Sports Luxe for S/S18

Hello!!  Long time no blog post.  I apologise as I do try and write once a week…but sometimes, (for example the last couple of weeks) finding time to sit and write is impossible. It’s all good though as I have been super busy styling lots of lovely clients working 8 days in a row last week. Yes it’s hard work, but I love the fact that my little styling business is going so well, and the fact that I really enjoy the work just makes all the difference.  I’m still not taking it for granted and have a wobble every so often that all of a sudden the clients might just dry up and then I would not be a Stylist anymore. But every time, an email will ping into my inbox with a new enquiry either through my website, word of mouth or as a result of social media and that fear dissolves.  It feels like at 16 months old all the hard work to network, reach new people, promote myself, go out of my comfort zone and most importantly be an amazing Stylist for every client I work with is starting to pay off. I am pretty much booked now until the end of June and have had my first Sep booking which feels great.

I was talking to one of my clients last week, a lady in her 70’s who was having her colour analysis done about how much I enjoy what I do and how at the start I wondered if anyone would pay me for styling them as it seemed so easy to me and straight forward.  But I have come to realise that I am actually in the minority and most people just don’t have the same ability as me to put outfits together, understand what suits and pick out creative and suitable choices for clients in the shops.  I told her that I have set up a business which uses my ‘superpower’ and we had a good giggle about it but on reflection I think this is actually so true.  And this I think is the simple secret to success.


I digress as I wanted to talk to you in the blog about sports luxe and how it is not only carrying on as a strong trend this season but also the fact that it is getting a lot more colourful.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, the mix of sport and smart but I personally love it.  It’s an option to dress down with more comfort but not look like you’ve given up lol. One of signature styles of this trend is the side stripe trouser. And right now there are SO many side stripe trousers in the shops.  In my opinion they are great because they elongate and lengthen the leg which is always flattering. I also like that you can just pop on a t-shirt and trainers and be done.

So here is how I have styled the sports luxe trend…with red trousers.  And this is were the colour is coming in.  In particular red does seem to be having a bit of a moment, but I am loving that too. Red is one of my favourite colours so that’s probably why I have heavily brought into it this season with 2 pairs…so far lol.


This particular pair are from Zara. As I have mentioned before, Zara is pretty hit or miss but as soon as I pulled these out of the box I knew they would be good.  Amazingly, for a wide leg trouser the length was also perfect for me at 5ft 8.  I also love the fact that the stripe down the side is quite thick and a really bright blue.

The slogan t-shirt I picked to wear with the trousers might be my most favourite one yet. It’s by a lady who runs her business called Delicious Monster Tea by sewing the slogans onto t-shirts herself.  I LOVE that and this slogan really means something to me as I have a total soft spot for Ibiza and find myself going there every year.  On the day of the shoot it was absolutely freezing.  I can’t actually believe that I changed 3 times into spring outfits when there was still snow on the ground.  The wind was biting as well.  I remember at one point Clair was showing me some of the shots on her camera and my eyes were watering so much from the cold that I cried on her leather jacket.  I think that shows total dedication to you my blog readers LOL.  And I really would have rather been in Ibiza!!

Photos by Flashbang Photos

My Week

So as I mentioned above I have been a busy bee working.  Luckily I have a quieter couple of weeks coming up as it’s Easter so I can spend a bit of time catching up on everything that I’ve not managed to do in the last month. I think that is the really nice thing about my job.  I know I have always got a bit of a break in school holidays which makes the crazy term time schedule a bit more manageable.

One of the things I am super proud of though is being able to share my recent styling trip with TV Broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire.  She was a pleasure to work with and I enjoyed helping her to update both her work and home wardrobe.  Here’s what she said about the experience of being styled by me :).

Tickets have also gone on sale for our next local Style and Nurition workshop morning.  Half the tickets have sold already so if you would like to come do book on sooner rather than later.  Jennie and I would love to see you.

Book by clicking on this link.

I was also featured in an article written by a very talented friend of my Melissa Wheeler for the Huffington Post. It’s a great read and all about how style and fashion can be used as a feminist tool.

I also wrote an article on how to dress big boobs for Sheerluxe.

So lots of bedtime reading for you. 🙂

Have a great week.