My Occasion Wear Edit

The summer event, whether that be a wedding, christening, party or similar…can be pretty daunting when you start thinking about what to wear.  I realise I am a total geek in these scenarios and plan months ahead if it’s a super special occasion, but I appreciate that I am not the norm here, and panic shopping with a week to go is more likely the case.  I think the reason why it can be tricky is because there is pressure to actually be successful and come home with something, but also because there is more to think about than just a dress.  There are the shoes and accessories too.  I also like to be a little bit different.  Find something no one else will have, but perhaps hardest of all it has to have a bit of wow factor…I don’t do average.  Impossible?  Nah…you got this.  Let me give you a few tips and suggestions which I hope will help.

So my first tip is to do your research.  And the very fact that you are reading my blog post means that you are already doing this…yay!  But partaking in a bit of online window shopping is extremely helpful.  From this you can make a list of anything that catches your eye and then before you know it you have a shopping trip plan.  It makes so much sense to know where you are going and what you are looking for on the actual shopping day rather than wondering around hoping that something magical will jump out at you…but not really knowing what that is or what it looks like.

My second tip is to work out your budget in advance.  Again this will help you narrow down your options and hopefully there will be less chance of  you falling in love with something that is way out of your price range…which will only lead to heartbreak.  With a budget in mind you can research within the shops that will cater for the amount you have to spend.

And I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, work out your body shape and shop the styles which you know will suit you. I’ve written a previous blogpost on body shape which I hope will be helpful, but again a bit of internet research will help with this too.  Shopping for your body shape will give you a much higher chance of success and help you dismiss items that are not right for you.  I recently saw a beautiful dress in the sale that caught my eye, but I did not even try it on as once I pulled it out of the rail I could see it was a tunic shape which I know does nothing for my shape.  It was hard to put it back, but I know that being aware of my shape stopped me from making a sale purchase mistake which a few years ago I’m pretty sure I would have fallen foul to.

So what is on my occasion wear shortlist?

First up is this dress from a favourite brand of mine Self Portrait.  These guys are famous for their lace creations and their dresses are beautiful.  They are well made, and I think they are actually relatively good value for money.  I know they are an investment, but to me this is worth it.  I think the chances of someone else wearing this are slim and it rates very high in the style stakes for me.  That deconstructed neckline with one shoulder on show is perfection. It has all the detail on top (so not so great for the larger busted lady) and has a nipped in waist and a-line skirt so for hourglass, pear and slender this is a very good shape.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this.









Another favourite brand of mine is Rixo.  I have a couple of dresses from Rixo and I have been super pleased with them.  They are again very well made, beautifully cut and have the most amazing patterns on, a lot of which had been hand painted by the designers themselves. This dress caught my eye because I think the neckline, (deep v) and hemline (dipped at the back) are very flattering features.  It also has button detail on the waist and sleeves which I know is an important consideration to some. Big thumbs up for the shoes as well 🙂








I have a bit of a soft spot for this next brand Beulah because this is where I got my 10th wedding anniversary dress from which I felt like a total princess in.  This is a British designer duo who ethically source and make all their clothes.  I love this jumpsuit for numerous reasons.  Firstly, I love jumpsuits full stop. Secondly, it is made from silk which makes me very happy because I think silk falls and hangs so beautifully and as a fabric for a special item it is perfect.  I also love the particular style of this jumpsuit.  It’s very DVF, the clash of patterns is clever the wide leg is super flattering (as long as it is the right length on you…just touching the floor). I’m going to end up wanting everything on my list at this rate!!








I also wanted to feature a brand that has actually been around for a while but who have upped their game a bit recently and have actually got some really beautiful dresses in their current collection.  Needle and Thread are worth a look but this is the dress that I have picked out as the one I think I would like to try/buy if I had an occasion to wear it.  If you take a close up look at it you’ll see that the detail is just stunning and although the price again is not something that you might spend everyday on a dress I think it is good value for the fact that you will get a wow factor dress.








Going back to the high street, this is my pick from Whistles who always produce a very good selection of dresses each year.  Lace and colour are a good combo in my book.  This dress is gives structure on the top half but skims over the bottom half. It would be easy to put some good shapewear on underneath if needed to further enhance the impact of this dress.






And something really budget friendly from & Other Stories which is fast becoming one of my go to shops.  This shop is a little bit different to the offerings from Zara and H&M and I would say a bit better quality too. This dress caught my eye as I like the design both at the from and the back.  I would wear a strapless bra with a clear back for this one.  Think big statement earrings and gorgeous metallic sandals to finish the look.









So I hope that gives you a few ideas.  A friend of mine actually requested this blog so if there is anything you would like me to blog about in particular do let me know.  I love to have suggestions.

This week I am in Norfolk with my little family.  It’s a lovely part of England and not too far away in terms of the journey here. We enjoyed a gorgeous couple of days at the beach over the weekend, and since then have been on lots of ‘blow away the cobwebs’ beach side walks with the puppy which has been a joy.  My husband was up at 7am yesterday playing Monopoly…total respect to him as I positively dislike that game and to be playing it at 7am is pretty special. He wins every time of course.  Maybe that is why he likes it?  We have also discovered the most amazing local gin.  I’m not a big drinker, but a Norfolk G & T every night has been going down a treat. It’s actually been really nice to laze around in the mornings with no rush to get dressed and the best thing about staying somewhere that is not your own house that that I don’t feel compelled to be doing jobs or chores the whole time.  I finished a book within 3 days and this is totally unheard of.   Looking forward to having my sister-in-law and family over for Easter and then back to normal on Tuesday with 2 out of my 3 back at school.

Ahhh…my nightly G&T has arrived so with that I’ll sign off and see you next week.  Happy Easter. xxx