London Fashion Week: Sep 18

Hello…I’ve been a little bit busy since I last posted, mostly getting involved in London Fashion Week which is held twice a year in Sep and Feb to give designers an opportunity to showcase their upcoming collections.  So the London Fashion Week that has just gone, (last weekend) saw Spring/Summer 19 fill the catwalks and give an insight into the upcoming trends of next year.

As a Personal Stylist most of my work is one to one with clients and is a completely different side of the fashion industry to the glitz and glamour of high profile fashion shows,  but that is one of the reasons I love to get involved in LFW.  It allows me to dip my toes into a world that truly does excite me, work with world class teams, gain valuable experience and network within influential circles. I also get to see the clothes up close which I absolutely love as you can see the detail and workmanship that goes into them.

This year I was lucky enough to work backstage on two very high profile shows.  The London College of Style has the most amazing industry connections because both of these opportunities came through them and  I know they are like gold dust.  Both were incredible experiences and both quite different. Let me tell you a bit more about each :).

Jullian McDonald was the first show I worked on.  It was held in the most beautiful church on the corner of Hyde Park and was to take place at 9pm on the Saturday evening.  Already you can hopefully imagine the atmosphere and ambiance of this location and timing.  It all added to the drama of the show.  Backstage was buzzing.  As soon as I got there I felt such an energy in the air.  The music was loud and there were lots of people.  To put on a show like this takes an army really.  All the hair and make up team, security, Julian McDonald staff getting all the clothes ready, the models, press, photographers and of course the vitally important dressers, of whom I was one.

So imagine how I felt when I was told I would be dressing Izabel Goulart (world famous super model) along with my colleague Patsy who is also a grad from London College of Style?  It was pretty exciting but I think one of the most important attributes of a dresser is to actaully stay calm and composed because when you have a matter of minutes to do an outfit change, panicking will just make everything take much longer.  The dresses in the show and particularly the ones that Izabel was wearing were like nothing I have ever seen before.  Absolutely stunning. But they were extremely delicate and had intricate details, hundreds of hook and eyes and are fitted to be super snug on the model. Factor in high heels, the need for speed and a room that is getting increasing hotter and you can understand how the adrenaline gets going.

BUT… I absolutely loved every minute of this show.  I still can’t believe that I was dressing Izabel who looked sensational on the catwalk as she strutted her stuff in front of a high profile audience and the worlds media. It was the most incredible show to be part of.

Paul Costelloe was the second show that I worked on.  Having dressed for him last autumn I was super keen to work with him and his team again, and was even more delighted when I got the role of lead dresser.  Having not done this before I knew that it would be a challenge, but I was totally up for it and saw it as another incredible opportunity to develop my skills.  Paul and his team which include is grown up children are so lovely.  Very welcoming and grateful for the help that the team of 20 London College of Style dressers provided. Paul himself said that dressers are absolutely vital to the success of a catwalk show.

The show took place in the LFW show space at 180 The Strand in London.  The call time was 6.30am (which meant a 4.40am alarm for me) on a Monday morning, but I woke up feeling excited which made it a lot easier to get out of bed. London is v quiet at that time!


Once there, I found my contacts Pauline (picture below) and Addie and got briefed on what needed to be done.  I then went round and introduced myself to as many of the dressers as I could before we quickly got working to bring in equipment and goodbag fillers from the van.  We then made up 240 goody bags to go onto the FROW for the two shows. After this came the job of assigning models to dressers and making sure that each dresser knew exactly what they were doing, where to find the clothes and what order the outfits were in.

My model was the beautiful Bing Bing who had to get in and out of a beautiful blue linen dress which had such a tight waist.  It took 3 of us to gently wiggle it down over her head and body being careful of her hair and make up.  The second outfit change involved, (turquoise) latex knickers, which with heels on made it a bit tricky but we managed it all in good time which was great.

Paul’s collections are beautiful.  The fabric, the cut and the design create a very feminine feel, but the heels and latex add in a bit of sexiness too.

Again I loved every minute of this experience. So good to be part of a team and feel like you have added some value. Addie from Paul Costelloe told me that this group of dressers had been the best ones yet :).  That made me very happy.

I’m sad that it is all over but have been straight back into my personal styling clients having seen two already this week with one more to go on Friday.  Something that still completely surprises me is how varied the role of Stylist can be and how many different options there are open to me within my business. I know one thing for sure, studying at The London College of Style was probably the best decision I ever made.  They are so supportive and continue to give me the best opportunities nearly 2 years after I graduated.

This weekend I am looking forward to a lush night out with very special friends on Saturday and next week I have a little trip away  as well which is well needed for sure.

Have a great week.