The Summer Sandal

You might already know this, but I have a thing for shoes.  Yes I have a thing for clothes as well, but that is surely a given being as I am a Stylist…but I am definitely more of a shoe girl as opposed to a bag girl that’s for sure.  The reason I know this is because I get stupidly excited about shoes and I do actually think they are really important.  So many times I hear clients say, ‘well I put an outfit together and then I did not have or know what the  right footwear would be so it was never going to work!’ And it is so true, a shoe can make or break an outfit.  So having the right options to pick from is key to a successful capsule wardrobe.

I should probably not tell you this story as it is from my university days, but there was this guy who I met one night and everything about him (or so it seemed) was perfect.  However, a few dates in I was back at his and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a cowboy boot poking out of his wardrobe.  I know this sounds a bit melodramatic because it was just a shoe, but the alarm bells started ringing and I just could not forget about these boots.  They were wrong on so many levels and when I visualised him wearing them…well let’s just say I was not part of that visualisation.  Anyway, he turned out to be a two-timing complete player and that there is the moral of my story.  Listen to you gut on the footwear front!

So I wanted to talk about shoes with you as this is totally the time of year to be getting your summer footwear sorted.  There are so many beautiful choices now as all the spring/summer drops are in most shops at the moment.  But the thing is, if you wait until the sun really shines, most of the best sandals will be gone and your choice will be some what limited.  I’ve made this mistake in the past and whilst it is hard to really imagine your feet in sandals now, hopefully you are at least out of your winter boots and heading in the right direction to baring all down below LOL.  Maybe get that pedicure booked in as well….it’s certainly on my ‘to do’ list.

Starting with a pair that might be a bit more than you would usually spend on sandals but these would be worn to death I reckon.  The Keller Velcro Footbed Sandal from Whistles would go with anything, look super comfy and can be dressed up or down.  I actually love Whistles shoes having owned a few pairs now.  They are well made and great quality.

Ash is another favourite of mine.  Their styles always have a bit of edge to them and whilst some of them are a bit far out for me, a lot of them I really do like.  These Rose Gold Studded Sandals will give Valentino fans something of the same look and feel but for a significantly cheaper price. I can see these going with most summer outfits too.  It’s the metallic, it’s a proper neutral in footwear terms.  Beautiful with those long floaty summer dresses, but just as nice with cropped jeans.  They also do them in a gladiator style which is equally lust worthy.

These little beauties are from an up and coming footwear company called Air and Grace.  They have just launched in John Lewis and have only this week put up their summer shoe collection which consists of some very beautiful espadrilles.  You know I love leopard and I also love a bit of colour, so these shoes jumped out of the page at me.  Would compliment many a summer outfit very nicely indeed.

And if black is you thing and you want a pair of comfy summer black sandals, these from Mint Velvet might tick the box rather nicely.  Love how they look on the foot and the style of them with the studded detail (I’m a stud lover).  I bet these would be very comfy too.  Again I had a pair of Mint Velvet sandals a couple of years ago and they were like slippers.

More leopard…I’m sorry. Actually no I’m not. You’ll love me forever once you invest and never look back.  Leopard shoes are amazing and I love them.  These wedges from Boden are gorgeous.  Whilst I’m still not a fan of Boden women’s wear, their shoes always seem to get me excited.  There are lots of other colourful designs along with this pair to choose from.

The mule style shoe seems to be having a moment too.  H&M have a pair of pink mules which are a total bargain at £12.99 and will scratch that pink itch if you have not managed to buy into the pink trend yet.

And something rather fabulous to finish off with.  Launched on Sunday, Dune shoes have collaborated with Rupert Sanderson who is an amazing British shoe designer, whose customers are known to be the Duchess of Cambridge, Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively to name a few.  Shoes in his main collection will set you back about £500 but this little capsule collection with Dune is a lot cheaper.  I have actually fallen in love with the Blazing sandals in this collection.  Inspired by David Bowie, these are a real statement.  They come in a gold and silver combo or a blue/red. And it’s the latter pair that I think I want.  But LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


So how is everybody getting on with the school holidays?  I was thinking today that for me at the start of every holiday I do exactly the same thing and get in a real egg about all the mess my three children create whilst they are home and not at school. Then I have to have a word with myself to chill out and try and ignore it, and all of a sudden I feel a lot less stressed.  I reckon I still burn loads of extra calories a day tidying up, but that’s not such a bad thing I guess as summer holidays creep closer and closer.  I’m actually sitting here writing this and it’s nearly 8pm in the evening but I can still hear them playing outside which is lovely.  At least the garden is now a viable play area where as in the winter it’s really not.  We also have a place near us with an outside pool and the children have been brave enough to enjoy that this holiday as well.  Anything to get them off a screen and enjoying the outdoors is so lovely. It’s also bliss not to have to set the alarm in the mornings or be ‘mum taxi’ for a couple of weeks.

Below are a few pictures of outfits this week.  Mostly jeans, but very pleased with my new white t-shirt from Maison Labiche.  A new white t-shirt is all it takes sometimes to really freshen things up. Enjoy the rest of your week. xx