Summer Beauty Edit (Awesome Lash Alert)

Summer beauty…so we may not be having much of a summer in the UK yet, (as I’m sat here typing with the lights on at 9.30am because it’s so dark and gloomy outside) but we do still have a good 3 months or so of British summertime where the weather gods have an opportunity to redeem themselves…*snort*.  However, I am determined to carry on and embrace in all things summer anyway including a few new beauty treats.

I have realised over the last couple of years that my interest in beauty and skincare have become more apparent.  For quite a few years I did not really have a skincare routine, nor did I wear much make-up.  Arguably, I did not really need it I guess, I was younger and had other priorities like getting in the shower before midday with 3 babies under 5 at one point,  but looking back at a few photos you could also argue that perhaps bit of tinted moisturiser and blusher would have been a good call.  Now I rarely go out without something on my face.  It’s not that I wear lots of products as I’m still very much in the ‘natural, glowing skin’ camp but I do feel better and more confident with a little bit of make-up on.  Perhaps it’s an age thing, perhaps it’s that I have a more time now that my children are a older, but ultimately I just really enjoying taking a bit more care of myself and self pampering is a large part of that. I also like the creative angle of trying new make-up and learning different techniques. It’s fun.  Enrolling in a 2 day make-up course last year was brilliant.  Just learning a few simple techniques like the eyeliner flick and a smokey eye has been so helpful. I would recommend something similar to anyone who enjoys wearing make-up.

So moving onto what’s in my make up bag at the moment. Well the first thing to mention is Becca’s Champagne Pop highlighter.  I know, I know…so late to the party on this one by boy does this give you the most amazing glow. Even more fabulous on holiday when you are a little bit sun-kissed as well.  I took this to Ibiza with me and literally wore it all the time.  All my girlfriends loved wearing it too.  I think the thing that makes it stand out from other highlighters is that it is highly pigmented which means it does actually do what it is supposed to do which is beautifully highlight the areas you choose to apply it.  I love it on the top of my cheek bones and round the top of my eyes. This is a no regret purchase.












The second product I am about to recommend is possibly one of the best beauty products I have ever brought.  My friend used this last year with amazing results and so in Feb this year I took the plunge and brought some for myself.  I’m talking about Revitalash…the lash growth serum.

My plan at the start of the year was to grow some mega long lashes in time for my summer holidays and then get an LVL (Lift, Volume and Lengthen) treatment on them to curl them up as mine are poker straight thus giving me long beautiful lashes :). I had no idea if the serum would work and in fact 2 months in after using it every night I was convinced that I’d wasted my money.  But…I carried on and over the next 2 months I started to notice a real difference.  4 months after I started using Revitalash and by the time I came to get the LVL a couple of weeks ago, they were looking fabulous.  Thicker, longer…but still straight.  I could curl them up by using a eyelash curler, but the LVL has totally made the most of my new longer lashes and I have had lots of comments about them. I’ve put a few pictures below so you can see what I am talking about.  The first one is of my lash length before the LVL and then the other one is the before and after pictures.  The LVL lasts about 6 weeks and costs around £45.











I could not be more delighted.  As someone who hid behind glasses for the best part of her adult life (until eye laser surgery 3 years ago) I am so happy to be making my eyes a real feature now and lashes (big ones) have been a huge part of this for me.  And of course because they are all mine there is no maintenance involved other than putting the serum on every night, and this takes all of 5 seconds and then an LVL every couple of months if I want.  I could not recommend this more.  BTW if anyone local to me wants the contact details of the girl who did my LVL (she comes to your house) let me know as I would be happy to pass on.


Keeping on the lash theme, right before I had my LVL I brought a lash primer which is basically like a white mascara that coats the lashes first conditioning them and giving them some volume and lift.  You then apply your mascara on top.  I was doubious…tipex for the lashes is something that came to mind but I wanted to give it a go as it had been recommended to me, and I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised with the result.  It does make a significant difference and like I was told it does curl the lashes up which was great for me.  I got the new 3D lash primer from Dior but I know Lancome do a good one as well.  If you want a bit of volume and lift without doing the Revitalash and LVL combo then this is a great product to invest in.  I have not needed to wear any mascara, (or primer) since my LVL which has felt soooo good, but I will be back using this as soon as I see a bit of lash droop…ha ha.







This next product is a real treat.  SPF all year round should be a priority for all of us.  But how annoying is it to apply a sunscreen after moisturising,  before your make up?  They are often greasy, thick and I don’t know about you but I feel ghostly white rather than having that ethereal glow that I am always trying to achieve.  Some face creams and make up products have an SPF in them which is great, but I tend to find the textures a bit funny on these and the SPF is not usually that high.  For me this primer from Chantecaille solves it all.  SPF 45 with a serum like texture it just sinks into the skin beautifully leaving it soft and hydrated ready for make up.  I have seen nothing else like this on the market (if you have let me know).  It really is quite special.  But at £76 it might be something you put on your birthday list or ask from Father Christmas.  My friend had some of this in Ibiza and I would not stop raving about it… and borrowing it.  Lushmondo.












Finally, another Chantecaille product.  I have not brought a lip gloss for ages.  I’ve been more into a matte lip colour or nude lips but I’ve been drawn to a number of iridescent items lately.  So 80’s but I am totally loving it.  I have a new iridescent clutch bag which is so fun and then this lip shine in Polaris was a real surprise winner.  Did not think it would look anything different to a normal gloss but it’s got a really beautiful glittery sheen which is so pretty on the lips.  Stunning for summer evenings, holidays or nights out. It feels really hydrating on the lips and lasts way longer than other gloss which quite frankly is normally off within 5 mins.












And here I am with one of my pals in Ibiza with almost all of the above products on.   I’m also wearing my new favorite maxi dress from Rixo London…which has got me thinking about my next blog post.  Feeling the love for summer dresses and there are plenty of them around at the moment to choose from. xxx