To Boho or Not?

I’m sitting at my computer laughing at the title of this blog post, not sure what it is but it just makes me laugh. Maybe it’s the thought of what, ‘to boho’ could actually mean!! And the fact that in a matter of days I have gone from 0 to 2 boho style tops so technically speaking I have boho’ed 🙂

So tell me your thoughts on boho as I would love to know what you think? This trend is something that has been gathering pace over the last couple of seasons, and is not something I have really dipped into much before but all of a sudden it has caught my attention and it’s growing on me…a lot!  My first purchase was this blue top from Next.

They also do it in red which was the one I initially wanted but it was sold out in my size so I opted for the blue one and I think that might not have been bad thing.  Normally I will know straight away whether I want to keep something or send it back.  This top however,  has got me a bit perplexed.  The sleeves are BIG!! So that for a start is something to get used to, and they come up almost 3/4 length as well, which I imagine once the sun really comes out will be quite useful! I happened to be wearing the polo neck top when the top arrived but like it as a layering option meaning I can wear this now because with the sleeves being so big I think it would be hard to layer on top without a lot of excess fabric in your armholes. In the summer I can see this looking gorgeous with a pair of distressed denim shorts and in my dreams I am wearing this exact outfit whilst drinking my cocktail and watching the sun go down somewhere beautiful! The reality will be very different I’m sure but I’m starting to really warm to whole boho vibe.

Then over the weekend I took the kids down to Tunbridge Wells and I popped into a lovely little local boutique called Anna Poulsen.  I’ve known Anna for a few years now.  She has a complete coolness about her and is great at sourcing well priced and beautiful clothing.  She buys little and often so unlike shopping in places like Zara I know that if I get something from Anna, I’m not likely to bump into someone else with the same thing on.  I actually went in to pick up my leather leggings from Anna because that is the other thing she does really really well…makes bespoke leather jackets and trousers and this top caught my eye.  I tried it on and was sold straight away.  I like the fact that it is a blouse material but works as a jacket. Perfect for layering and springtime. Plus the embroidery detail and colour on it is just beautiful.


So in case you can feel yourself warming to this trend as well, I’ve done a bit of research and thought I would show you a few more options.

Zara have a few items in the boho style but this blouse I liked because it was a crossover style which can be a flattering fit if you are looking to show off your top half and skim over your middle section. The tie on this top allows you to pull in as much as you feel comfortable with so can still give you a waist but not anything too tight.  I also love the detail on the sleeve.


M&S have a selection too but I picked this one to show you as if you are not into the embroidered sleeves this ticks the box and would look fantastic with jeans, tan sandals and a tan crossover bag. Blue and tan are a bit of a match made in heaven for me and I use that combo a lot.  So a pair of tan sandals for the summer if you have not already got would be super useful.

Whistles have a more conservative option so this would be good to wear to work or if you wanted the boho style for a night out. Love the tassle trim and the lace insert at the top.


River Island have a gorgeous blouse at a great price and it’s pink which is the colour of the season.  Again I can see this one looking amazing with either 3/4 length jeans or denim shorts in the summer.

And just a couple of boho dresses for you as well because this trend translates really well into summer dresses too.  I know we are not quite there yet with the weather but these beautiful spring days that we have been having recently are really making me think of summer.

Pampelone clothing is a brand I came across last year and was properly tempted to buy one of their beautiful summer dresses then.  I did end up getting one, but this year I’m totally leaping in.  Love this bardot style beach dress. So easy to wear…just pop on a pair of gladiator style sandals and you are totally sorted.

Hipanema are a brand that are famous for their beautiful wrap style bracelets but they also do a line of clothing too.  Similar to the Pampelone dress in style, this is another boho inspired easy to wear summer dress.

Finally, I have have show you this clutch bag which Stella and Dot are brining out on the 30th March, so this is a little sneak peak.  I literally love it and it totally has that boho vibe without having to buy anything new for your wardrobe.  It’s the perfect example of how an accessory can update lots of different outfits but just finishing the look with a trend rather than actually wearing it. Keep an eye out on my Instagram page for updates on this bag if you are keen to get your hands on it.  I predict a sell out on this one.


So this week for me is slightly less manic.  Which is a good thing as it has given me time to catch up on a few things admin wise.  When you run your own business there is always so much to do…because you do everything. Also, it has meant that I have been able to get down the gym and enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine we have been having which 100{d86016b3ed7f0c792fc12ef14b0663a5753720426066d216d275e59b791bc63b} makes such a difference to my mood. I’m digging out all my spring clothes and it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe as I tend to fold them all up and put under my bed over the winter. I also had a quick mooch around the shops yesterday and I could literally buy so much.  All the beautiful spring drops are coming in and I love it all.  Yesterday I got a new pair of summer sandals.  That’s actually a bit of a tip for you all.  Buy your summer sandals now if you see a pair that you like because buy the time it comes round to wearing them and you needing some summer shoes all the best ones will be gone. I also did a bit of an online order at Zara yesterday.  Always a bit of hit and miss but lots of lovely summery bits coming in each week.

Tomorrow I have a wardrobe edit and Friday night a Stella & Dot style evening and I am very much looking forward to both. Then on Sat I have booked tickets to take my girls to see Beauty and the Beast…not sure who is more excited, me or them.

Finally I must tell you about my first bit of PR in the form of this artifice published by Sheerluxe.  Super proud to get this up there and I hope you enjoy reading more about, ‘How to Wear The Trends According to A Stylist‘…that stylist is me BTW.  How cool is that?

Have a great week.