Sales Picks and Tips

So….those of you who have even the smallest interest in fashion will not have failed to notice the bombardment of emails in one’s inbox with the word SALE in.  Always slightly frustrating if you spot stuff that you have paid full price for last week…and there’s my first tip.  Don’t look at what you already have!

But seriously the sales can be extremely tempting and they tend to be when purchases are made which sit in your wardrobe and never really get worn because at the time they were the bargain of the century, but in the cold light of day they don’t really work. However, you can actually win at the sales and I hope this blog post will help you become the sales queen that I know you all are :). I’ve also braved Bluewater Shopping Centre to visit 3 stores and pulled out my favourite 3 sale items in each which I hope will demonstrate exactly what I mean.  Check out my first Vlog below.

But first my tips.

  1. Think about items that you really need.  Is there something missing from your wardrobe that you know would be a useful addition? For example in my vlog I have recommend a cream silk blouse which for most people would be an excellent addition for linking lots of other outfits together. ‘Link pieces’ these are know as, and everyone needs them.
  2. Go for that investment piece if you have been considering something for a while.  If you are clever, then the sales can be the best time to invest and save yourself some money.  The biker jacket from Reiss in my video is the perfect example of this.  It’s something that will last you years, is a style that won’t go out of fashion and is something that will be a real workhorse in your wardrobe.
  3. Before you buy, ask yourself what you think you will wear it with?  If you can think of 5 items already in your wardrobe that can be worn with it then that is probably a good benchmark to work from. And when I say think of what it would go with, I really mean it.  Take the time to visualise it working for you, and if you struggle then you might need to accept that it is probably more of an impulse buy rather than a clever buy.
  4. Do your research.  We can see so much of what’s on offer by looking online now.  Browse the sales you are interested in beforehand and make a little list of where you want to go and what you want to try on before you get there.  This gives structure to your trip and helps avoid you getting distracted by the things you don’t need.
  5. Set yourself a budget and stick to it.  This helps to keep things from getting out of hand and returning home with a whole load of stuff you had not planned to get.


Sales pick Vlog.

Click on this Video Link to view my top sales picks.  I hope you find it helpful.  I have included justification for all the items I am recommending which should hopefully tie into my sales tips above. I have my beautiful daughter to thank for filming me and then editing out all the mistakes to make it something that is suitable to use.  It still blows my mind that she can do this for me at age 11, but we had lots of fun doing it.

And here are the items I picked with links to them all if you are interested in taking a look at any of them yourself.



Biker Jacket

Navy Jumper

Cream Vest Top







Blue Shirt Dress

Breton Top

Red Leather Bag







Karen Millan Leopard Faux Fur Jacket

Allsaints Cream Silk Blouse 

AG Jeans 




And, as mentioned in the video here is a picture of me in the Leopard coat which I ended up buying for myself.  I love it and know it will something I wear for a long time to come. The only problem now is that I can’t quite get the Reiss Leather Jacket out of my head.  WHAT AM I LIKE?










This will be my last blog post until after Christmas now so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2017.  With a new business to build and my Stella and Dot work to continue with, I feel like I have the direction I have been looking for which makes me a very happy Fleur indeed. xxx