How to Survive the Sales

It’s SALE time in the shops and online.  Although to be honest it seems like there have been a whole barrage of offers, discount codes and tempting emails since Black Friday which was at the end of Nov!  This elongated period of retail desperation (for want of a better word) kind of takes the excitement off the actual sales for me a bit, as they have basically been dragging on in various forms for a few weeks now.

So I used to love sales.  I would jump at the chance to get along to the nearest shopping centre on Boxing Day to see what bargains I could grab.  But now, they just don’t have quite the same appeal.  I much prefer the excitement of new season clothes and seeing what’s just arrived in stores.  Maybe that is because I am much more into fashion and style now that it is my job?  But I like to go into a shop that is organised and has a variety of sizes in stock, rather than what can only be described as bit of a jumble sale which most shops transform into at this time of year.  God that sounds really middle aged, but when you spend as as much time in the shops as me, shopping in disorganisation fills me with dread.  I deliberately avoid taking most of my clients out from the start of December until at least a couple of weeks into January because it is much more difficult to shop at this time.  Plus I know for a fact that a high percentage of most sale stock is just being dragged out again from previous seasons…and not that much current season stock actually goes into the sale. And it’s busy, and hot and you have to wait hours to try anything on.  I’m not really selling it to you am I? BUT…despite all that, I think there are a few ways in which you can win at the sales.  So here are my top tips.

Sign up to notifications from your favourite brands

I am signed up to all of my favourite brands and often get preview access to online sales which means that you are much more likely to find the things you need online and in stock than randomly browsing over Christmas when most of the good bits have gone.

Look for key capsule investment items

Items that are missing from your capsule wardrobe are the items that you can be the smuggest to buy in the sale.  This is because you will get good wear out of them and therefore getting them at discount is even better.  Work out what you are missing from your wardrobe and try to stay focused when you are shopping and not side tracked.  That sequin jacket might be a complete bargain, but realistically how often are you going to wear it?

Create a least 3 virtual outfits with said item before you buy

So, this is a really good way to make sure that you might get some use out of the clothes that you buy.  If you can put it together with other clothes that you already own to make 3 or more separate outfits then the chances are you will wear it.  This process I hope will avoid you getting something that you realise later cannot be worn because you don’t have the shoes/jacket/trousers/top to go with it. This is the most common reason why clothes end up in wardrobes with the labels still on for months on end.

Buy only in your correct size

I know this sounds obvious but so many people buy in the sale a size up or down hoping that it will work or that they will fit into it at some point, but the reality is that this never really happens and every time you open the wardrobe it stares at you and reminds you that you wasted your money on it.

Don’t forget your colours and body shape guidelines

If you have worked with me then you will know both your colours and what style clothes suit your shape, so refer back to this info and refresh yourself with what is good and what you should avoid to help make you shop with focus and success.

My week:

Things have slowed down a bit work wise with just one wardrobe edit last Friday and another one today.  I have one more on Wednesday this week and then I’m done for 2017.  Going into Christmas having had an amazing first year and with a full diary for the first quarter of 2018 is an amazing feeling. I can relax knowing that with lots of bookings my business is not going to come to a halt or that I’m going to have to restart it after the break.  I’m going straight back in and really looking forward to an exciting spring/summer season.








And I’m getting there with all my Christmas jobs too.  I stayed up until 1am wrapping presents last Friday night, and today I wrote my Christmas cards.  Tomorrow I’m planning on decorating the Christmas cake, and maybe doing a bit of baking. We are hosting my in-laws and mum for the first time in many years so it is very exciting to be able to wake up on Christmas Day in our own little house.  Plus it’s our dog Hermione’s first Christmas with us so of course this meant that there were 4 lots of stocking presents to wrap!! All part of the fun.

And if I don’t get a chance to blog again before the big day, I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a magical new year.  2018 is going to be amazing and thank you once again for all your support in 2017.