Natural, Quick Drying, High Shine Nails…At Home!!


I love my nails to look nice and and for the last 18 months I have achieved this through a gel polish every 2 weeks.  It was quick, it lasted and I liked the high shine on them. I never used to be bothered about my nails as it was just a bit too expensive and time consuming.  But now with my work as a Stylist for a jewellery and beauty company, it’s important that my nails look good.  I’ve never been that successful in the past with filing my own nails into a shape or painting them without messing it up, but over the last couple of weeks I have come across a few products that I think might save me quite a bit of money because for the first time ever I’m now doing my own nails and they actually look really rather good.  Even if I do say so myself.

So the game changing product for me was a nail polish called Kure Bazaar.  It’s one of the new brands that Myshowcase (who I am a Stylist for) have taken on this season. I had never heard of it before but as soon as I started reading up about it I was immediately intrigued. It’s a Parisian brand created by Supermodel Karitika Luyet and already has a growing celebrity following.  The colour selection is very fashionable and current which totally adds to the appeal.

But why else is it so special? Firstly, it’s the first ever nail polish which is 85{d86016b3ed7f0c792fc12ef14b0663a5753720426066d216d275e59b791bc63b} natural.

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This automatically appeals to my non-chemical loving disposition, as whilst I was aware that gels might not be that good for me I was putting that to the back of my mind and trying to ignore it.  But since finding out about another potential option, I jumped at the chance to give it a try.  It also goes on really easily (I’m rubbish at painting my own nails normally) as it has a lovely consistency and so far I have got away with just one coat of colour which is a total bonus and saves huge amounts of time.  But the best thing is that it dries super quick.  I mean who has got an hour to sit down and wait for nails to dry?  Not me.  Kure Bazaar dries brilliantly. By the time you have finished one hand the first finger you painted is ready for a top coat.  And then you really only need to sit with a cup of tea and a magazine for about 15 mins before you are ready to go.  There is nothing more annoying than spending 30-40 mins doing your nails, to get up a bit too soon and smudge them, but this honestly is not a problem with this brand…unless you get up straight away.  It’s got a fantastic shine to it, so looks professional and lasts with a top coat for about 4/5 days. Granted it does not last as long a gels but by week 2 with gels the growth at the bottom is showing and I quite often find myself wanting a new colour at this point anyway. Given that this takes 30 mins start to finish, bottom coat, colour, top coat and drying it’s not actually too big a task to paint your nails a bit more often and ultimately takes the same time as gels which is an hour every 2 weeks by the time you have taken it of and re-painted.  I have been using the Kure Bazaar bottom and top coat and I really think this helps to make the polish last longer. If you already have a bottom and top coat then you can use this with the polish as well.












But nail maintenance at home is not just about painting nails successfully, it’s also about keeping the whole hand moisturised, looking after cuticles and filing.  I’m basically talking about a a home manicure.  For filing I have found a product that I would totally recommend.  In all honesty I don’t know why someone has not come up with this before.  Created by Tom Pellereau who won the Apprentice and so backed by Lord Sugar, I’m not the only one who is raving about these files; check out this review.

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What makes these files so different is their ‘S’ shape which is curved so that as you file upwards on both sides of your nail you are naturally shaping and rounding to the curve of the file.  It’s amazing.  I now have both the file and the buffer and really, really like them.  I found mine in Waitrose.

And to give yourself a manicure at home Kure Bazaar do a hand mask manicure set for £4 (so pretty much the cost of one coffee) which includes a pair of disposable gloves ready filled with a hand mask cream that you just wear for 10-15 mins, and whilst you can’t go on your phone with the gloves on you can do other things as the cream gets to work. Once it’s done you would push your cuticles back, trim if needed, file, wash your hands and then paint your nails.  I love this concept and think it makes taking care of your hands super easy.












So for a bit of fun, I’ve worked out that after my initial spend of around £70 for first coat, bottom coat, 2 colours, a Stylfile and 1 manicure set I’ll save £350 in a year.  This saving is also taking into account a further 1 manicure set per month. That’s a pretty significant amount.

So, I have to say, thanks to Kure Bazaar and Stylfile I am a home manicure convert…but I’m willing to bet that I won’t be the only one.