Swimwear Edit 18

It’s been ages since I have had the time to sit down and write a blog.  The amount of times I have said that I will do it in the last few weeks, and then I run out of time is ridiculous.  The good news however, is that work is super busy and this essentially is the reason why. So it’s a high class problem and is about hours in a day not the willingness to put my thoughts out to you.

So I have had lots of blog ideas and have settled on focusing this one on swimwear as it is definitely the season to be thinking about it and potentially buying. I also have to let you into a little secret in that I actually love swimwear.  And this year…having worked really hard since Christmas to get into a shape so that I feel really comfortable with my body rather than just a bit comfortable with it, I’m going to be brave and go low on the bikini bottoms. ? I know!!  This is actually a really big deal for me. I’ve gone mid rise on bikini bottoms for a very long time. That lower bit of my tummy being the part of me that post children I have never really liked.  But, having worked on my body a bit and my mind (acceptance and self love) I’m going to go for it and see how I get on.

Essentially though the key to looking and feeing good in swimwear is understanding your body shape and what is going to compliment and make the most of that.  So for me, as a slender shape with no real curves, I can wear a bikini top with little or no support.  I’ve definitely got more choice over my bigger busted friends and so I think with my own boobs I’ve have come full circle from wanting them bigger and to feel more feminine to actually really liking them how they are because of the choice it gives me. I’ve found a silver lining and it seems to be working for me :).  With a bigger bust you might be looking for a top with underwire support and that will determine the bikinis you are able to look at.  As a pear shape you would probably be looking for a top and bottom that you can order in difference sizes as it is likely that your bottoms will be a size or two bigger than your top.  And as a hourglass, showing off your smallest part with a pair of high waisted bikini bottoms will look so classically flattering.

The other thing I would say about swimwear is that it’s worth spending a bit of money on it as like denim you do tend to get what you pay for.  I do however, have a couple of high street options in my edit which I hope you will find helpful.


So first off I want to tell you about a brand that has been a recent find. I am always on the hunt for brands that are ‘off the beaten track’ so to speak because quite frankly I get a bit bored of the normal high street choice. I also like to find things that not everyone is going to have, so if this is you as well, you should check out Love Stories.  The most gorgeous little lingerie and swimwear brand (stars and zebra print…what’s not to love?) based in Amsterdam but ships all over Europe, I ordered two bikinis on the Sunday and they arrived by Wednesday. It also comes in the most beautiful packaging with dried flowers scattered in the box.  I am a total sucker for that! The swimwear for this brand is for smaller busted and slender shapes but you can order in different sizes so would suit pear and possibly hourglass as well. I think the prices are good too.  In between high street and designer.

Getting back to the high street, good old M&S has just launched it’s 2018 swimwear collaboration with Rosie Huntington Whitely. I loved it last year for it’s designer feel and this year there are some really beautiful prints and lots of mix and match options.  I brought the off the shoulder cover up dress as I loved it as soon as I saw it.  And at £35 it looked like something I could have brought in Heidi Klien so I was very happy to snap it up. Also in the collection is swimming costumes that are glam with little rose gold details and a cute little cover up playsuit too. Definitely worth checking out.

For more of a designer choice, my favourite brand is Marysia.  I just love the designs and the signature scalloped edging.  I have a few swimwear options from this brand now and I love it all.  The material they use is super flattering and if you look after it, it will last you years.  My first swimming costume (picture above) from them is now going into it’s third summer and looking just as good. I have also brought Marysia out of season in the sales at half price, ( the red bikini at the top of this post) which helps a lot! So something to look out for at the end of the summer maybe?

Another high street shop that I really like for swimwear is Reiss.  Not somewhere you might ordinarily look but actually their small little edit that they have every year is worth a look.  Again I brought a swimming costume from them last year and was really pleased with it. This year I love this costume with it’s low v at the front and detail at the back.

Finally, another GREAT brand that offers an option for everyone is called Violet Lake.  Mix and match bikinis to your hearts content.  So if you need something more supportive mixed with a lower cut bottom you can buy any option in your choosen colour way and I’m not quite sure if anywhere else actually offer this to such an extent.  So do take a look as price point is also good.  I have again had bikinis from here and been very pleased.  Personal recommendation counts for a lot I think.

So there we are.  I hope that gives you a few options to check out if you are hunting for a new item of swimwear at the moment.  Take you time to do the research and try lots on if need be.

My Month

Yep, I usually write about my week, but it’s been a bit longer than that. So in my most recent news I spent the day in London yesterday on a shoot with an old friend (Marcus) who I used to work with.  We were very lucky with the weather and managed to have a fun time capturing some quite special photos.  I have only seen 3 so far but I am impressed already.  I will compose proper blog posts when I get all the photos to showcase them all when I get more of the pictures.

I’m also, fully booked for shopping now until Autumn 18, and even that is starting to fill up. It feels very grown up to be having bookings that far in advance but so good to know that my autumn season is looking to be as good as this Spring season is turning out the be. Every week I get to work with the most amazing clients and have something super special in the pipeline to celebrate coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Watch this space.

Have a great bank holiday weekend.