Stylish Raincoats…Is it possible?

So, I’ve had a request to write a blogpost on raincoats, with the question ‘can they be stylish?’  The same question get’s asked of me every September when the weather starts to change, and it’s a tricky one as the answer I think is whilst they are never going to be your big style statement buy of the year, there are definitely a few that stand out amongst the usual frumpy offering. The use of colour is helpful to make a raincoat more stylish, as is the cut and the fit of it.  I also like a raincoat to be actually waterproof…although bizarrely this seems like a bit of a tall order for most.  Lots are ‘showerproof’ which means anything more than a spit of rain and you will get wet.  However…if it is absolutely pouring at school pick up time or just as you step off the train and have to walk to your car, which let’s face it ALWAYS seems to happen, then you are going to get a bit wet whatever…that’s just called Sod’s law.

However, for the majority of rain showers I have picked out a few raincoats which I hope would help to keep you dry :).

First up is a coat from one of my favourite gym wear brands. FYI, gym wear brands are actually a really good place to look in general for outerwear. I got a fantastic winter coat from Sweaty Betty last year and I could not be more delighted with it. I digress, this raincoat is from LuluLemon.  It’s a bit of an investment but the quality of Lulu stuff is amazing.  I have things from there that are years old and have been washed and washed and washed and are still great.

This Cloud Crush jacket is a classic and it is waterproof hooray!!  It has a waist cord so you can add shape to it if you want and it is lightweight so can be used as an extra layer over a t-shirt for this time of year or a warm fleece for the colder months.

Another waterproof jacket from classic brand Barbour and I LOVE the colour of this one.  The colbolt blue is amazing and if spring or autumn is your colour then this coat would be really wow on you. I like the length of it too.  Slightly shorter making it a bit less anoraky if you know what I mean.  Only disadvantage is less coverage so slightly wetter legs.

Another colourful option now, this time from JCrew.  This is water resisitant, which is a slight let down BUT again I love the colour.  It’s a good price and I think the shape is not bad.  Says it is a relaxed fit so I might be tempted to size down.  I think this would work better being more fitted.

Next coat is an interesting one from Kin by John Lewis.  I would not have looked at this twice on the website but I saw another fashion blogger give a review of this jacket on their instagram stories and it looked SO much better on her.  So I have included it here as I think it would be worth trying.  It’s got more of a swing shape to it but this did look good.  Oversized, but in a good way. Here is a picture of the fashion blogger wearing it @40plusnotgivingupyet (who I recommend  following if you want to see lots of clothes being tried on) and a picture from the website too.

For something a bit warmer I loved the look of this padded jacket from M&S.  Great price, a selection of colours, (again I like the red), padded but not too padded and with ‘stormwear’!  Is this better than ‘showerproof’ or ‘water resisitant’ I wonder?  Will it protect you from lightning?  Anyway…I like this and think all things considered this would make a good warm winter coat.


Finally, this is something I saw in a Debenhams brochure that came through the door and it’s a bit of a wild card as I don’t know what it’s water repelling properties are as it is not online yet (due the land for sale in October) BUT I absolutely LOVE it and think that I might have to set a reminder in the diary on my phone so that I can keep checking for when it comes in. I mean how cool is a warm (so functional) red leopard print coat?  Perfectly styled here too with the belt 🙂

My week

So I have been slowly easing myself back into the usual routine.  Kids are all back at school now which was I have to say well needed.  I have now done my first autumn/winter shop and wardrobe edit and I am super excited to be back into work.  I love this time of year when all the new season collections are coming into the shops. I’m getting to wear lots of dress and denim jacket combos too which I love.

London Fashion Week is almost here too, and I will be working backstage on some of the shows for this which is for me a bit of a dream every time.  It’s a really fun thing to be part of, especailly if fashion what excites you.  And I think it’s fair to say that I can get very excited about fashion.

I have 3 autumn shops this week coming up, with my client on Friday being higher profile which again is always so much fun. It adds an additional element to the styling to know that they have to look good not just for themselves but as part of their public facing job. It’s all still a bit of a pinch me moment to think that opportunities like this are starting to come my way.

Health wise, I’m also getting there too.  Some days I still wake up with zero energy in the bank and I know I have probably overdone it the day before so I’m just finding more time to rest. Which is handy as I am totally loving a few things on TV right now like The Bodyguard!!  Although, I’m so used to watching stuff on demand I’m not coping that well with having to wait a week between each episode LOL.

Have a great week.