Escape the Ordinary

This is my first blog post featuring the photos I recently had taken by my friend and talented photographer Clair Goble who runs Flashbang Photography.  I had a brainwave early one morning about how I could improve the blog and about 5 mins later I was messaging Clair about setting up a regular photo shoot. And this is the result, because Clair is awesome and was totally up for it.  We had so much fun, the weather was great and I loved being able to pick my outfit, which I hope will inspire you as it is all pretty much high street. Curling my hair at 6.30am and looking more glam than usual on the school run took a but more planning (and guts) than I anticipated but it was all very much worth it, and I’ll explain more in a mo.

So I’m starting to get quite a collection of slogan t-shirts.  There are so many around, but I am super picky about which ones I choose as I kind of need the slogan to actually mean something.  I want to use it a way to give a message.  Take the slogan on the t-shirt I’m wearing in this shoot.  ‘Escape the ordinary’ from The Colourful Crew.  It appealed to me straight away, and I brought it without too much deliberation, but since then I have done a bit of reflection on what it actually means to me. And I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

One of the things I have come to realise about myself, and I have done a fair bit of getting to know myself recently, is that doing something exciting, or a bit different lights a spark in me. Meeting new people and going to new places gives me energy and drive, and I realise that more than this,  I actually crave these experiences.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mum, but quite frankly it can get a bit repetitive and the housework/mum taxi daily tasks along with the attitude, fights and managing of logistics can really get me down some days. Yes, I feel guilty about saying that, but I have come to understand it’s ok to feel like this.  I know I’m not the only one and actually being aware of it means I can work to satisfy my need for time out and feeling like Fleur again.

And I think this is one of reasons I love what I do in my role as a Personal Stylist, because it does open doors for me to do exciting stuff.  The photo shoot for this blog post is just one example.  Having my photo taken in a tulle skirt that I could swish around allowed me to get in touch with my inner child. And giving that inner child some airtime is actually quite important.  It was almost like I could play for 2 hours, and I feel proud of myself for engineering a situation where I could do this because it made me happy.   It’s also why I get super excited to catch a train on Friday night that transports me into London.  I just love the buzz and atmosphere of the city and try and get up there for a ‘play’ on a fairly regular basis.  And it’s why I prioritise getting a weekend away with my husband or the girls in the diary too.   Love having things like that to look forward to.

So whilst, there are many magical highlights in bringing up children and I would never have it any other way, day to day it can be ordinary. So when I wear this t-shirt it reminds me that ‘Fleur time’ is hugely important and that in fact it is part of what holds me together and helps me cope with the ‘mummy time’ day to day.

Getting back to the outfit I picked, the whole thing, skirt, top and shoes came in at about £130 and is mostly from the high street . The bag (Taj clutch from Stella and Dot)  is not included in that total as it is an extra nice to have, although I have to say I’ve been using the clutch A LOT…so colourful but goes with pretty much any outfit. It’s just come back into stock as well after being sold out for ages so your chance to grab one if you would like.

And here are the links to the clothes.

T-shirt, The Colourful Crew £42

Skirt Mango £35.99

Shoes M&S £49.50

So thank you  Clair, for being so supportive of me and my business and agreeing to take my photos.  I also know that this is the first time Clair has actually done a fashion shoot (she mostly works with families young children) but I could not have been more pleased.  I’m planning on using Clair regularly from now on so that I can bring you photo shoots of my favourite outfits and trends on a monthly basis. Yes, it might be an excuse for a regular Tuesday morning spent wearing fun outfits,  getting my photo taken and drinking coffee with Clair but hopefully you’ll enjoy the result of our collaboration too.

Last week was another busy one for Fine Styling.  A wardrobe edit at the start, an amazing style night sharing a bit of my knowledge with a lovely group of women in the middle, an excellent personal shop on Thursday and then a brilliant day off in London on Friday hooking up with my pal Charlotte who I met on my Personal Styling course at the London College of Style last year.  It was sooooo good to catch up and share our experiences.  We also got to have a quick look around Selfridges and had a yummy lunch in the Hemsley and Hemsley cafe there.  Would highly recommend BTW.

Now I am at the in-laws which has been super relaxing and I have done a fair bit of sleeping…I was really exhausted.   I also have next week off due to it being half term so with no big plans other than catching up wth a few friends I’ll be enjoying a bit of down time before diving into another busy month.

Here is my week in outfits.

Fleur xxx