LFW 17 – My Experience

Pinch me, and pinch me again because last week I spent Sat, Sun and Mon at London Fashion Week. Yep, little old me, 41 mother of 3.  But do you know what?  I think I might have just pulled the whole thing off having risen to the challenge of fitting in with the spectacle that sees designers showcase their next season collections.  It was all about SS18, which seemed slightly strange as we are only just into AW17, but that’s the way fashion works…one season ahead and if you snooze you loose.

This may not come as any surprise but I have to tell you that I loved every minute of it.  The backstage reporting, the #frow catwalk watching, the interviewing of designers, the bonding with my fellow stylist friends, the outfit picking, the goody bags, the celeb spotting, being backstage working as a dresser and most importantly the clothes.  And I would never have been there if it was not for the amazing London College of Style who gave me the opportunity to get involved.


This last week has lit an even bigger fire inside of me.  It’s been career changing…not because I nessesarily want to work as a Stylist at fashion shows as I simply adore the one to one work that I do, but it has made me realise that this is actually happening.  It’s no longer the case that I am seeing how I get on or trying it out, I know that this is my career now and I could not be more excited.



There seems to be opportunity everywhere if you work hard and put yourself out there. I’ve just floated along up until now.  Not really knowing what I wanted to do at uni, or as a job when I graduated.  Then the kiddies came along which was amazing…as I did know I wanted to be a mummy, but they are more self sufficient now and I have the time to really pursue something.  This is it. It feels like this is my time. Take this picture of me with designer Paul Costelloe.  It was taken on day 3 with only a few hours sleep and no make up (as we were not allowed) but that smile, which I did not realise I was pulling is the perfect illustration of the excitement I am talking about.  I’m like a kid who has just been brought the best lollipop in the shop. So happy to be there, living the dream.

Being asked to report backstage and then interviewing Shivang Dhruva just before his House of MEA SS18 show was incredible.  The buzz back stage is electric and just to watch everything that was going on around us was fascinating.

The whole time I was there I was working with 3 other lovely stylists who did the same course as me and it was just the best to share the experience with them.  We got some awesome #frow snaps and being that close to the show was just ace. These girls, Charlotte Broadbent, Claire McNestry and Monica Huaza are all very successful Stylists in their own right and sharing our business journey together makes the whole thing so much more fun.  Plus having someone to call when we need a bit of help or support with something is just a godsend.

But getting back to when I was a stylist backstage at the Paul Costello SS18 show.  Such a highlight because the whole team were great.  Really organised, BEAUTIFUL clothes, cooperative models and just a very realaxed atmosphere. I know that not all fashion shows are like this backstage but I’m really pleased that my first experience was so memorable.

I feel much more equipt to talk about up coming fashion trends now and have met and made lots of new friends along the way. Oh and the venue, the Waldorf Hilton was stunning.  Hopefully the pictures that I have added to this post will give you some idea.

I took me a couple of days afterwards to feel human again…I think it was probably adrenaline withdrawal. Plus doing the school run in the rain on Monday afternoon was particularly hard but it was all TOTALLY worth it.

Back to normal with a ‘favourite buys for autumn so far’ post next week.

Fleur xxx