My Favourite Spring Beauty Buys

I wanted to write a blog post to share with you a few firm favorites in my make-up bag.  Spring is a time when new season clothes start appearing in the shops (more on that shortly) and it’s also a great time to give your make-up a bit of a refresh too.   As part of my job I get to talk to a lot of people that know vast amounts about beauty and make-up and so over the last few months I have collected some key items that I think are worth talking about as they have made a big difference to me and how I wear my make up. It’s easy to spend a fortune on products promising this and that and to be completely overwhelmed by the choices, mistake buys most certainly happen to me as well but to have a few recommendations can make it all seem a bit easier.  There is nothing like a new bit of make-up to give your confidence a boost, so whether you only wear it occasionally and are looking for an update, or you are a lover of lashes and lipsticks like me the following items will hopefully be of interest and helpful.

By Terry: Cellularose Moisturising CC Cream

So this is described as a multi-tasking sheer tinted cream and in my opinion is basically the most devine tinted moisturiser.  I don’t really like foundation.  It’s too heavy on my skin and I think it ages me more than it perfects me, so I don’t really wear it that much at all.  When I tried this cream it literally blended so smoothly into my skin that you hardly know it was there…except for the fact that it it expertly evens out skin tone leaving you with a smooth but perfectly blended base.  The finish is very natural and does not feel heavy on my skin at all. I could not rate this more highly as a go to base for people like me who need and want a little bit of coverage but don’t get on with anything too heavy. It comes in 4 shades so it’s really easy to work out which one you are too.  Not one of the cheapest face creams on the market at £57 but my advice would be to wait for a Space NK promotion (they often do money off offers) and treat yourself then.











Kevin Aucoin: The Celestial Skin Lighting Liquid in Candlelight

I talk a lot about glowing skin and whilst I firmly believe that a good skincare regime is essential for this, there is nothing wrong with using a product to enhance all the hard work you are putting in behind the scenes.  Getting the right level of glow can be tricky.  It’s a very fine balance between looking fresh faced and healthy and just a bit oily or sweaty.  This product may seen like a non essential addition to you make-up bag but I have come to absolutely love it.  A little bit goes a long way and I mostly use it by applying a small amount to my cheeks, forehead and chin after the CC cream. You can also wear it it under your foundation or tinted moisturiser.  It’s has a gel like formulation and is gold in colour so looks and feels luxurious.  Blends in beautifully too. If you go into Space NK and ask for a sample they will be more than happy to give you a little bit to try so you can see if you like the look of it on your skin.  This is just what I did so I knew that I loved it before I asked for it as my Mother’s Day present.












By Terry Ligne Blackstar eyeliner

I have tried LOTS of black eyeliners and what I really want is one that dries quickly so as not to transfer to my upper lid, has the longevity to last all day and is easy to apply.  This eyeliner ticks every single box.  It’s a liquid liner in a pen shape application so you can literally draw it on.  I tend to ‘dot’ it on across the lashline and then join up the dots as I draw along for a second time.  This helps you to get really close to the lashline and it also prevents any dragging.  Eyeliners always work better when applied to a ‘prepped lid’ (see below) but I can recommend this one totally.  Yes it costs more than your average eyeliner but in all honesty I think it is worth the money.  Get those eyeliner flicks on girls!!












Maybelline eye shadow 24 hour tattoo

One of the cheapest but best items in my make up kit.  I use it as a base to all my eye make-up which helps my make-up stay in place so much better.  The eyelid is one of the oiliest parts of your face and unfortunately oil does not work well with make up as it tends to encourage that beautiful eye-make up you have taken ages to apply, to slide off your face.  Yep, I know you have probably been there when half way through a night out you venture to the toilets to see panda eyes…me too.  But taking the time to prep the eye with a bit of translucent powder after your foundation or tinted moisturiser and then a neutral eye shadow base like this Maybelline one to ‘set’ the eye and create the best canvas possible for eye shadow will really help.  I got mine in Superdrug or Boots and it cost me something like £5.00.












Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

Beautiful powder that is super easy to apply and gives skin a real radiance.  Once applied this feels like silk on your face and it diffuses the way light reflects on your skin creating a super flattering effect. It’s very clever.  I love this powder and use it every day.











New CID Eye Groom Eyebrow Pencil

Finally, I have to recommend to you a fantastic eye-brow pencil.  Comes in one colour that suits everyone, and I know a variety of people who have it all with different eye brow colours and it is great.   One end there is a comb to tame and the other end there is the wind up slanted pencil.  Draw on mimicking your own eye brow hair and fill in where necessary to give shape and definition.  Even if you don’t really ‘do’ your brows a little bit of this will make a big difference and as the saying goes it will be, the icing on the cake.  Once used and tried you will wonder how you managed without it.











So the next blog post I am planning is my selection of the spring collections that are now filtering through into shops and online.  There is so much that I want, and I am frequently having to remind myself that I am very much trying to follow the mantra of buying better and buying less.  But I literally can’t wait for the weather to warm up.  I’m totally fed up of freezing temperatures and spending too much time indoors, that I am counting the days down until a girlie trip away in 13 and a bit weeks time…I need some sun! We are at least into March now.  The days are getting longer and in my mind we are officially in spring…think I’ll treat myself to a bunch of spring blooms tomorrow to celebrate.