In the Purple

So every year…there is a colour of the year.  Don’t ask me who decides this because I’m really not sure, but it’s a good bit of style  info to keep under your hat for that moment for when you start to notice that the shops suddenly have A LOT more purple dotted around.  It also means by telling you this, I’m giving you the opportunity to be ahead of the pack and purchase something on trend before it really becomes a thing! How about that for a hot bit of fashion news?

SS18 catwalks shows from Joseph and Victoria Beckham had head to toe lilac, and periwinkle layered over Parma Violet as just a couple of the purple inspired colourways.

For me, bright purple sits right in the middle of the spring colours which are what suit me best, so could not be more pleased.  But in all honesty it’s not been a colour that I naturally gravitate towards, and I don’t actually know why not, because now that I have this jumper I really rather like like it!


And when you think about it, you don’t actually see purple being worn very much. My theory on this is that it’s a bit of a scary colour, or maybe it’s just that it was last on trend in the 90’s? But what better way to cure the January blues with a lavender shirt or some blackberry hued shoes?


When I went hunting for ultra violet (technical term for the colour of the year) last week, I have to say there was not an awful lot around.  In H&M where I got the jumper I am wearing in these pictures they had about 5 things, which is not much in a shop that is FULL of clothes.  But this supports my suggestion at the start about being slightly ahead of the trend, which is *maybe* quite exciting. Well, for a Personal Stylist it is.

So having been a bit unsure about purple I have had a bit of a play with this jumper at home and have released that it does in fact look really really good with a number of other bright colours.  Not quite as good as navy which goes with everything, but…how about a pop of red lipstick and a red bag? Or purple and yellow to really brighten up your day?  But my favorite is how well it goes with black.  It’s classy and really quite chic don’t you think?

So I actually think that it is quite versatile. And of course if it still scares you, you can always just give a nod to the trend and buy a necklace or earrings in this colour to update your wardrobe.

Purple Edit

And to save you the time, I have had a hunt online for some purple items and present to you my shortlist.

This Knotted dress from & Other Stories would look fab with a black polo neck and black tights underneath.


A change to the usual black or navy coat, what about this lavender one (great for summer colours) from Ganni?  It’s currently in the sale with size 12 left.

Or this darker, (and easier on the purse) purple coat from M&S?


M&S have also got a dark purple cashmere jumper that is new in.


And some purple leather gloves if you were looking for something a bit less of a purple statement.

In Mango, and if you are really brave they have this bright and rather gorgeous purple biker jacket new in.  Not for me but on the right person this would look knock out.


Mango also have a purple dress, which I personally feel would need a belt of some sort to give it some proper shape.

Finally, and for a bit of fun, how cool are these Thierry Lasry sunnies?  Of course I have no idea how they would actually look on but I reckon they would be the accessory of the season!


Well, I think it’s fair to say that the school routine has been a bit of a shock to the system. Getting up at 6.30am last week for the first time in 2 weeks was quite frankly grim.  It’s soooo cold outside and my bed is soooo warm.  There have been a few frayed tempers as trying to get everyone from A-B on time!  Holidays are a lot less stressful and that is a fact.  But I know my kids were getting bored and I really needed some time to be on my own again.  Going back to work has been amazing, no problem there. Started off the year with a fantastic male shopping trip, the direct result of which has been a booking from my first high profile client.  MEGA exciting!  I have also done a further 3 brillant wardrobe edits.  So this week has really highlighted to me that being a mum is the hardest job in the world but the flip side is that my other job is ace so at least I have that to concentrate on sometimes when Motherhood seems to be a bit more challenging than usual.

It’s also just dawned on me that I have 4 workshops/presentations coming up end Jan/beginning Feb that I really need to prepare for, so I am going to focus my time next week getting ahead with those tasks. I’ve now sorted out my working week so that I have 3 long clear days to book in clients, and then 2 days to sort out stuff at home, and catch up on the admin.  I’m hoping that it will make me feel like I’m a bit more organised.  Having said that…next week I’m working 4 days.  But there will always be exceptional weeks I guess, but if I try and stick to 3 days in the main I think this will be a really good thing

I have also spent time this week setting my 2018 goals.  Anyone else done that? Wow, scary but pretty amazing too. I’ve not held back…just hope that 2018 delivers.  Got a very good feeling that it will :).

Last thing I promise…this is the last week you can vote me in the SO Magazine Lifestyle Awards.  I have been nominated for “Style Champion” and would love your vote.  Just click on the link, add your name and email, check by my name and scroll down to submit.  Takes 5 seconds.  Thank you so so much. ?

Have a great week.