Fine Styling Turns One


Last week I celebrated my first year as a Personal Stylist running my business Fine Styling. It was something that meant a lot for me to do.  I run my business with my heart and am totally emotionally invested in everything that I do.  Of course I also want to feel valued and get paid what I am worth, that’s an important part too, but when it came to whether or not to host a first birthday party, this was very much a emotional descion. It just felt like the right thing to do, and as someone said to me on the day, ‘this event encapsulates everything about you and your brand.’  If the truth be told, I really enjoyed coming up with ideas to make it special. I wanted to use it as a way to treat the clients and friends who had supported me over this first year because ultimately without them, I would not be where I am today.  As I say so much, styling is not just about the clothes, it goes many layers deeper than that.  It’s about positively, self-love, confidence and changing lives.


At the same time as celebrating my business birthday, I launched a new website and a fresher style for my brand.  I’m sitting here typing this and wondering how I actually made it all happen, because at the same time as this I was also working, sometimes 6 days a week and running a busy household making sure all 3 children and the dog are cared for and in the right place at the right time. But, it’s amazing what you can achieve when you put all your effort into something, and have the right people around you to support you.

The new website was created by a guy I met through my brother.  His name is Greg Nicholls and he runs GEBE Media with his business partner Brad Morley.  Greg has been an absolute joy to work with and worked so so hard to get my website just perfect.  It was hours and hours and hours of work, but through it all he stayed calm and just got the job done. I know he really believes in what I am doing and my vision for Fine Styling, and that means a lot too.  I could not recommend him highly enough.

The other reason I wanted to celebrate Fine Styling is because when you work for yourself there is no boss to congratulate you on a yearly appraisal or no promotion to be going for, so you have to try and create that a bit yourself.  I stood up and listed my achievements over the last year to my party guests and they were genuinely happy for me because it’s inspirational to hear what can be done.  I felt proud of myself and was effectively giving myself a pat on the back. And I realise that it’s more than ok to do this, and having done it I would encourage anybody running their business to do it as well. Even just listing what I had done was a great excersie on it’s own.  For example, realising I have worked with over 75 personal clients in just one year was a total pinch me moment.  I seriously wondered at the start if anyone would pay me for my styling services. It’s literally a dream come true. Heading into Christmas I can carry that sense of pride with me and know that I have a full diary going into 2018 already…and that feels so so good.

Let me share some of my favorite images with you…as always taken by the amazing Clair at Flashbang Photos. 

The Banana Bread Bar was very popular.

Goody bags for all the guests filled with treats from Aurelia, (my favorite skincare) and Green and Blacks Chocolate.

Live (and very stylish) illustrations were drawn of every guest by Jen and Jennifer as a little surprise gift for them to take home.  Super talented and loved by all the guests.

Saying thank you to my mum, who behind the scenes is there to help with the children so I can dash off and grab the latest opportunity. Could not do what I do without her. ❤️

My business mentor and friend Zoe getting a huge hug for all the suppport she has given me this year.

Hair braiding by the very talented Terri from Kent Bridal hair.  She even came early so that my girls could get their hair done before school.

Amazing braid ??

Hand massages given to guests from The Peacock Rooms.  My favorite hair and beauty salon in Sevenoaks.

And balloons ?  I love a balloon!