Style and Nutrition – The Perfect Combo

Christmas has been and gone in a whirlwind of wrapping paper, giggling children and roast potatoes.  I’m still at the in-laws, and very much enjoying a bit of quality family time, but I have sneaked the laptop away for 20 mins because I wanted to write this blogpost, to tell you a little bit more about the very exciting collaboration I am involved in with another local mum.

I don’t know about you but it’s always when I have a bit of time to reflect, (normally at this point in the year) that I start to think about my goals.  What I want to achieve and what I want to change. For me most of my 2017 goals are linked to building up Fine Styling, but last year a priority for me was to get fit and eat better.  I felt like my body was holding me back a bit.  I’ve always been interested in healthy eating and knew that I was making some positive steps in the right direction, but I still had a bit of a sugar addiction to sort out and every so often my mood would really dip and I was sure that excersie and diet might be a good strategy to help me combat this.  My energy levels were also low and I just knew that I needed to press the pause button for a little bit (well as much as a mum of 3 can) and concentrate on me for a while, to get me back on form. I had aspirations to start my own business this time last year but the thought of it seemed hugely overwhelming and very daunting.

Fast forward 12 months and I am in a completely different place, and part of that is due to attending a nutrition course with a now good friend of mine,  Jennie Gough. Jennie is a qualified nutritionist who combines her extensive knowledge of nutrition with psychological techniques to help coach her clients to achieve a much better and sustainable way of eating. No crash diets, no deprivation, just learning the tools to make sensible, informed food choices and changing the way you look the foods you crave.   And having completed Jennie’s 10 week course I can totally vouch for this.

So I am very excited about the workshop that we have created together, because I think that learning some key styling tips goes perfectly with Jennie’s top recommendations on achieving a healthier lifestyle. I will be focusing on how to put a capsule wardrobe together giving examples and talking through why each piece is important. It’s a key skill for dressing and shopping better.  Guests will also get the chance to bring a few items from their wardrobe to a ‘style clinic’ in the afternoon where I will give you my stylist opinion on how to wear these items…or not if it’s something that does not work for you.

We hope that the day will be relaxed and fun, but at the same time informative and inspirational.  A little bit of time out for you, to be a spoilt and to go away with some great ideas of how you can make some simple but very effective changes to both your wardrobe and your lifestyle.  Make 2017 the year that you start living your life with style, and improve the way you eat for the better.  And speaking from experience, these changes can be life-changing.

And not forgetting a lovely treat on the day…as you’ll get a healthy and nutritious lunch as part of the price, so you can enjoy and try out some of the foods that Jennie will be recommending.

To book your tickets click on this link:  Style and Nutrition Workshop and take advantage of the early bird price which will be available until the end of 31st Dec 2016.