The Power of Colour

The more I learn about colour, the more amazed I am about the impact it can have both on how we look but on how we feel as well. Not only can wearing the right colour actually take years off you but wearing colours which you are drawn to can also give you a psychological boost making you feel good because you will be releasing endorphins, which in turn strengthen your immune system. Our eyes only use 25% of the colour they receive and the remaining 75% is absorbed into the body to help support the nervous and immune system (Jules Standish, How Not To Wear Black pg 32)  So there totally is a reason why wearing my bright yellow cardigan makes me happy…and that’s because certain colours have actually been proven to have positive effect on mood.  And this is only just scratching the surface, but it makes me wonder why people don’t wear more colour, and why I see so much black and grey in the wardrobes of my clients?  Actually, I kind of know why so often people gravitate towards black and grey.  Do any of these reasons ring a bell?

It’s slimming

It’s easy and functional

It’s safe

It’s sexy, stylish and smart

Wearing black does on the face of it have many advantages, and I am by no means saying that people should not wear it, I’m just throwing it out there that you may look better in other colours, and there is a high chance that you will feel better in other colours too. The thing is, and there is no easy way of saying this but black does not suit the majority of us. Technically it does not suit me, but I do still have black in my wardrobe, I have just become a bit more savvy about how I wear it.  Without going into too much detail and risking you clicking away to something more interesting, working out what colour suits us is a lot to do with what skin tone we have.  Skin tones fall into 2 categories which are cool and warm, and colour palettes are split into 4 seasons, 2 for warm skin tones (spring and autumn) and 2 for cooler skin tones (winter and summer).  Black suits a cooler skin tone much better, but to a warmer skin tone can make you look older because up against the face it reflects and therefore highlights all that is dark…lines, grooves, shadows under the eyes etc etc. It won’t give you a the healthy glow we all want, but instead you will look a bit tired and drained.


I know, it all sounds a bit depressing, but it’s so so easy to avoid all of this, and it is one of the many reasons why the very first thing I do with every client is work out what colour season they are. And even if you love love love black there are ways to wear it and make it more flattering.  Things like not wearing black in a high neck top, but rather more a v neck or open round neck so that it’s your own skin underneath your face.  Wearing flattering make up that is the right colour will help to lessen the negative impact of black on the face, also wearing scarves around the neck in colours that do suit you, or just making an effort to keep black to below the waist rather than on top as well are all good tactics to employ.

When it comes to introducing colour into your wardrobe, once you know your season palette, it’s really not about going out and buying clothes in a whole rainbow of new colours that suit you, it’s more about adding a pop of colour here and there, knowing what colour dress to look for if you have an occasion to go to, finding the right shade of lipstick and just growing in confidence slowly as you start to wear more colours.  The compliments will start to come as people start to notice.  They probably won’t be able to put their finger on it, but will say something like, ‘you look really lovely today’ or ‘have you been away?’

And to prove the point, last week I walked into Zara and found the most amazing red dress.  It was bright red, and having only recently discovered myself that red is a good colour on me, I think it’s fair to say that I would not have taken a second look at it 6 months ago, but this time I was immediately drawn to it, tried it on, loved it and brought it in under 15 minutes of walking in. I then took it away with me last weekend to wear of a meal with the hubster and literally felt amazing in it. I really did not think I could feel that good in such a bright dress but I totally did all night long!  So I think it’s fair to say that I am converted to the power of colour…and if you are still not convinced, please do get in touch as I’d love to help get some colour in your lives too.









This week is half term, and I am actually quite enjoying it.  Other than the house being in a continual mess, which I have to turn a blind eye to, it’s really nice not to have to get up for the school run and to have a week of not constantly saying, ‘have you done your homework?’  I’m also enjoying not going up and down my road 100 times each day too.  Today we are off to the seaside in Sussex for a sleepover with family.  Excited to take the pup to the beach and have a change of scenery.  The next couple of weeks are mega busy with work so it’s good to have this week to chill a bit.  Really excited about a trip to the cinema on Friday night too…can you guess what I’m going to see?  Well let’s just say it’s the only grey that I fully approve of 😉