Get Your Sparkle On

I’m talking sequins…after all it is Christmas. And you don’t have to look very far to find some either. But how do you choose? And can sequins be classy rather than a ‘bit in your face?’  I’ll be rounding up my favourites in this blog post help you pick out the gems.

I’m a self-confessed magpie loving all things with a bit of sparkle…perhaps that’s one of the reasons I love being a Stylist for Stella & Dot? Plenty of sparkle with this job (insert thumbs up emoji)  I do also own a couple of sequin skirts and the same number of sequin jackets, and they are great to have in your wardrobe.  These are not for everyday but if you do buy a sequinned item, it should last you years and every time you dust them off you’ll think, ‘I’m so pleased I have this’.

One item I did not have however,  was a sequin dress.  I did not need a sequin dress, but when I saw this one, (picture above) in Zara with colbolt blue sequins on black velvet, I had a bit of a magnetic attraction to it.  The colour was really different and as I had a Christmas disco to go to, I thought, ‘I’ll just try it on’.  It was short and tight but I loved it, and then subsequently brought it and wore it to the disco.  No regrets buying it, but there was a slight cringe moment when a lady at the disco in the same dress came running up to me and insisted on having a photo of us taken together.  Yep….I’ll let you image my face in the picture! #grittedteeth  But I guess that’s the risk when you buy from Zara.

I digress, because what I want to emphasis is that I felt fabulous in my sequin dress, and would throughly recommend a bit of sparkle for everyone however which way you choose to embrace it.

These tops from H&M are a case in point.  Beautiful colour way in silver or rose gold, worn with a jacket and leather leggings for example this will be a very sophisticated look.  I’m going to highlight the length of them too.  Great for skimming over the middle area and no risk of accidental muffin-top exposure meaning you are likely to feel comfortable all evening rather than tugging it back down. Great price too.

img_1403 img_1404










Also love, love, love the berry colour of this long sleeved number from Hush. And I also love the way they have styled it here as well, showing how you can wear sequins in a more casual way with a sports-luxe trousers and trainers.











Another long sleeved option is this top from Next.  The over-sized sequins on this one caught my eye and as it is almost ‘sweater’ in style this could definitely be worn as Christmas jumper with jeans, as well as with something like a plain black midi skirt for a smarter look.











If you want to go sparkly on the bottom half this skirt from Zara could be fun to wear.  It looks like it has an a-line shape which means it would be great for those with more of a pear shape as it will skim over this area.  I would recommend wearing a thin knitted top and tucking in.  I know, I know tucking in might be out of your comfort zone, but just try it as this is an easy way you can define your waist creating curves in all the right places.  Not tucking in and there is a risk of creating a ‘trunk’ like shape on top.  You’ll see what I mean when you compare the two.

fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-2










Next also have a sequin trouser option if a skirt is not your thing.  I particularly like this green pair as the sequins are not mega sparkly meaning that it is a bit more subtle. I don’t particularly like the styling in this picture and would probably go with a black, navy or ivory top rather than something that is in the same colour spectrum.











Moving onto jackets, and these are just the best way to jazz up any outfit.  What’s quite helpful is that you can take it off at any point in the evening if you feel that you want to.  Adore this jacket from Ted Baker.  It’s not particularly cheap but I think it looks amazing.  Great shape, looks brilliant with a simple turtle neck underneath and is a very good example of classy sparkle.











Topshop are doing a fun over-sized sequin jacket this season too. Almost chainmail like in appearance, I like this because it is a bit different and that will always appeal to me.











Finally, a dress option for you.  The ombre colours are inspired in my opinion, and I am a lover of that spaghetti strap style.  But I’ve got to say I would be slightly worried about being a bit cold.  I know, that’s a properly old thing to say but I really feel the cold these days.  I fear if I were to wear this I would have to keep my jacket on all night which could arguably make this dress a bit of a waste for me as no-one would see it, and I feel it’s a dress that needs to be seen.











Hope that has inspired you somewhat. Although to be fair there is not that long to go until Christmas Day now.  Seems to be racing at me…like every year really.  Although, feeling slightly less stressed about my ‘to-do’ list since my present wrapping marathon on Friday last week.  Now I just need to write the cards. I’m also busy getting everything ready for my Fine Styling business, (so much still to do behind the scenes) so I can really focus on getting that launched and up and running in 2017. Only slight spanner in the works is that I’m feeling distinctly below par. Will continue to ignore that and carry on ‘mum style’ until I collapse at the ‘out-laws’ on Christmas Eve.