My Story



I’ve finally come up for air after the Easter holidays, although I still have daughter number 1 off who does not return back until tomorrow! Actually, it’s been nice to have some time with just one child as it happens so rarely, but back to the proper routine in the morning. Not looking forward to the 6.30am alarm.  I guess I can’t really complain with a 3 day weekend coming up though.  We have very little planned so might try and get a bit of one to one time with daughter number 2.  Maybe a little trip to Bluewater is in order to check out what’s in store as I have quite a few shopping trips coming up in the next few weeks.  My middle daughter loves doing that with me as long as frozen yogurt is included at some point.

So this weeks blog is a bit of a new one for me because it’s a video. I know….pretty cool!   I hope you like it but slightly worried I waffled a bit, so do let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.   My plan is to make videos on all things style on a fairly regular basis now.  I took the plunge and invested in a new camera (Olympus Pen) as I love photos and my old camera, even though it was not that old, just did not work for me anymore.  For a start in order for me to use any of the photos I took on social media I had to download onto my laptop and then email to myself which of course I just could not be bothered to do when I had my phone. #ARCHAIC And I had no idea how to set up the camera to take outfit photos of myself, which the new one makes a breeze.  It also makes shooting a video super easy too…hence me trying it!  So basically I love it already and am really pleased that I decided to upgrade.  I think it will make all my content so much better.

But getting back to the video, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about me.  About what I have done  with my life so far and why I ended up becoming a Personal Stylist.  I try to express on a frequent basis how passionate I am about what I do, but some how, talking into a camera has given me another way to tell you.  You’ll also get to see that I have not always been super stylish myself and that I hope this period in my life gives me greater empathy when working with clients who feel they have lost their way as well. And I really don’t mind if you have a giggle at the photos because I can laugh at them too.

So without further a do….here it is.  Enjoy. xxx