Style and Nutrition Workshop VLOG!!

Ok, before I start talking about the subject of this blog I just wanted to have a moment with you all if that’s ok?  Sometimes, normally when I’m a bit tired, (and this week has been properly full on so this is a slight warning that I am writing this feeling quite tired) there is a risk that I get a little bit emosh about the way in which things are changing for me right now. If I were to tell you that since launching as a Personal Stylist I honestly feel like I have been given a second chance. A chance to live my life in a way that I just did not think was possible… I wonder if you would believe me?  Because I did not feel this about myself or my career pre-babies in my twenties after I left university, and I certainly did not feel reward or job satisfaction like I do now.  But perhaps one the most amazing things is the people I am meeting and building friendships with.  Not just clients but the people around me who are championing what I am doing.  There are people in my life who have a genuine interest in what it is I am doing and how things are progressing, and without going too deep this is something that I never take for granted.  Those people reading this now will I hope know who they are.  This is for you ❤

I’m also now in a position to strike a better life/work balance as a result of the business growing and have recently started PT sessions to complement the gym gym classes I am going to and I can’t tell you how much this impacts my week in a positive way.  I’m enjoying it so much and it is helping to reach my goals. I leave on a high that lasts all day…if not longer.   I’m also getting a deep tissue massage once a week now as I have come to realise that getting rid of some of the tension I hold in my neck and shoulders on a weekly basis is literally life changing. But I would not be able to do this without working, and there is a great sense of pride that I am earning money to pay for these things that are helping me to change things in a very positive way. Of course the juggling of home and work is sometimes a bit overwhleming but I think that is the case with every working mum.  But right now I would not change a thing.

So just following on from that, I wanted to throw a spotlight on my IT wingman Greg Nicholls from GEBE Media.  An ambitious young guy who in theory should have no real interest in what some women in her 40’s is trying to do with her business, but he does take an interest and that interest has lead to a new amazing website and now an exciting plan for 2018 to further my reach.  When I asked Greg in a meeting a couple of weeks ago what the plan for 2018 should be for Fine Styling, he said without hesitation that I needed to get onto YouTube.  Yep, the sweat beads started to glisten on my upper lip as I thought of what that actually meant. In plain English I am videoing myself and then making that public!  But it makes total sense, and with Greg’s encouragement and support to edit and upload we can make this happen.


So I present to you my first proper vlog, and it’s all about the Style and Nutrition workshop that Jennie and I ran last week locally here in Kent.  Find out a bit about what prep goes into running these events, why I picked the dress I wore and a sneak peak at what actually goes on at the workshop and some participant feedback. Don’t forget to like an subscribe if you want to be notified of further videos I upload…and if you like what you see, keep your eyes peeled as I am about to make an announcement about our next workshop.  It’s MEGA exciting and I can’t wait to share with you all. But at least this video will give you a taster for the next one.

So all that remains for me to say is that I hope you enjoy this little video.  I know it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but that is cool.  I’m still on a huge learning curve in terms of filming and me on camera but this IS me and I’m proud of myself right now so here’s to exciting journeys, going way out of your comfort zone and flying even higher.

Thanks for reading.