Sustainable Fashion – Dresses Made From Bananas

Sustainable fashion is a topic which I want to explore more as part of the service I provide to my clients. It is not something that can be ignored any more and it is everyone’s responsibility to make more sustainable choices.  

I watched one of the new Queer Eye episodes last night and they styled the young lady completely in pre-loved, vintage or sustainably sourced clothing and it was amazing. There is so much sustainable choice now.

My eldest daughter who is 14, is completely into pre-loved clothing.  Partly because it makes it more affordable, but she is also making a conscious choice. I feel so proud of her and hope that this is a sign of a more ethically minded new generation. 

For me, I am always looking out for new brands which have the planet at the heart of their mission and was delighted to come across the coolest of brands recently which I am excited to tell you about. 

It’s called *{Conditions Apply} and is stocked in my local Sevenoaks Boutique The Clever Dresser. 

Here is what they say on their website:

{*Conditions Apply) believe the future of true luxury to be about beautifully handcrafted products made with integrity, authenticity and transparency. We use sportswear fabrics alongside traditional techniques and processes to achieve pieces which would otherwise be impossible to mass produce due to its complex mix of processes, techniques and materials. We have built a contemporary approach to “Wabi Sabi” – the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. It celebrates cracks tears and marks – traces of weathering and time. It is a philosophy, a world view as well as an aesthetic which include asymmetry, austerity, intimacy and material’s innate nature.  

Feel good factors: 

– Artisan made and respectfully traded.  

– A remix of traditional skills and contemporary technology.  

– Leveraging the economic engine of the fashion industry for sustained employment generation.  

– Skills that evolve over seasons to build fruitful long term relationships with the makers.  

– A fully Sedex audit compliant vertical supply chain.  

I think what really caught my eye though is the fact that each different item in their line is made with fabric from some incredible environmentally friendly sources which I would never have guessed was possible such as….banana, aloe vera, corn and milk!! 

The aesthetic of the brand is simplicity with the most beautiful boho flair. It spoke to me immediately.  The price point is very reasonable as well.  I came away with a gorgeous pale blue summer dress made with banana fibres!! I mean how cool is that? It’s the perfect easy and chic summers dress which I know will be worn for many summers to come. 

Here is the range at The Clever Dresser.  Definitely take a look and bookmark this brand.  I know I will.