How style can be really good for the soul ❤️

I’m writing this blog sitting in the sunshine on a big daybed in Ibiza. The setting is insane. Having been here now for 3 days on a YogaFit Retreat I’m feeling quite relaxed, and very grateful. The team here are hugely passionate about creating a really memorable experience in whatever form that may be. But every session I have attended I can say hand on heart that the instructor has put everything they have into that class.

Stand out moments for me so far have been Chi-fit on the beach. Wow, our instructor just seemed to teach in such a way that if you closed your eyes you felt like it was just you and them. Moving in such a fluid way knowing that this was an ancient art form that has helped people over hundreds of years gave me such a grounded feeling. Being on the beach, listening to the waves and opening up our hearts to the sun was liberating.

Every yoga class has also had the instructor and a good number of assistants as well who come around and help you to stretch further or massage you as you hold a pose. It took the experience to another level for me.

And one evening I did aromatherapy yoga where they diffused essential oils and also used these amazing sound bowls that get placed on your back and tummy so you feel the vibrations. Yoga enhanced with smells and touch sounds a little bit crazy especially to those who have not even tried yoga but was just incredible. In fact, I found it quite emotional. Had tears streaming down my face for most of the class, but I did not feel silly, it felt good to let that out. It was obviously in there deep inside, and I’m a true believer that these emotions are better out than in.

However, the overall message throughout my time at YogaFit has been to love yourself. Accept who you are and stop being so hard on yourself. It’s a message that I appreciate being reminded of because as I say to so many clients, we are so often our own worst enemy.

Launching Fine Styling has been good for me in so many ways, but one of the biggest impacts I have felt, is the reinforcement that who I am, and how I work is more than good enough. Finding something which I feel is totally what I am meant to be doing has helped me on my own personal journey to love myself more.


”Style is different to taste.  It is a personal expression..  Style is how you reflect your personality, the little touches to an outfit, how you tie your belt or scarf…what you want your message to the world to be.” Caroline Issa Chief Executive and Fashion Director at Tank Magazine.


I used to have an over critical side, a voice that would pop up in my head on a regular basis to sabotage and create insecurity. I used to care a lot more about what people thought. But recently that voice has not popped up so often. A combination of feeling more comfortable in my own skin, my clothes and my style, and finally doing a job that I love has really helped. Having direction and being busier means I don’t actually have the time to linger and over think things so much any more which is good . More often than not I have to go out of my comfort zone before I’ve had a real chance to think about it. And when it’s done it always feels good, because of course doing things that are scary always lead to exciting opportunities. Well that has always been my experience.

Deciding to book a wardrobe edit or a personal shop takes courage.  I know that because most of my clients tell me, and because I know that the process does require taking a closer look at yourself both externally and internally.  Bearing in mind that some of my clients don’t even own a full length mirror, it really is quite a big deal.


 ”You know style when you see it.  For me it’s an unspoken thing.  It’s how clothes hang on her body, what shoes she is wearing.  You can be elegant and chic when you are wearing a shirt and jeans.”  Lyn Slater University Professor


What I love the most though is seeing clients relax into the process, open up about what brought them to re-think their style and feeling empowered, confident and happy by the end of our time together.  And I honestly see that change happen with every single client. I think it must be the reward, (and perhaps relief) of going out of your comfort zone and allowing someone else to come in and help to sort out not only the clothes in the wardrobe but the thoughts in your head so that you can start to see much more clearly what suits  and what your style actually looks like. And I think that really does hit the nail on the head.  No longer will you be confused about what to buy and where to start.


With this understanding, shopping becomes a much more positive experience. You won’t leave the shops depressed because nothing works, and then blaming yourself.  Shopping with focus and armed with your tools (colour, bodyshape and style guides) you can start to feel like your are successfully getting yourself back again. That person who gets lost from time to time. Which I should add happens to most people at some point or another.


“Style is never dictated by ephemeral trends.  It’s an air of individuality.  Style is wearing it well; the clothes never overpower the wearer.” Claudette Prosper Fashion Journalist and Stylist


And going right back to the overall message of this post and linking in with my recent experience at YogaFit,  feeling good about yourself is super important.  And feeling confident in your clothes is definitely going to help…and quite frankly will give you the feeling that you are starting to get your shizzle back.  When you like the reflection that you see in the mirror, you will undoubtedly love yourself more, and this is really really good for the soul.

Quotes taken from a new book I am reading called Know your Style by Alyson Walsh.  I love how these words helps to define the whole concept of style which can so often be difficult to put into words. ❤️