My Spring 18 Wishlist

This time of year is possibly one of the most exciting for fashion.  The same can be said for Sep and it’s when the new season collections start coming into the shops and the dregs of the sale get packed away, hooray!  It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago when I was shopping with a client, that some shops had been in sale for getting on to 6/7 weeks as it’s mid Dec that most sales start now.  When I walked into Reiss and 70% of the shop was still sale…I walked straight back out again.  I was disappointed as I’m now on the hunt for all things new and so are my clients.  Seriously if it has not sold by now, I’m not sure it ever will.  Perhaps retailers need to play a bit of catch up and realise that if they go into sale earlier then the new collections need to come out a bit earlier too?

Anyway…I think we are through the worst and I might even be tempted to enter Zara again…which I AVOID completely during sales.  It’s my idea of a nightmare…like a jumble sale except you don’t pay jumble sale prices, but because of this I can’t actually remember the last time I went in. Luckily their app is awesome so I have been able to keep up to date with ‘new in’, although have not yet brought anything.

I wanted however, to focus this blogpost on the new season bits that have come in and which I am totally lusting after.  These might not all be your cup of tea as they are things that excite me specifically, but if you follow me and like my style, then I hope that this wishlist might excite you too.  Plus, as I write this on a total ‘snowday’ where everything I was meant to be doing was cancelled…it’s helping me to still feel like spring is in sight.  Don’t get me wrong a bit of white stuff is lovely…I would just prefer it to be at Christmas time rather than nearly March when I am SO ready for warmer temperatures.

First up…Me and Em (which I am always lusting after I must add) have got some lovely new season bits in currently.  One of the things I love about this brand is that they are so clever with their designs. Intelligent styling which not only looks great but is also super verstile in how you can wear it. A large chunk of their offering are staple capsule wardrobe pieces in my opinion.  Worth spending a bit more on as they will work really hard for you. So you can imagine my excitement to see this jumpsuit…that is not actually a jumpsuit but is a two piece. A co-ordinated top and bottom that look very classy together but can also be styled on their own as well. The colour….is to die for, the sporty stripe down the leg, the halter neck ❤❤.  It has my name all over it so I think I have no choice but to order it and I’ll probably do a whole other blog post on it to show you how I would style it together and separately as I think you could probably apply some of the ideas to any co-ord set. Anyway…be still my beating heart.  15% off with FEB15 code until the end of Feb.

Then there is Rixo.  Another one of my favourite brands.  The way they mix up prints on the most beatifully designed dresses just gets me every time.  This Chrissy dress is divine.  I’m going into Tunbridge Wells on Thursday to try it on… I don’t know quite why I’m doing that to myself because I know full well I’m going to fall in love with it.  But it’s the leopard and floral which excites me…not for everyone but definitely something that I ticks a box for me.

Hush also have just released their spring collection.  If you hurry there is a 10% discount on until tomorrow (Tuesday) I think with this code S18PREVIEW .  I’m V tempted by this maxi skirt.  It caught my eye straight away.  Love how they have styled it and would excatly the same probably with a white t-shirt, denim jacket and trainers. The thing with a long maxi skirt like this is that it has to be the right length and sit on the waist rather than the hip if you are to tuck anything in…which I think is a must with a skirt like this. So as I am tall there is a high I should chance that this will be too short. Might take a punt on it and let you know.

I also really like this top from Hush.  They do it on 3 colours and I really love the bright blue and green.  Something about the stripy trim which gives it a bit of a sporty feel.  I do like sports luxe. Not a bad price either.

Whistles…another favorite brand also have 20% off until Wed night midnight this week.  Couple of things are sitting in my virtual basket.  This scalloped trim blouse is actually really beautiful.  I have seen it in real life and as someone who is an advocate of layering this trim would be divine poking out of a collar and cuffs.

I also love these sandals and whilst they are probably the last thing you are thinking about as you heave on your snow boots, however, I must remind you that the early bird catches the worm when it comes to fashion.  The problem being that if you wait till you actually need sandals, ie; the weather is hot enough or your are going on holiday you can gaurentee that it will be impossible to find a pair that you like, that are in stock or that the seasons have not changed already in the shops because spring and summer is normally all gone by June.  Anyway back to the sandals.  These would literally go with anything. Metallics are a GREAT option for this!

More metallic sandles from the Ancient Greek Sandal Company. Actually, I’m more than tempted by these.  I sent the hubby an email today entitled ‘Mother’s Day’ which had the link to these on it. Hoping he will approve…might even order in the hope that he does as I want them either way. I used to live in Birkenstocks and these have a feel of that style to them…but a little bit of extra lushness about them in my opinion.  I think it is the wing buckle.


Finally, for anyone looking for a pair of smart trousers these ankle length ones are amazingly great value for the price. I mean they are £35!! And come in a few different colour ways.  I actually ordered the bright blue in a 10 long and they were too long and a bit big on the waist so I would recommend sizing down if you are inbetween sizes and don’t go long unless you are taller than me! I’m 5.8 BTW. Styled here perfectly by a Stylist friend of mine Sara who writes Notes from A Stylist blog which is ace.

My Week

So last week went by in a bit of a blur.  Back from our half term ski trip and straight into work. 1 wardrobe edit, 2 shops and 1 style night…plus the biggest pile of washing you have ever seen!  This week I am only client facing for 2 days which feels good and has given me the chance to sit at my desk and catch up on a few things…this blog included. Next week is super exciting as I have a very special client booked in.  I’m hoping I can share a bit more with you…but will need to wait until afterwards so I will keep you posted on that.

Here is my outfit from the style night and then what I wore on Friday last week as something to last all day and night.  I did a London shop and then met my husband for cocktails and a bite to eat.  I was literally out all day, but it seemed to work and I was comfortable and warm…two other factors to consider.