High Street Swimwear Edit


Long time no blog post.  I’m sorry…work got super busy and has basically stayed like that for quite a long time.  I’m definitely not complaining.  I am loving every minute of it and always so thankful that my business seems to be thriving and going from strength to strength.  It actually hit me a couple of weeks ago that I feel really established now both in my brand but also in what I do.  I don’t actually know when that specifically happened, but it feels good to recognise it. A really nice surprise one day lol.

I have done a couple of slots on QVC now which has been great. I’ve also worked with two LCS Personal Styling Diploma groups which has just been the best because the students are always so much fun.  I’m also styling pretty much all week every week at the moment one way or another and could be about to take on some admin support which feels like a really big milestone. The other thing that I am doing that is new is to offer a mentoring service to aspiring personal stylists as I feel that I have a lot of experience now and can offer some really helpful support and advice about how you get you business up and running and some strategies to try in order to do so.  You can read more about that service here.

Moving onto the actual subject of this blogpost and I’m going to give you an edit of my favourite high street swimwear.  It’s the season to be buying it for your holiday and if you pick the right one…it can look a lot more expensive.  The one I am wearing in this picture ?? is from Zara. I was drawn to it as I saw this exact design (different colours) in a designer collection from a much more expensive brand.  I adored the neckline so I jumped on this costume when I saw it.  And I absolutely love it and plan to pack it on my holidays.

I also love this swimsuit from Zara as anything metallic catches my eye and again I think it adds to make it look more expensive.  This sort of swimsuit would be perfect for a girly weekend away when all the glamour is required.   

Moving onto & Other Stories.  This swimming costume is a great dupe of the more expensive Hunza G brand who make the 80’s style waffley fabric swimwear that has made a total comeback.  It’s the same fabric and orange which is bang on trend as it is the colour of the year. Love the little tie detail too. 

Again, looking for high street versions of more expensive styles, this swimming costume from Mango has the scalloped edges and lovely flattering material of Marysia brand which I adore.  For £35 this is a steal. 

I also wanted to recommend a brand to you that you might not had heard of.  Slightly more expensive than high street but not designer prices.  Violet Lake is a fantastic option for those of you who basically know what your perfect bikini would look like but can never find it as you can mix and match a number of tops and bottoms making it suitable for most shapes, sizes and preferences. I have a couple of items from this brand and they are still going strong 8 years later!! 

Finally I could not do a  swimwear edit without mentioning M&S.  This is my favourite bikini from the Rosie Autograph collection. I like the pattern and I like the high waisted bottoms and I like the strapless top. 

Hope that gives you a few ideas. I know swimwear is always a bit tricky but there are so many styles and options around at the moment that there should be something for everyone.  I also totally love that swimming costumes have got sexy.  That makes me very happy indeed.

My week:

This week and next I am busy with wardrobe edits and personal shops.  I am also presenting at the Sevenoaks Wellness Show on the 17th May. Come along and say hi if you are going. I also have a very special event to announce next week.  I am SO excited about this. Can’t wait to tell you.