Favourite A/W Buys…So Far!

Autumn often signifies the start of new beginnings.  New term, new season and an excuse to buy new clothes, (I like that last one a lot :)).  I actually went shopping with a client to London on Friday and there were just so many beautiful new things in the stores that we visited, it made my job very easy and a bit of a dream.  We had such fun and I can’t tell you how amazing she looks in all of her new items. In fact I have to say that I am a bit jealous of it all.  And it’s not like I really ‘need’ anything new either…although that has never stopped me in the past. Of course I’ve already indulged in a few items (ha ha no surprise) and wanted to show you what I have picked and explain to you why I brought them.

So firstly, I ordered a couple of items from the new Hush A/W 17 collection which I’m really impressed with.  I could have added quite a lot more to my basket but the price point is comparable to Whistles now rather than Zara I would say.  So I chose wisely and ordered the Yasmin dress which as it turns out is absolutely beautiful and something that is right up my street.  The style of it is great for my lack of curves as it has a defined waist which is great. It’s also good for slender pear and hourglass shapes as well I would say.

The fabric catches the light beautifully and the little gold arrows almost sparkle.  I also like the navy base colour as it is very easy to wardrobe and suits most colourings.  I plan to take it into the winter with tights, flat ankle boots and a leather jacket.  I’ve added a pop of colour with these red Riva Tassel earrings from Stella and Dot.

The only thing I would say is that the splits up the side are a bit high, but that should not put you off as you an always sew them up a little bit and with tights they are absolutely fine I reckon.

I also got the big LOVE jumper in blush. This jumper is currently sold out in all colour ways unfortunately but keep checking as hopefully they might get some more stock in at some point. I have to say I really really like it.  It feels very soft and warm to wear and the design  of it is slouchy but not too oversized.  I styled mine here quite simply with jeans but I plan to also wear it with midi and maxi skirts into the winter.  And I also have the pink version of the Riva Tassels too which I love as much as much as the red ones.

The other thing I got…and I deliberated over this for quite a while, was this season’s insta favourite Monsoon Victoriana style blouse.  I have quite a few similar to this already so I am very pleased to see that they are still in trend as most of mine are from last season but I just kept thinking about this one, and then when I found a 20% discount code I went for it.  I don’t regret it.  I love it and I can try an justify it a little bit by saying that it is actually (even if only subtly) different to all the others I have.  These types of blouse are a great alternative to just a t-shirt or jumper.  I find that they can really smarten up an outfit and offer a smart/casual look which so many people find difficult.

Here you can see I have styled it with possibly my favourite new season buy…the Alice Temperly jacket from her Sommerset range at John Lewis.  So I have a leather jacket, but I don’t have a black biker. And I definitely don’t have one with a studded star on the back!!

Anyone who knows me will understand re the star.  I have a few star adorned items but this is a cracker and in all honesty not a bad price for a leather jacket.  I tried it on, posted a picture on my private FB group and went home without it, only to find that pretty much everyone had commented to say that I should buy it.  I lasted 24 hours without it and purchased it the next day!!  Easily persuaded.  Again I don’t regret it as I know this is going to be worn to death and so far every time I have worn it so far I have got compliments.

Finally, I am super chuffed to have found this faux fur coat of dreams in Zara.  I have been looking for something like this for the last couple of years, and suffered with what I call ‘the Honey Monster’ effect :).  So I knew that it needed to be fairly slimline and not add too much bulk.  This one ticks all the boxes for me and I love that it adds a bit of drama and glamour to any outfit!  I think coats are a secret style weapon and having a few to choose from will make outfit combos so much easier as the weather gets cooler.   I have my eye on another one in Whistles too…

There will no doubt be more A/W purchases made, I have a few things sitting in a basket at Me & Em and I’m seeing new stuff in stores all the time.  Gone are the days of seasonal drops., now stores are getting new items in every week or every couple of weeks.  It’s my downfall as I’m constantly being tempted!! ARGGHHH!

The next few weeks are pretty busy for me workwise.  I have 2 Stella and Dot Style Sessions, 4 wardrobe edits, 5 shopping trips, 2 Style and Nutrition Workshops, a group colour analysis…and 3 children to look after.  I have managed to get a cleaner sorted which will give me 4 extra hours each week, (thank goodness) and at the end of this busy stint I have 4 days in Ibiza to look forward to and then half term with the children before cracking on with what is looking like an equally busy November.  I’m loving it though and take on the work and say yes to things because I want to so I’m not really complaining, just sharing that the juggle is real because I’m sure so many of you can relate. Right I’m off to prep some sweet potatoes for our upcoming Style and Nutrition Workshop on Friday.

Fleur  xxx


Photos were taken in the beautiful Knowle Park which is very near me, by Clair Goble from Flashbang Photograghy.