Guest Blog: Aithne Scarfs

So…this is something a little bit new on the blog, but I personally really like this idea and I hope you do too.  A little bit before Christmas a local lady called Lia Petrosian contacted me as she had just started a business selling silk scarfs.  I took one look at what she was doing and fell in love with her product straight away because it really is one of the most beautiful accessories I have ever seen.  Aithne scarfs are literally art in clothing form as the patterns on the scarfs are based on original paintings by artist Ararat Petrossian. It is such a unique idea and as I am always talking about how accessories can really add colour or finish off an outfit, we talked about Lia writing a guest blog for me…the result of which is below which I hope you will enjoy reading.  I think her story is so interesting and as another local mum in business I also felt strongly about supporting her and introducing you guys to her brand as well. Lia very kindly gifted me the scarf you see in these pictures, which I took along to my shoot with Clair a couple of weeks ago.  I hope you can see from the photos a few ideas of how to wear it and the beauty of the print.


Introducing Lia Petrosian and Aithne Scarfs

When and why did you start your company?

I started the company in April 2017 but had the idea for almost a year before that, since I first saw the new collection of paintings by my uncle and now a business partner, Ararat Petrossian. The collection was called “Vibrations of the Universe” and had a magnificent mix of colours and textures. My first thought was that it would look great printed on silk and become a wonderful scarf, though I never before thought about designing a scarf or even had anything to do with fashion. When I worked in the City, especially during the long grey winter season, I really lacked something arty and beautiful that could easily go with a professional outfit but be unique to me. A little splash of colours to lift the mood, empower and give confidence, but not look overdone. So I was really eager to try. Ararat agreed, and now we’ve got over 25 designs based on his paintings from two collections “Vibrations of the Universe” and “The Oneiric World”. They are available as square and long scarfs of different sizes, giving a wide choice for the right accessory for everybody.

Can you tell me what it is that makes your scarfs special?

The designs for our scarfs are based on original paintings by a person who has been living and breathing art since childhood and has transformed his work into a spiritual practice. There is a big story about his unique artist’s journey on Aithne Blog ( Some of the paintings have months of work put into them. I feel that even in the form of scarfs, the paintings still hold that idea of connection of all the living things in the Universe in them.

After the paintings are digitised, they are printed on 100% natural silk using a direct printing technology that is eco-friendly and allows to convey the full range of colours of the painting on the fabric. So you pretty much get a work of art on the most beautiful fabric in the world, that is also durable and can be worn for a long time and become that unique element of personal style.

What is your favourite way of wearing your scarf?

There are so many ways of wearing a scarf, that it’s difficult to choose just one. I normally choose how to tie the scarf depending on how much attention I want to draw to it. Normally, I wear the scarf as a v-neck or a bow-tie with a suite or office dress. With a summer dress or cocktail dress, I love experimenting, but quite often just leave it open over my shoulders.

Why do you think a scarf is a great accessory?

The scarf is a very practical accessory as it allows you to easily dress up or dress down your outfit. This is one of the things that I was thinking when starting the company. I had this vision of taking off the office jacket after an exhausting day full of meetings, putting on a luxurious scarf with a splash of colours over an office dress and being ready for a splendid night out at the opera or a fine restaurant without having to go home to get changed. And it’s also an accessory that allows to outline your personal style, make a statement that is unique to you.

Which is your favourite scarf from your collection?

I’ve got two favourites. If we speak about everyday life, my favourite is The Temptation. It gives this feeling of a flow and has a beautiful mix of colours that go nicely with a lot of items in my wardrobe. It is easy enough to be worn both with casual clothes when I’m out and about with my little child and can also go nicely with professional outfits giving a unique touch to them.

If we speak about some special night out, my favourite one is the “Cosmic Spectrum”. It is over 2 meters long and can be worn in a number of ways. The painting behind it is very powerful. It is a triptych that gives me a strong feeling of connection with the Universe. When I look at it, I think about the depth of the coral sea and the power of volcanos and the infinite cosmos above us. It’s an incredibly empowering feeling to be able to wear a work of art on you.

What plans do you have for your company in 2018?

We are still very new to the market and need to work on visibility. I would like more people to see our beautiful scarfs in 2018 and fall in love with them. So I plan to work more with the influencers and media, as well as take part in some trade shows towards the end of the year.


My Week

Last week was super busy, working 4 days out of 5 and then cramming everything else into the 5th day.  I kind of took one day at a time, but with 2 more wardrobe edits and 2 colour consultations under my belt, (one of which was a group of 4 ladies) I felt very happy at the end of the week.  This week is a little less crazy with my biggest work day being Friday when Jennie and I are hosting the first Style and Nutrition workshop of 2018 and I can’t wait.  I also have another 3 presentations to prepare for this week and a group shopping trip with 3 ladies next week.  So all my spare time will be taken up doing lots of work behind the scenes.

Here are a couple of my outfits from last week which I loved but I have to say, I literally can’t wait for spring. So much of my wardrobe I can’t wear because of the cold weather.  Keep telling myself that January is the worst and then February is short and we will be into March before I know it.  I really hope this is the case.