The Statement Skirt

The statement skirt.  It’s not something for the faint hearted, as it will turn heads, (in a very good way) but get it right and you can feel just like Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of SATC.  However, I think it’s fair to say that skirts in general get a bit of a bad press as they require some thought with tops and shoes, and this can put a few people off.  But in actual fact, once you understand the basics and apply this in most cases then venturing into the world of skirts becomes a whole lot easier. Plus, for me I think they are just a brillant option for this time of year as if worn with a jumper and tights they are warm….and that makes me very happy indeed.

Ok, granted in these photos I don’t look that warm.  I was in Berlin at the weekend and wanted my friend Glen who is photographer to take a few snaps of this outfit so we were like…let’s do it by the Berlin Wall as that would be cool.  I absolutely love how the pictures turned out, but it was super, super cold and snowing so we did them in about 5 mins flat.  Anyway, the freezing conditions did not take away how much fun we had nor how great I felt in the skirt.

The skirt basics

So in general a waisted a-line skirt, like the one I am wearing will look great on a number of different body shapes.  In particular slender, pear and hourglass.   The reason for this is because on these 3 body shapes, this type of skirt will highlight the waist which is normally the slimmest part.  And remember when we are dressing to our bodyshape we are trying to highlight the better parts and minimise the areas we don’t wish to show off. With a pear shape looking to wear an a-line skirt it’s best to avoid anything with too much pattern or detail on, and focus on bringing those aspects into the top half of the outfit.  So a definite yes to the shape of my skirt, but probably not one with so much detail. This is because if we wear detail/colour/pattern on the area we are trying to minimise we are actually drawing the eye to it which is something we would be better doing to the areas we do want to highlight.

What to wear on top?

With a skirt like this, and with most skirts, tucking in or wearing something that finishes on the waist is essential.  This is to give your outfit the right proportion.  And proportion is key to an amazing outfit. Tucking also means that you will show off the waistline where as if you wear something that falls hip length or even a bit lower you immediately loose that shape and turn into more of a rectangle which will make you look far bigger than you are. I put this picture of me on my social media a while back to demonstrate this very point.


With my outfit I have worn a plain black v-neck cashmere jumper.  The reasons I picked this was because it was a lovely compliment to the skirt but it did not compete.  I wanted the skirt to be the statement so I went plainer on top.  I also know that black is not a great colour for me close up to my face which is one of the reasons I picked a v neck as it shows off some of my own skin just under my face which is much more flattering colourwise.  I also wanted the v-neck to help create length and leanness in my top half, which is what a v-neck is great at doing. Finally, I picked cashmere because it is warm but thin meaning I can tuck it in without creating any extra bulk around my middle.


Shoes with a skirt can make or break the outfit.  I tend to wear tights and then either an ankle boot as I have done here, or a stylish flat shoe.  Probably one with a point as I feel is just a bit more chic than a round toe one and adds length to the leg which is always good. You could also wear more of a knee length boot as well.  Heels would work, but would dress up the outfit more, which of course if you are going out is a good thing.  I just like the way that a simple ankle boot will work as it’s comfortable so if I know I’m going to be walking anywhere e.g. catching a train into London then this is perfect.  Also, boots are warm and you can wear tights and socks (as I did) without anyone noticing.

My outfit details

So I have already mentioned that the jumper was from M&S, who I have to say are doing a fantastic range of cashmere jumpers this season at a really good price.  And if you join up to their Sparks card they have 20% off discount events on a fairly regular basis making them even better value for money.

My skirt is also M&S.  Sadly you can’t get this on-line anymore.  I think it sold out super quickly but if you have a look through their skirt section online I know there are a few similar ones.  I think I paid £50 for my one which again is great value.

Some more skirt options

Navy a-line skirt M&S £49.50

I have this one in a cream which I wore all summer long.  Fantastic shape and very versitile.  Love this for the winter and perfect for pear shapes flowing the guidelines that I mentioned above and picking something with less detail.

Floral a-line skirt M&S £55

Very similar to my skirt but with more of a floral pattern on it.  I think this would look lovely styled in the same way as I have shown, with a black cashmere jumper, tights and ankle boots.  Adding something like a leather jacket or studded boots will also help to ‘rough’ this skirt up a bit which in my opinion makes it a bit cooler as well.  Not so mumsy.

I hope that gives you a little bit of skirt inspiration. Let me know if you end up getting one. I know I’ll be wearing mine over the Christmas season…it might even be on my shortlist of Christmas Day outfits 🙂

Have a great week.