M&S Autumn 17 Edit

Ahhhh, we are into the home stretch with school for all 3 of mine starting back next Monday.  And if I’m being totally honest I am really looking forward to getting back into our routine.  Yes I will miss the lazy mornings and I have enjoyed the lack of homework and not having to drive up and down my road 100 times a day in my role as ‘mum taxi’ but I am a creature of habit and I like routine.  I have also got so many ideas in my head for the business but I need time to work on them.  Time I just don’t have during the summer, so  I have organised after school club for the children one day a week so that I have a little bit more time during school terms.  It’s going to be a dedicated day for trips into London or working with clients who are a bit further a field.  I’m really pleased and quite excited about this arrangement as it takes a bit of stress out of being able to fit it all in as the school day literally zooms by.  It also feels like the next step of commitment re the Styling.  Getting actual regular childcare each week rather than relying on my mum or play dates is good!

I’m also feeling a bit of relief that we are into a new week as last week was ridiculous.  My laptop got completely written off due to my middle daughter throwing a glass of milk over it. ?The same day I got forced into the verge down a country lane when a guy came zooming the other way, but as a consequence my front tyre got ripped and we, (that’s me and all 3 children) were stranded.  Quick call to the husband…no RAC so I had to sort all that out, join on the spot and wait for 2 hours until we got help.  Finally arrived home that day 5 hours later!! I was also having to prepare for a full family visit over the bank holiday weekend. Which was actually lovely but the prep for that just seemed a bit overwhelming with everything else that had gone on.

Anyway, the silver lining to all of that is that I am currently typing this on my new iPad Pro…which I have to say is awesome.  Like 100 times better than a laptop.  I just need to re-create my work expenses spreadsheet ? and a few other work docs that have been lost.  And yes before anyone asks the first thing I did was set up some cloud storage.  Won’t be caught out like that again!!

So, onto the subject of clothes.  I thought it would be useful to take you through my favourite new pieces in M&S as lots of gorgeous autumn items are up on the website and in stores now, and this is a shop that I have championed a bit last season.  I have a slight soft spot for them for a number of reasons.  Firstly, there are some total gems in M&S, you just need to pointed in the right direction, which I hope this blog post will do for you.  Secondly,  I actually applude their efforts to become a bit more ‘cool’ and give fashion lovers some choice as well as their main cohort of loyal customers which are, how should we say it, mostly in the golden years of life.  Unless you are looking for some new knickers of course.  I have always gone to M&S for new knickers. Finally, I respect that they have kept their prices down.  They are in fact really good value and in terms taking my clients there in over the last season it has always been successful in that we find items that they are super pleased with and which do not take up a significant chunk of their shopping budget. Win win!

So here is my Autumn 17 M&S Edit

This dress is simply beautiful.  Interestingly it looks nothing special at all on the website but I spotted this picture on their instagram this morning and absolutely love the way they have styled it here.  The roll neck underneath looks super stylish and also gives it a more casual feel making it something that you could definitely wear daytime.  I actually really like it without as well as it is quite low cut and as someone with hardly any chest, it is the sort of neckline that suits me. Again add a denim or leather jacket, trainers or ankle boots (flat) and you have a very stylish outfit.  PS: Velvet is going to be big this season so it ticks that box.





















Another dress and this one totally caught my eye as I think it looks like something Victoria Beckham would have in her collection.  I think this is thanks to it’s simple but very elegant design, and also because of the aysemtrical hem line which is a bit different but creates stunning proportion.  I also love the colour.  Yes it’s a bold statement, but red is great for autumn and is a colour that is set to be again very on trend this season. The cut looks very flattering as well with nice length on the sleeves and a waist rather than tunic style.




















No surprises that I have picked out something leopard print here, but I honestly think that a good jacket like this is a total capsule wardrobe staple.  I got myself one last year.  It took me a long time to find the one that I knew was right for me, and I would recommend you to do the same, but now that I have it, I absolutely love it.  It basically brings a whole outfit to life.  It’s a bit of fun and as I’ve said before leopard print just never goes out of fashion.  This one at M&S looks lovely.  I’ve not tried it on so any feedback from those who have would be ace. But I think it’s worth a second look if you are in the market for a new going out coat. I like the style of it, the particalar leopard pattern looks stylish (some are so cheap looking and it’s really hard to describe what makes a cheap looking leopard print pattern but hopefully you kind of know what I am saying.  Clear as mud?) and the length of it is good too.  Price is great as expected.




















I was so excited to see this jumper online.  Mostly because it so much like my cashmere jumper with stars that I have had for a couple of years now and ALWAYS get comments on it.  Feels like I can suggest a true alternative here.  The best bit is that this is also cashmere but with a price tag just over £100 it is such a great buy.  Not a huge amount of size selection left on the website (from 12 upwards I think) so get in there quick if you like this as much as me.





















More Victoria Beckham inspired loveliness, but this time in the form of shoes.  You may have seen Victoria in her pair of white heels, and these, whilst not a total rip off, are close enough to give them a real designer feel about them.  I’m very tempted to go in and try these beauts on for size and comfort. Can you tell yet that VB is one of my favourite designers?
















I also had to mention this beautiful top which I did try on a couple of weeks ago.  I loved it, the colour being one of the most beautiful aspects of this top.  It’s a ‘tucker iner’ though so don’t be tempted to leave it out as the length on it is quite awkward in that is finishes right across the widest part of your hips, thus highlighting it!  No one wants that. If you are an autumn colouring, this top is perfect.

















Finally, back to a dress, and this time a shirt dress. Beautiful navy colour, great length, (I always find that shirt dress come up short on me but this one looks great) and a really lovely bit of detailing on the sleeve.  Wear now or into the autumn and winter with boots and jacket. I would suggest wearing it with a couple of buttons undone at the top.  This would just break up the colour block and I would probably get a bright bit of lipped on or a bright bag too.


















My week in outfits

So to be honest, my outfits this week have not been too exciting. Although I did rather love having the hot spell over the bank holiday.  It meant that I got a little bit more wear out of my summer dresses and shorts.   I did, however go to a party on Sat night and wore my favourite Reiss dress, (pic 2) and then yesterday we went on an evening trip to Whistable to have a family photo shoot done and I decided to wear my new season Hush dress for the first time, (pic 1).  When it first arrived I tried it on there and then and was very happy to keep it as I loved the fabric and fit.  But it was only when I put it on again and got a few photos in it that I think I really appreciated how lovely it actually is.  The pattern is in fact little gold arrows that catch the light beautifully and the fabric is super flattering with a really lovely drape that does not cling.  I think this is going to be something I wear and wear into the autumn and winter.  I could have brought so much more at Hush too so would recommend taking a look at their new collection. I also tried on what I predict to be this year’s Monsoon ‘sell out’ blouse (pic 3).  LOVED it! And finally wore a classic red stripy top and jeans combo, (pic 4) last week on the dreaded laptop and tyre day.






Right that’s enough from me. Have a great week Fine Stylers.

Fleur xxx