Personal Styling Diploma at the London College of Style

So this is it, the start of a new and exciting chapter in my career.  Although to be honest it feels like I have been working towards this for the last few years and starting my own Personal Styling business is a natural progression.

I think it all started when I become a Stylist for Stella and Dot 4 years ago.   I’m still actively working with Stella and Dot and really enjoy it and plan to incorporate this into my new business as it is such a great fit.  But what I’m really thankful for is the confidence that doing this job has given me, both in my skills to style people but also to network and build a successful business.

But when my last child started school last year I was left wanting more.  Something that was mine, that I could get my teeth into, that challenged me and rewarded me in equal measure but most importantly I realised that I needed something fun.  I’ve know that I thrive on meeting new people and creating opportunities to do fun and interesting stuff which balances out the day to day running of our family home and looking after the children…my ‘other’ job.

And it’s my ‘other’ job that has had me many times going round in the same circles wondering what can I do next that fits in with the children? I want to be there for them, but I also need to have something for myself that, (as much as I love them) takes me away from them at times too.  I’m sure this sounds very familiar to many reading this now and I guess that’s why I dipped my toe into a few jobs over the last couple of years.

But my passion for all things fashion related has never faltered.  In fact I would say that it has become more important.  I went through quite a few years after having babies where I totally lost my sense of style, I think the majority of women do and we come out the other side a little bit lost. Finding a new sense of style for myself after children has been, and continues to be something I enjoy working at. And I realised that this is a skill that I could use to help others who for whatever reason are still feeling a bit lost.

So I did lots of research and found an amazing looking course at The London College of Style that would give me a qualification and further develop my skills so that I could confidently and legitimately set myself up as a Personal Stylist.  And for anyone thinking of doing the same I can totally recommend this course.


Highlights included:

Meeting a fantastic group of other budding stylists and sharing a weeks fun with them. All these ladies came with different idea about how they were going to incorporate personal styling into their next career move and I loved working with them for the week.



Personal styling on the streets of London with amazing stylist Zoe Lem on day 1.  Nothing like hitting the ground running, but this was really fun and I learnt so much from Zoe.



Learning all about colour.  Not just what colours I should be wearing but the psychology of colour too. Fascinating stuff and a very useful skill to have for my business.  We learnt from the hugely knowledgeable Jules Standish.  And it turns out that even I had my colours wrong and that red is a colour that really suits me.  So having hardly anything red in my wardrobe I went out and got myself a red dress for an Christmas night out…and felt amazing.

img_1340 img_1342










A real live wardrobe detox.  I found this process to be a lot of fun.  You start of feeling like you have so much to get through and it’s a bit overwhelming, but there is a process to follow and slowly but surely it all completely comes together and before you know it you have zoomed through the clothes with your client.  Whilst doing so I am regularly explaining the reasons why something should stay or something should go so that decisions are made together. This task is hugely rewarding because as I’m giving nuggets of info and pulling it all together for the client I  can see them soaking it all up and then the lightbulb moments that follow.  It’s like putting a jigsaw together.



Personal Shopping with real clients in Westfield on Black Friday!  Well I guess if I successfully managed this then you could argue that anything else is easy in comparison.  On our final day we styled one client in the morning and one in the afternoon.  It was a challenge but I throughly enjoyed it.  I realised that preparation is key and that staying focused on my client and their objectives was a lot easier than I thought it might be. I loved getting my clients into outfits that they might never have picked up themselves and the obvious joy on their faces when they saw the finished look.



The course really focused my resolve and confirmed for me that this is something I really want to do.  I’m so excited about building my business, and this I know…is only the start.  I plan to share my journey with you as part of my blog writing so you can be part of it.  And please do get in touch if you are thinking of doing something similar.  It would be great to hear from you. xx