HydraFacial Review

So it may come as no surprise to most of you that as well as loving clothes and fashion I’m also a bit of a product junkie and enjoy looking after my skin.  This has become a bit more of a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ since I turned 40 and as it stands I’m pleased with how my skin is fairing up, so am trying to keep it that way for a long as possible. What I do struggle with though is the reoccurrence of horrible hormonal spots most months which have left a few scars on my face over the last couple of years.  It’s not something I have ever had issues with before so to have some acne going into my 40’s has been a bit rubbish to be honest. I have up until now just dealt with it as it is not terrible and they are not on my face all the time…but I would obviously prefer if they were just to disappear all together.


Given the above, it was great timing to have Faye from Prime Aesthetics clinic in Sevenoaks get in touch to offer me one of her amazing treatments for me to write a review on. We met up and I have to say Faye is the loveliest lady.  We have a fair bit in common in that we both run our own businesses so we got chatting straight away. Learning about all the treatments she offered was actually facninating.  We decided that I would have a HydraFacial as I love to have glowing skin, and this should hopefully help with the hormonal outbreaks too.  It is a 6 stage process that takes about 50 mins in total which includes cleansing, resurfacing, exfoliation, extraction and hydrating.  I should probably say at this point that I have never had any type of ‘resurfacing’ on my face before so this was going to be a very new experience.  But Faye was very reassuring and absolutely knows her stuff so I felt safe in her hands and despite it’s use of glycolic and salicylic acids, the HydraFacial is really gentle.

The actual process was totally fine.  I would not say that it is a particularly relaxing facial, but it was not painful, or uncomfortable, just a bit different.  The extraction part is so cool.  It’s basically a like a little hoover going over your face and sucking up all the dirt, dead skin and…even some blackheads…I know it’s gross but I’m very happy for them to be off my face and for my skin to be clearer.

It also turns out that the Hydra Facial has quite a celebrity following.  Melanie Sykes, Kate Winslet and Paris Hilton are to name a few.  Where have I been?

So what was the end result like?  Well I have to say I really did notice a difference.  I think it would be difficult not to.  The picture below, (with no filter at all…aren’t you lucky?) shows before on the left and then the day after on the right. I felt I had clearer, plumper skin, that really glowed. It felt so soft as well.  I kept stroking my face.  A few days after my chin did get a bit dry but I think that is quite normal, and a bit of intense moisturisation sorted that out.  I will definitely be having another one and love the idea of giving my face a really deep clean every 4 weeks or so.  I think there are a few different options if you were interested in trying yourself, but I would really recommend it if you are at all curious.

My week

Well, I’m currently writing this in Morzine as I am enjoying a week of skiing with the family.  It’s the first time we have taken the kids and they are nearly as good as me after only 3 days.  Kids pick it up so quickly!! I just think it is hilarious seeing my little 7 year old bombing it down the slopes.  I have to say my mummy fear kicks in a bit.  So worried they are going to get over confident and break a bone ?.  But what’s really nice is that they have ski school each afternoon and so they are learning more each day and it gives me and the hubby a chance to ski together child free which is a real treat.  Got a feeling we might be coming back. It’s a really lovely family holiday which is suitable for all the ages of our 3 and is something we can hopefully do with them for many years to come.














It’s also great to have a week off work.  Fine Styling is as busy as ever and in fact I’m pretty much fully booked until May now with only a couple of dates available, so if you were thinking about a spring wardrobe edit or shopping trip…get in touch soon.

Have a great week.