Summer Beauty Edit

It’s Sunday night and I have finally got the chance after a week of half term to get onto my computer and create a little blog post for you. Half term has had it’s ups and downs for our household with the main challenge being that my eldest was required to revise pretty much everyday for exams next week,  and for a child who has never had to do this before it’s fair to say there were tears on more than one occasion.  Part of me really feels for her…I can remember how boring and dull revision is, but other part of me thinks that she just needs to get focused and do it!!  In the end I think she made enough progress to feel better and we have had a couple of days revision free and things have been a lot easier.  I guess the next test will be keeping her cool, (and mine) during exam week which starts this Wednesday.  Wish me luck!

For a change this week I wanted to give you my summer beauty edit. It’s a well known fact that I love all things fashion and style, but I also love beauty products too.  There’s nothing better than buying yourself a new lipstick to perk you up, or doing bit of home pampering to make you feel like you are taking care of yourself.   And this time of year is my total favourite when skin starts to get a bit sun kissed and you can dig out your bronzer that has been hiding at the bottom of your beauty box for months, and go more peachy and golden with your colours.

The other side of course is that there is normally a fair bit of prep needed before we feel comfortable to start showing off legs in shorts, feet in sandals or (god forbid) even our bodies in swimwear.  I now have 12 sleeps until my girly weekend in Barcelona so for me the beauty prep is in full swing!!  BTW links to all products are in the subtitles.

Institut Esthederm

Something top on my list is getting that first bit of colour…everything looks so much better with a bit of a tan so I have an amazing product tell you about which I first started using last year and really really noticed a difference.  It’s not cheap but in my opinion it’s worth it.  I don’t really know how it works but basically it’s a tan prep and stimulates the pigmentation in your skin so that you not only tan more evenly (none of that first day redness) but you also tan more quickly as well. It’s not suncream, you have to use that on top,  with this you put it on twice a day in the 2 weeks leading up to your holiday. They also do an amazing range of suncream too and I have to admit I use this as well.  The only problem of course is making sure that the children (or husband) does not get hold of it and start slathering it all over themselves like it was a BOGOF bargain.  The other awkward situation is having to explain why this is Mummy’s special suncream and nobody can use it, (because it was bloody expensive!!) the real reason of course would not go down well.

Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil

Talking of a tan…I also love having an after sun that really moisturises my skin.  One of my favourites is this dry oil by Nuxe.  It has the most beautiful shimmer to it and gives you a gorgeous after sun glow.  It’s the perfect treat for holidays and because it’s a dry oil it sinks in super fast and does not leave you feeling greasy at all.

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush 

Moving onto make-up I recently brought a new lipstick which I absolutely LOVE.  In fact it’s a dual use product as you can use it on your lips and cheeks which in my opinion makes this twice as good.  It’s called Baby Doll Kiss and Blush from YSL and I went for number 4 which is a vibrant orange colour.  It comes in a  bottle that actually looks a bit like a nail varnish but within the lid is a very easy to use applicator and the actual lipstick is super light and very moisturising.  It’s easy to wear more naturally or to build up a stronger colour.  Re the blush I just dab a little bit onto my cheeks and buff in with a big blusher brush.  Really easy.


But I think I might have left the best until last.  I am a HUGE fan of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare having worked for them for a year before I started the Personal Styling I got totally addicted to their products.  I use the cleanser, refine and polish balm, day and night moisturisers and the deodorant.  All of which I very much enjoy using and would totally recommend.  What makes Aurelia different is that it is bio-organic and is a properly natural skincare range.  And when I say properly natural I really mean there are no nasties.  Too many products trick us into thinking they are natural but in fact they are not, but if you check out the ingredients list on any Aurelia product your can actually recognise and understand what is in it and that can’t be said for many products.  Natural skincare has become increasingly important to me as I’m keen to limit the amount of chemicals I expose myself to in an a world that seems to be becoming more and more polluted.  So I’m still very pleased that I have found Aurelia.   Oh and did I mention that it smells AMAZING!! The deodorant in particular which is actually a cream that you rub onto your armpits, (sounds weird but is totally fine) is so fresh and lovely and works by using pure kaolin to absorb any perspiration.  It’s brilliant.

But the exciting news is that Aurelia have also just launched a new body serum which they sent for me to try and I can honestly say I love it…just like everything else.  The fact that it’s a serum makes it really lightweight and so it sinks into the skin very quickly.  This would be another great product for after sun exposure, or like I’ve been using just to give my skin a bit of moisture having neglected it throughout the colder months.  It comes in a bottle with a pump which makes application a lot quicker (it really is the little things that make a difference). Containing all their signature African botanicals, with another gorgeous mix of essential oils…I’ve got a feeling that more of this might be going on my birthday list!

Aurelia have also kindly given me a second bottle to giveaway which is brilliant as it means that one of my readers will get the chance to try it too. All you have to do is follow myself and Aurelia on Instagram or join my fun and interactive Fine Styling VIP Facebook group, and comment here, (or on one of my social media posts about this compeition) what your favourite summer beauty tip is.  Competition will be open until 12th June 2017 and I will announce the winner on the 13th June 2017.

Autumn Re-Boot Style and Nutrition Workshop

Finally, I also wanted to tell you that following the success of our previous Style and Nutrition workshops the Eventbrite page (click on link in sub-title) for my Autumn Re-Boot on the 29th Sep 2017 is now live and you can grab an early bird ticket if you get in there quickly.

My Week in Outfits

My week in outfits has been been more about comfort and ease this week with the kids being off, but here are a couple of shots from a visit to see family on the Friday and a dinner party on Saturday where I was so happy to get on one of my favourite summer dresses for the first time this year!

Have a great week

Fleur xxx