My Inspirational Women for IWD

In years gone by I’ve not really paid much attention to International Women’s Day.  It just felt like another titled day amoungst so many, but this year I feel quite moved and touched by all the IWD activities, celebrations and acknowledgements.  And I think the reason for this is because as time goes on I just have a much greater appreciation of everything that women go through and do. Basically we are all superstars ⭐️.   I also feel that since I have started Fine Styling I have found my tribe. Sounds a cliche to say it but I come into contact with a lot of women doing what I do and each and everyone of them has a story, experiences and ultimately strength.  I am very much inspired by them all and feel privileged always to be part of their journey. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, witnessing my clients with their transformations and progress gives me huge reward and I see first hand how embracing style and clothes to give confidence and make a statement to the world can categorically change lives. Embracing curves, increasing body positively, facing insecurities, accepting ourselves and ultimately loving ourselves.  Hugely powerful stuff. I think it’s fair to say that girls can do anything!!

So I wanted to mark IWD myself this year by writing about 3 very special women in my life and telling you why they inspire me every day.


First up is my long time and very special pal Lorna.  We met at university nearly 21 years ago and through that time we have laughed, cried, celebrated, grieved, supported and loved.  Lorna is the pal I watched every episode of SATC with during our 3rd and 4th years at Uni :).  She knows me inside out and no matter how much time goes by in between visits we click straight back into things whenever we meet up.  Always relaxed, always fun. But the very special thing about Lorna is that she has been through so much in those 21 years including losing her father, health issues and the usual superwoman status of managing 3 children at the same time as working as a full time midwife for the NHS.  And YET…she achieves so much.  Her dream was to always become a Lecturer of Midwifery and earlier this year she secured that role at the University of Brighton.  She starts in a few weeks and I could not be more proud of her.  I love her to bits and could not have got through my 20’s, 30’s and now 40’s without her.


Then I have my local friend Zoe.  Some of you may have seen Zoe as I spent last weekend with her in New York.  We met 8 years ago nearly and bonded straight away as we had both recently, (at that time) lost our dads.  Zoe is phenomenal at what she does, which is sales for LinkedIn and it’s not hard to see why as soon as you meet her.  She pays everyone attention and has a smile that lights up the room. She makes me laugh until my tummy hurts and we absolutely love doing the same things.  3 x make-overs for 3 x nights in New York anyone??  But we can also talk together on a much deeper level and there is not many people I feel comfortable enough to do that with.  Zoe has been a champion of Fine Styling right from the start and basically mentors me whenever I need it. But the extraordinary thing about Zoe is that 2 years ago she was about 30 seconds away from losing her life as a result of very serious complications after the birth of her second child.  When something like that happens I think it 100% changes you as a person and it can make you or break you.  For Zoe it has made her.  She is stronger and appreciates life much more and I find that so unbelievably inspiring. She is my rock and I am so thankful our paths crossed.


Finally, I wanted to tell you about my friend Charlotte. We trained together as Stylists at the London College of Style back in 2016 and she has been a huge support to me ever since. It’s a special kind of friendship when you meet someone as you are going through a complete career change and they are doing the same.  She is stunningly beautiful, uber glam and wears bright colours like no one else I have ever met but she is one of the kindest most thoughtful people I know. She is hugely inspiring as she is a fantastic stylist and doing so many amazing things as she grows her business. Having someone in the same line of work as you to call up and chat to about new challenges, scary out of comfort zone situations and also to celebrate achievements with is so so valuable.  And like everyone she also has a lot to deal with behind the scences to make things work but somehow she does just that. And…comes out with things so hilarious at times, mostly because she’ll say what everyone else is thinking that I have howled with laughter on more than one occasion when I am in her presence.

Wow, I have totally loved writing about these 3 special women.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about them just as much. And if you are reading this then know that I am hugely grateful for your support. ❤️  Enjoy today and be kind to yourselves always.