Personal Styling…In Detail

I wanted to write this post as I since I launched my business as a personal stylist, I have had quite a few discussions about it all with friends and family.  It’s been really insightful, almost like a set of informal one-to-ones and I’m really thankful as this has effectively given me a ‘client’s eye view’ on their assumptions, fears, apprehensions and understanding of what it is I offer and do.

And there were a few common themes. Which leads me to believe that there is probably quite a few people who think/feel the same.  So this blogpost is going to address the main ones, giving you some helpful information if are thinking of working with a personal stylist. Here goes…

It’s going to cost a fortune.  This one is actually quite understandable because personal stylists have only in recent years become accessible to people other than the ‘rich and famous’.  But the reality now is very different.  Personal Stylists are not as expensive as you might imagine, yes you are making an investment in yourself but really it’s no more than the cost of a party dress.  And if you add up what it costs to hire me for a wardrobe workout AND a personal shopping trip, over a year it’s about £1.20 a day…so cheaper even than your daily coffee, but whilst your coffee temporarlity might make you feel better, having a wardrobe that works for you and makes you feel fabulous every day when you get dressed can have a much longer lasting effect on your confidence, well-being and self esteem. Plus there is always the gift voucher option which means you can get people to contribute to the cost as part of a present.


I won’t have a lot of money to spend on new clothes.  So once you have paid for the services of a personal stylist, there is then the cost of buying new clothes to factor in if you are having a personal shopping session.  And on chatting to a few people I have heard the concern that a personal stylist would take them to shops which are out of their price range and they would end up over spending. So let me reassure you that personal stylists work with whatever budget the client has got, not what the personal stylist wants you to spend.  Part of our prep for any client session is to take a number of factors into account when considering where we are going to take them shopping.  Places like Zara and Mango for example are really very popular as they offer fashionable items at a good price and speaking on a personal level I love a bit of Zara and am in there often myself!  Equally there will be clients that want higher end and that is fine too.

My wardrobe is a complete mess!  I totally understand how nerve wracking it is to invite someone into your home to sort out your wardrobe.  In a way you are opening up your heart and soul to the personal stylist as there is likely to be clothes in there that represent different parts of your life, different occasions, different people and a bit of sentimental value thrown in for good measure. But once you take the plunge I hope that you will see that it’s not really that scary at all.  Yes, you have to be open to a bit of a clear out, but I promise this will feel good. Afterwards your wardrobe will be organised and streamlined and a pleasure to open in the mornings.  Yes…it really is a delight! You will be able to see what you have and know that the items within are compatible making it a breeze to throw an outfit together.  I like to think that I am very understanding of your worries about a wardrobe edit and think of myself as gentle but efficient.  Empowering you to help make decisions throughout the process and understand the reasons behind what goes on the rubbish pile and what stays.

Everything will get thrown away.  It’s likely that there will be a pile of clothes heading for the charity shop after a wardrobe workout, but the process is fun and relaxed and we will discuss each item so you know the justifications for keeping or getting rid.  Of course if things are of sentimental value, but you no longer wear it I might suggest that these go into storage rather than take up room in your wardrobe, so there are always options.  Hopefully you will find the whole process cathartic leaving you with a sense of relief once it is done. A fresh new start.

I can’t justify doing this for myself.  This is something that a lot of women struggle with. Especially Mum’s who instinctively put the children first, but it is totally healthy and necessary to put yourself first sometimes.  I really can’t express how finding your style and walking out of the door in the morning with confidence and feeling good about yourself will impact positively on your life.  See it as an investment in yourself and part of the reason I love this job is to see how much my clients get out of our sessions.

I hope this is helpful and encourages you to go for it and get in touch. This week I have been very busy prepping for my first 2017 clients and the almost sold out Style and Nutrition workshop I am running next Friday. Just one ticket left…so book HERE if you would like to come along.  I’ve been putting together my capsule wardrobe and have a fabulous capsule wardrobe planner to give everyone.  I’m really looking forward to it.

And last weekend I went on the most amazing mum’s retreat in Cornwall.  Run by a fellow female entrepreneur Joey at Horizon Retreats.  She made me feel at home right from the start and I pretty much stayed in my PJ’s the whole time!  I was totally relaxed and loved having that opportunity to press pause and recharge.






Before we went Joey promised us that we would be well looked after…but OMG I felt sooooo pampered all weekend.  Breakfast in bed, prosecco in the hot tub, amazing home made food, restorative yoga, introduction to meditation (which for me is going to be a tool I take forward and use so I’m really really grateful for that), beach walks and a massage.  It was perfect on all levels and has totally set me up for this year.  I will be returning to do another retreat for sure and highly recommend for any other mummies out there.






And this weekend I am off to another retreat…this time for Directors at Stella & Dot.  I’m really excited because I have not been to one for a while and they are always very inspiring and lots of fun. Having been a stylist for Stella & Dot for over 4 years now I love the fact that I am able to continue with it at the same time as set up Fine Styling.  In fact they fit so well together, I could not ask for more.

Enjoy your weekend. xxx