My Beautiful Client Kerri

It’s been a while…and I’ve missed jotting down my thoughts to you all on the blog.  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind during the last couple of months with work making it tricky to find the time to sit down for long enough and write you a blog. It’s been amazing and I have loved having a full diary but the good news is that things are starting to slow down a bit for summer so hopefully I’ll be able to write with more frequency over the upcoming 6 weeks or so. 

So, this blog is the first of 4 very special client focused posts.  You may remember that a few weeks ago I organised a photoshoot day with 4 beautiful ladies who I have had the pleasure of working with.  The reason I wanted to do this was primarily to give the ladies a really special day, and for them to go away feeling even more stylish and beautiful.  There is something very powerful about bringing women together to lift each other up and the day we had together definitely achieved this. 


As you may know I work with the talented Clair from Flashbang Photos on a regular basis and she has a great little studio in her house which was the perfect venue to hold our photoshoot day. I also asked my lovely friend Sarah who runs The Peacock Rooms in Sevenoaks to do makeup and Terri from Kent Bridal Hair to style hair. Then each of the ladies brought 3 outfits from our shopping trips together and on the day we had so much fun picking out which ones to wear.  

The Dream Team ??


I made them all my famous banana and dark chocolate flapjacks to nibble on as they were getting ready and then a buffet lunch to enjoy once all the photos were taken.  It was seriously one of the best days for me since starting Fine Styling.  I left on such a high and it lasted days.  These women each have such amazing stories of things and events in their life which they have had to overcome making their reasons for working with a Stylist all very different. What I learnt on that day was just how deeply my work can touch. It was emosh to say the least, but without doubt this is what makes me get up every day and do the best job I possibly can. 


First up is Kerri.  I met Kerri a while back at a Stella and Dot party and then about a year ago we bumped into each other at the vet when she mentioned that she was leaving her corporate job at the end of the year to pursue a new career as a Pilates teacher ( check out her website Apogee Pilates) and wanted to book in a wardrobe edit and shop to help her get out of the professional uniform she had been wearing for years and develop a smart/casual style to fit with her new venture. 


I know Kerri won’t mind me telling you that the biggest reason for her shift in careers was due to the fact that she is currently in remission from Thyroid cancer and the experience of dealing with that and going through all the treatment just put everything into perspective for her.  And what I love so much about Kerri is the gratitude that she shows for each and every day.  It does not matter particularly what has happened in that day…it could be something really special or it could just be school runs and dog walks but she loves it.  She is essentially grateful to be alive, and that has to be the silver lining to such a traumatic time dealing with a cancer diagnoses. When Kerri smiles (as she does in the little video clip) you can see it is totally genuine.  She lights up a room. So you can imagine, working with Kerri has been a total joy.  Such an inspiration to me and many others.


Here is what she had to say about her experience of being styled by me. 



In other news…you may have been aware that I recently spent the weekend in Ibiza.  It’s one of my most favorite places.  I try and go every year and as soon as the plane touches down I love the chilled and fun vibe that you get.  The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed 3 days relaxing on a sun lounger and then getting all dressed up for our girly nights out too. Planning outfits was so much fun in the run up to the holiday and I felt so happy with my choices in the end.  Here are a couple.  The silver mini was something that I brought from Zara on a complete ‘maybe I can still do a short skirt’ whim and ended up loving it.

The red Rixo dress is literally my favourite dress of all my dresses.  I love everything about it, and it was perfect for our final night out. One tip for anybody going to ibiza, it’s totally fine to wear flats the whole time even when out, and doing this allowed me to stay on my feet a lot longer.


I just wish that my trip to Ibiza was not over already.  Trying to work out how I can get there again before the season ends…

Have a great week.