The Sunshine is Coming

OK…I’m taking a punt on the weather forecast as it’s looking pretty good this week and even better for the bank holiday weekend!  Famous last words I know. But seriously…it feels like we have been waiting for such a long time for a warm spell that is going to last longer than 2 days.  What most excites me about the prospect of warmer weather is being outside more, feeling the sun on my face, seeing the kids running around, rather than on screens, the way a gin and tonic tastes even more unbelievable when drunk in the sun, but most importantly it means I can utilise some of my summer wardrobe, the majority of which is still packed up under my bed.  I kid you not. In fact after I have written this I might actually go upstairs and unpack some of it.

Summer wish list

So given that the weather is looking pretty good, I wanted to share with you my summer wish list. When I say wish list, I obviously have multiple wish lists and they change on a daily basis.  I spend rather a lot of time browsing clothes both online and in store, so am always seeing new things.  Thank goodness I now have a bit of an excuse in that it’s my job to know what’s in store.  Talking of which I had 2 consecutive shopping trips last week on Thursday and Friday which were both brilliant.  I do sometimes get a little bit nervous about shopping trips although I should know by now that there is no justification for this at all. And each time I have so much fun and the client leaves with lots of lovely new items which will help their wardrobe to not only work better but which suit their colouring, shape and style.


I actually had the loveliest of messages from both of them afterwards and wanted to share one with you on here.  Just because she talks about not only the comments she got about her new clothes, but also the comments she got about herself.  Looking and feeling good in your clothes goes deeper than just how you see yourself in in the mirror.  The extra confidence and boost to self esteem that you get as part of this process is something you just can’t put a price on.  But it’s just the best reward to know that I have helped in some way to achieve that.

I digressed, I hope you don’t mind. Back to summer clothes and wish lists.

Summer Tops

Starting with tops.  I’m a little bit into stripes at the moment. I also like a halter neck and I also like silk (drapes so beautifully) so I’m kind of in love with this top from J Crew.  I’m going into London on Friday…may have try it on.


I’m still at J Crew, and I’m still loving all things yellow.  Great basic, great link piece for your wardrobe and you just can’t beat a good quality t-shirt.


Final one from J Crew…I have no affiliation with them by the way, just lust after their summer clothes every year.  So this to me is stunning.  So colourful and fun, and for some reason I am bit obsessed with pineapples. Right I’ve decided, I’m going to J Crew on Friday and will post my findings on these on Insta stories.  You can follow me @stylistfleur Oh God, I really like the trousers and sunglasses too…


Summer Dresses

For dresses, I spotted this one in Mango, which I have to say has got some really lovely items in general and the price points are not too bad either. I recently got a few bits from Mango and was really impressed with them all. Not one return so I’m checking out their ‘new in’ section a lot more frequently than before.  Getting back to the dress, I wanted to explain why I like this one over other boho style dresses.  Firstly, it’s a good length.  A lot of them are a bit on the short side and although I do in fact quite like my legs, I don’t want to be worrying about any sudden gusts of wind, and I’m pretty certain you don’t want to either. The second reason I think this dress is because it has a tie waist giving it some shape.  I do just think that a little bit of shape helps to really emphasise the sleeves and it also helps make us look no bigger than we actually are. If you follow the link you can see a picture of it without the tie done up and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.  Finally, it’s linen which I agree is not great on the crease front, but in terms of breathability and keeping cool it’s a winner.


Another dress that has totally caught my eye from Mango is this beautiful floral number.  It’s so striking and I just love the blue.  With a little bit of a tan (fake or real it does not matter ;)) and a bit of coral lippy this is perfect for pretty much any occasion and most definitely suitable for daytime too.


Now I know not everyone can do strapless, but there has to been some advantages the fact that I will never have a cleavage…and for anyone in the same boat as me, this little number from Baukjen is a super cute summer outfit. I would be tempted to style it with a tan belt and sandals and my white or blue beaded tassel earrings from Stella and Dot.  So so tempted…


Summer Shoes

Finally on the shoe front, both of these provide a pop of colour to any outfit which in my book is one of the easiest ways to add a bit of style and difference. These Zara flats are amazing.  I have a pair.  They are very comfortable, really soft leather and a really really good price! £30. Bargain, go grab 🙂


I am also coverting this pair of red espadrilles from Air and Grace.  I’ve known about this brand for a while and have heard lots of good things about their shoes and how comfortable they are, so this may have been my little retail treat purchase this weekend.  I know I’ll wear them loads and of course I’ll be feeding back on whether they live up to my expectations.


To finish off, here are a few pictures of my outfits last week.  The shameless toilet selfie was when I went out with 2 dear friends for a catch up…we ended up up putting the world to rights and being kicked out at closing time.  I say kicked out, more of a ‘would you like anything else as it’s last orders at the bar.’ Anyway, it was fab.  And the other two outfits I wore to my personal shopping trips.




This week I have one wardrobe edit, one personal shopping trip and one style night.  I also have a night out at our local Thai with the girls that I go on holiday with every year.  It’s under 4 weeks until our weekend away and this year we are off to Barcelona.  I can’t wait and the packing and outfit planning will start in earnest very soon no doubt.  I’ll maybe do a little video for you about what I choose to take in case you have any girlie weekends coming up too.

Have a great week.

Fleur xx