind.  I’m not looking forward to all the running about but looking at my diary for the next month, it is busy but manageable.  Just dreading the 2 weeks in Nov when the hubby is away.  I’m used to managing all week pretty much without him, but I’ll miss him in the evenings and at the weekend, especially as he will be on the other side of the world in sunny Australia.

But before all of that I have the MOST exciting event on Wednesday evening where I have tickets to attend the launch party for the new Erdem x H&M collaboration.  I literally love it all and have been completely sucked into the hype surrounding it’s launch.  They created the most amazing little feature film (4 mins long) link here, and this for me has completely helped to build the excitement and give me a true insight into the inspiration behind the collection.  It’s a super watch and I just love the way that clothes can be the catalyst for something so creative.  I’ll be sharing all my thoughts on the collection via social media on Wed evening so make sure you follow me to see what I think… @stylistfleur

Enjoy your week.

Fleur xxx