One Skirt Four Ways

I’m floating a little bit as I write this because the last couple of weeks a few things have happened which has made me stop and think a little bit about my journey with Fine Styling so far.  When you run your own business it’s mostly you working on your own.  For me I have regular contact and amazing feedback from my clients which has been brilliant and in all honesty it’s essential for me to be out and about meeting with people. I thrive on that contact so would find it very difficult to work at home on my own every day. But there is nobody to have a review with or a weekly team meeting with, so I just keep my head down and work hard at slowly but surely getting my business to where I want it to be.  Last week however, I went back to the London College of Style where I trained and met with Wendy who is the Director there to be part of a new promotional video that they are putting together.  It was over coffee that Wendy told me her impressions of my business having watched it grow from the start.  Needless to say I went home with butterflies in my tummy because she made me stop and reflect on how far I have come. Wendy was so complimentary and it was really really lovely to hear.  We also discussed some new work opportunities which I’m pinching myself about as they would be amazing for Fine Styling and it’s continued growth. Watch this space for sure.

Sevenoaks Town Council Business Award for Fine Styling

And then I also found out this week that I have been nominated for a Sevenoaks Town Council Business Award.  I can’t tell you what this means to me. To be in with a chance now of winning an award for my business which at the time of the awards ceremony will be just under a year old feels a little bit of a dream.  I just need to think about where I was this time last year…about to turn 40 still looking for the next step in my career, trying to decide what I should be doing and quite frankly getting myself tied up in knots about it all. Not in wildest dreams did I think that 7 months in I would have undertaken over 50 style sessions with a whole range of women, have very healthy dairy of bookings going into the next quarter and be up for a business award.  What can I say…I’m chuffed to bits. So if you are reading this and you have one way or another been part of the Fine Styling journey so far in whatever capacity, thank you. You know who you are.

In addition this week Clair Goble from Flashbang Photography is officially become the photographer for Fine Styling which is super exciting as we clicked right from the start and I think that it’s so important for the blog and for my social media channels to have material that is of a professional standard.  It’s a reflection on me and my brand and I’m just delighted that Clair has agreed to do shoots with me on a regular basis.  For anyone who feels they need a similar sort of thing, I recommend getting in touch as she is awesome.

Right onto the important stuff…clothes,  and the focus on this weeks blog which is to show you the merits of having a few key capsule pieces in your wardrobe as it allows you to create a number of different looks from a minimal amount of clothes. I’ve picked an off white a-line midi skirt from Marks and Spencer as my key item and I have style it 4 different ways to show you the potential it has with a little bit of imagination.

School run/shopping/Mummy Duties

So this outfit is basically an example of how you can wear this skirt during the daytime doing your normal activities. I’ve teamed the skirt with a casual t-shirt, which is darker for the contrast, a denim jacket to give it more of a casual feel and my current favourite ash metallic sandals. I felt very comfortable in the this outfit and did not feel over dressed at all.  BTW how gorgeous is this little farm shop in the centre of the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells?

Skirt: M&S

Denim jacket: Zara 

T-shirt: M&S now sold out

Sandels: Ash


BBQ/Garden Party

By changing my top to one which is a bit less casual and by adding a pop of colour on my feet with the Air & Grace espadrilles I have created a completely different outfit.  I love this strapless top from J Crew. It’s what I would call a ‘grown up’ boob tube.  It is not skin tight but fitted instead and in a beautiful poplin cotton. The skirt craves for tops to be tucked in so that the full length can be seen which gives the outfit proportion. It’s also the most amazing fit for pear, hourglass and slender shapes as it skims over the middle section beautifully.  And because of it’s length you can go to town with your shoes as they can be seen, adding a splash of colour and therefore some style personality like I have. I finished the looked with some bright blue tassel earrings from Stella and Dot.

Strapless top: J Crew

Espadrilles: Air and Grace (coming back into stock soon)

Bag: Stella & Dot

Earrings: Stella & Dot 

Out Out

I’ve gone monochrome to create an evening outfit by adding a black silk vest and some statement heels.  The red lip is the only addition that adds colour, but in my opinion this outfit was screaming out for it. I felt super glamorous and would have been very comfortable wearing this on a night out or a more formal event. I’ll tell you a little secret about my shoes.  They are Jimmy Choos, but I happened to find myself invited to a Jimmy Choo sample sale last year and with no expectation at all I went along.  Imagine my face when I walked in to find mountains of Jimmy’s all for £75 each.  I was literally in shopping heaven.  I’ve never forgotten it and I got these shoes and a pair of beautiful gold heeled sandals as well.

Top: Custommade (I got mine from Bod and Ted in Tunbridge Wells but I know they have sold out so this link is to the Custommade website)

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Earrings: Stella & Dot 

Transitional (into autumn)

Finally I wanted to show you how a skirt like this could be taken into the autumn.  I’ve stuck with the monochrome but added a Bella Freud jumper and some flat (it’s quite important that the boots are flat as having heel will give this outfit a whole different feel) black boots.  I was actually boiling in this outfit when we took the pictures as it’s been beautiful weather this week, but I know this will be just right come September.

Jumper: Bella Freud

Boots: Chole

Earrings: Stella & Dot

So I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration?  You don’t have to get the skirt if it’s not your thing or colour but you could apply the same sort of outfit ideas to a black skirt for example or even some trousers.  You might already have a skirt at home that is sitting in your wardrobe and every time you see it you think, ‘what would I wear that with?’  Well now you have no excuse 🙂

My Week in Outfits

And here are a few of my outfits over the last couple of weeks, wearing them for a combination of work and pleasure.  You’ve actually got a bonus 5th way to wear this skirt as I wore it with a bardot top when I was with a client in London last week shopping. The black jumpsuit I just love as it is the perfect blank canvas to add all sorts of wonderful shoes and accessories to it and you get a different look every time.  Funnily enough, I did not have a well fitting black jumpsuit that I felt comfortable in, so when I saw this one in the sale at a local boutique I snapped it up. The yellow dress I wore to a mini presentation I did on colour.  Felt very appropriate to go in my brightest dress and I got lots of lovely compliments whilst wearing it. To get daily style inspiration follow me on Instagram.




















This weekend we are heading down to Whitstable for the day with my family and have hired a beach hut.  Lots of lovely picnic treats planned, and my mum and brother are joining us too. I may take a dip in the sea depending on how brave I feel…or I may just sit on the side and sip champagne.

Fleur xxx