Spring/Summer 21 Trends

It’s that time of year when the stores start to get filled up with beautiful new season clothes. So I thought it would be helpful to give you a quick guide to the key trends you will be seeing. Remember that you don’t have to buy into every trend and actually you can even do more of a nod to trend rather than go full out if it feels a bit out of your comfort zone. It’s also important to factor in if a trend will work for your body shape. For example, if you have wide shoulders it is probably best to avoid puffed sleeves, where as for someone who is more straight up and down, a puffed sleeve can really help to extenuate the waist.

Baggy Jeans

This is a trend that those who have been a loyal skinny jean fan might find a bit out of their comfort zone, but it is the quickest way to add some edge to your look and to update your outfit. I have been guiding many clients towards a slim or straight leg for as long as I have been a stylist as these styles are just much more flattering because they avoid the ‘carrot’ leg effect and add proportion. So the baggier jean is just one step further. I have been eyeing it up and have ordered a pair of Agolde criss cross jeans (image far right) as I have been seeing them more and more and I think they are going to be a very wanted item this spring. It’s amazing how something as simple as a re-placement of a zip and button can take an item of clothing to new sartorial heights!

Cut Out Dresses

This is another trend that I really like. I think these dresses really play with proportion and can add sex appeal but in a really classy way. It’s not going to be for everyone but this is definitely an example of where you can do a minimal cut out rather than go full on and reveal too much skin. Maybe revealing one shoulder is enough like the image on the left? There are are plenty of tops around too that have strategically placed slits on the chest which are really easy to wear as well.

Knitted Tank Tops

The knitted tank top is here to stay for a bit longer. I love it because it is actually a very practical trend and helps to keep you warm…unlike the cut out dress lol. With a knitted tank top up you can wear solo or layer up over shirts and long sleeved t-shirts, wear under blazers, belt longer ones to wear with leggings, and the variety of colours and patterns out there means that you can really be choosy over what one fits your style best. Argyle ones add a bit of a 70’s feel (which is also quite a trend this season) but I mostly have neutral coloured ones as I feel I can get the most wear out of them.

Rope Belts

I love a belt so when a belt trend comes along I pretty much always jump on it. The rope belt is so fun. Isabel Marant have a selection of them as part of their new season collection and I sent a link to the hubby for the pink one as the perfect Valentines’s gift and his response was…’you want me to pay £95 for a pink bit of rope?’ I mean he has a point but it’s not just pink it’s kind of tie dye and it would just look so amazing with my pink knitted tank from Arket and the baggy jeans lol. It would also look amazing on paper bag waist trousers. But if you did not want to pay that price, H&M have a plain black one in stock at the moment for under £10.

Big Collars

Big collars are another trend that is continuing on into the summer. I am not a fan. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, it just does not suit my style. But if you do love it, then definitely go for it. Plenty of options on the high street now including knitwear, dresses and shirts. They are fun to layer and can add a statement to any outfit or if you are feeling brave you could clash your collar with the rest of your look. Ganni for me are the brand that seems to be nailing this time and and time again.

Wide Leg Trousers

The wide leg trousers comes in many different forms as you can see from the picture above. Great for hourglass and pear shapes as they skim over curves and highlight the waist if the fit is right. Length is important and this many need to be altered as too short or too long and it looks cheap. Also, the line of the trouser should fall in a straight line from the hip to the floor and not curve in with the thigh and then flare out. The other thing to consider with this trend is what you are wearing on your top half and my advice is to go for something fitted rather than boxy or oversized as otherwise you will loose the benefit of the trousers as a way to highlight your waist and lengthen your leg. Consider a tuck or half touch if your top falls below the waist.

Elevated Loungewear

Loungewear sales have gone through the roof during all the lockdowns and it is understandable as to why. We are looking for clothes that are comfortable and practical when just at home. But now you can take your loungewear to the next level and elevate it. To do this look for funky colours and patterns, yes tie dye is still up there, also adding fun accessories and chunky trainers or boots, or even a two piece top and skirt in a sweatshirt material with a matching gillet and contrasting shoes. In fact the sweatshirt dress or skirt is a really fun and cool way of doing something a bit different to joggers. Zara have lots of this type of style in at the moment with plenty of colour options too. Another loungewear trend is leggings, hoody and old school sports socks with trainers. It’s a bit of a love/hate option but I have been embracing it and loving it.

Puffed Sleeves

I LOVE this trend. And I’m so happy that it is continuing. It might be because I am a huge Isabel Marant fan and the sleeves and shoulders for this designer are mega and part of their recognisable aesthetic. But also it’s because as I mentioned at the start they give me shape and curves. The good news is that you can go really small on the puff right up to statement puff…the level of puff is up to you lol.

So I hope that this gives you a little flavour of what is to come this season and what you will be seeing in your favourite stores. I think just having an awareness of the trends makes you feel a bit more on top of it and can help you to plan any purchases and think about what might go with things you already have in your wardrobe.

Other than that, I hope everyone is bearing up ok through yet another lockdown? I’m taking one day at a time and practicing my gratitude daily.

Hugs to you all and thanks for reading.

Fleur xx