Skin Re-Boot

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I am a bit of a skin care junkie and love taking care of my skin. The goal is always to get that glow and looking after it feels like the best self care, especially at the moment. I tried botox about 2 years ago but it gave me a headache for weeks so I have had to go back to less invasive options, which is fine because to be honest I think that is more in line with me personally. However, before I start telling you about what I have been up to for the last month, I wanted to mention that this post is not sponsored, I have not been asked to write it and I am genuinely excited to share some pretty amazing results with you as I know a lot of my readers will be keen to hear about my experience. For transparency I was gifted my first set of skincare products, but I paid for the LED machine and have brought more products since.

So…the story starts as I had been experimenting with a few products but realised picking out different products from my shelf depending on how I felt that day was not really the most effective way of doing things. So when I met Paula from Graham Webb Beauty Clinic in Sevenoaks recently I was looking to get myself a consistent skincare routine that would take my skin the the next level.

The first thing I had was a skincare consultation with Paula and from this she was able to tell me exactly what products to use, in what order and what I would gain from it. She gave me a complete set of Environ products to cleanse, tone, target and moisturise. I had not been using any products with retinol so this was also a change with my new Environ products as they contain Vit A which retinol is a derivative of. I also started taking Skin Youth Biome which is a probiotic specifically for skincare and tackles good skin from the inside.

In addition to this and as a third targeted treatment I hired Paula’s new toy which is The Dermalux Flex MD, a medical grade LED machine where light wavelengths penetrate skin at a deeper molecular level and have an impressive list of benefits for the skin such as reducing inflammation and stimulating the production of collagen. I had been looking into the LED masks that you can buy but I knew ultimately I wanted to use something that had the same level of LED as in a salon because I felt that if I was going to put time and money into this treatment I wanted the most amount of LED I could get. So I hired the Dermalux for 12 days and I used it every evening for 30 mins. I simply plugged into a podcast lay on my bed and loved the down time.

If I am completely honest I was a bit sceptical, but the 3 pronged attack so to speak seemed to make a lot of sense and I was totally up for trying and documenting the results. So I took some before and after photos and I think they speak for themselves. Before on the left, after on the right.

The skin around my eyes is massively different. Much less crepey and so many of the fine lines have disappeared.

Also, the tone and texture is hugely improved. Little marks and blemishes have gone my skin feels plumper and the glow is incredible.

I have also noticed that I hardly need any make-up. Which for February when I am usually pale and ill like is a really big deal. All I have been using is Trinny London BFF cream which is a very very light coverage and SPF, a swipe of Chanel creme bronzer and a little bit of blush. Below is me after 3 weeks of Environ and 12 days of Dermalux without make-up on the left and with minimal make-up on the right.

So I am hugely impressed with the results and have loved trailing this new routine whilst in lockdown as it really has been the perfect time to do it. I also feel happy to have found a skincare routine that I genuinely feel very happy about. It’s the right price point for me to sustain using and I know that my skin likes it a lot. As for the LED…I’ll be hiring that again to top myself up for sure. Paula recommends once every 6/8 weeks for this and as I have had it for the full 12 sessions now, I would only need to hire it for 3 or 5 days going forward. In-between times I have also started home microneedling with a roller which Paula has guided me through and whilst I know there are many factors to good skin health, (food, hydration, SPF, genetics, pollution) I feel much more on top of mine. I will also continue with my regular facials once lockdown is over and these included the collagen wave and hydrafacial.

For further information and prices about Environ or the LED Dermalux machine see the Graham Webb Beauty Clinic Instagram account and DM Paula directly from there. I’m also happy to answer any questions about my experience too.